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Didgeridoo Breath is located at 6 Market Street, Fremantle, Western Australia
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First Didgeridoo Gathering @ Didgeridoo Breath

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Tomorrow, Tuesday 30 May we will held the first Didgeridoo Gathering at the Didgeridoo Breath Shop, down to Fremantle.
It’s a free event and it is suitable for everyone. Both didgeridoo player, advanced or beginner are invited to come, meet other didgeridoo lovers, chat, play, ask info, try didgeridoo. Let’s make a Didgeridoo community in Freo.
From 6 pm to 8 pm approximately.

Didgeridoo Breath Ghatering – Social event

Next Tuesday, 30 May 2017, we are running a free night at Didgeridoo Breath. A couple of hours between 6 pm and 8 pm of fun where everyone is free to jump up and play solo or with other didgeridoo player.

During the night we would like to run a few activity in order to have a lot of fun all together.

– “Pass the solo” is a sort of game in which every one can participate. Played in circle with one or more percussionists who gives the bit and all didgeridoo players play one after the other constantly.

– “Didgeridoo Open Microphone” session: In this activity every didgeridoo players can jump on the “stage” and play one or more songs.

– “Didgeridoo Orchestra“: This is a big challenge! Try to play all together one basic rhythm and improvise on it.

We would like to have as much fun as we can with our beloved didgeridoo so more we are and more fun we will have.

You don’t play Didgeridoo? No problem at all. You will have the possiility to try and learn this fantastic instrument during the night.

This is a free night so everyone can come to play didgeridoo or just to listen the amazing sound of the didgeridoo or even to meet old friends, meet new friends and chat chat chat.


Si Mullumby and Martin Phillips concert at Didgeridoo Breath

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Didgeridoo Breath’s long time friend, World famous band Wild Marmalade Didgeridoo Player Si Mullumby is back for a special and intimate, high energy, free flowing spectacle of didgeridoo vibration and rhythm ! Featuring our local drummer Martin Phillips (Rhythmfix), these combo will blast the night!!

The DIdgeridoo Breath will transform into dance floor!
Come and join us for the Didgeridoo Breath concert!!!

Were: Didgeridoo Breath, 6 Market st. Fremantle WA
When: Friday 10th March 7pm start
Entry: $12
BYO Drink, dancing gear!

Didgeridoo Breath
6 Market street Fremantle WA
[email protected]
08 9430 6009


Didgeridoo Breath Didgeridoo Concert

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  Welcome back to the second Didgeridoo Breath Didgeridoo Concert appointment

  This is our second concert night of the 2017 and as usual a lot of musician, busker and friend will join us for an explosion of music and dance night full of positive energy and vibes!

Come along and experience the Organic Harmonious Music at 6 Market Street Fremantle Western Australia!

It will be Didgeridoo Open mic sessions, could be solo, could be duo and more! Casual in store stage, BYO drink! Let’s celebrate our new era of the 2017!

Door open 6:30
Concerts start at 7.00 pm
Entry $10
Kids free



Yidaki – Didjeridu and the sound of Australian Exhibition

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Dear Yidaki and Didgeridoo lovers,

Next week at the South Australian Museum in Adelaide there will be an awesome opportunity to explores Yidaki through his sound, his story, projections and rarely seen treasures from the Australian Museum’s collection. Moreover, during the opening day, which is the 3rd of March, you will have a unique and rare opportunity to meet the Yidaki Master and Yolngu Elder Djalu Gurruwiwi speaking about Yidaki’s story and the sound of Australia.

So if you live in SA and you are keen to learn more about Yidaki or just want to meet Djalu, don’t miss this opportunity to visit the South Australian Museum next week. The Exhibition will last from The 3rd of March to the 16th of July 2017. For more information: http://bit.ly/2klptHr


Didgeridoo Breath Concert 2017

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Welcome to Didgeridoo Breath Didgeridoo Concert!

This is our very first concert of the 2017! Good vibes in to you!

Come along and experience the Organic Harmonious Music at 6 Market Street Fremantle Western Australia!

It will be Didgeridoo Open mic sessions, could be solo, could be duo and more! Casual in store stage, BYO drink! Let’s celebrate our new era of the 2017!

Door open 6:30
Concerts start at 7.00 pm
Entry $10
Kids free


Si concert – Thursday 8 Dic 2016

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Next Week will be held Next Week will be held another stunning concert in the shop here in the Didgeridoo Had Quarter another stunning concert in the shop here in Fremantle in the Didgeridoo Breath Had Quarter.

Si Mullumby (Wild Marmalade) is coming back to his home town Fremantle! And this is his unique solo show at Didgeridoo Breath!

He will be carrying New HEMP Didgeridoo Si models! Good storyteller and entertainer! BYO event, Dance friendly concert!

Also night will be supported by talented Didgeridoo Players and musicians. Voice, Hand pan, Indian Bansuri flute, Cajon and more….
This will be the last concert of the Year so don’t miss out this unit event.

If you want to spend a night with friendly people, amazing musicians, relax and let the spirit out, this is an event not to be missed event.

Entry $15

6:30pm Door open
7pm Support music show
8pm Si Mullumby

Mark Atkins Didgeridoo workshop

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We are exited to announce a special didgeridoo workshop holding by one of the acclaimed and finest Australian’s didgeridoo player Mark Atkins on the 20th of September 2016 at Didgeridoo Breath shop in Fremantle (WA).

Mark will be holding an intermediate to advanced didgeridoo workshop on the 20th of September at Didgeridoo Breath in Fremantle. All students should be confident with circular breathing prior to the course. This will be an awesome opportunity to learn from one of the finest didgeridoo player in the Word, develop your own playing style and have a lot of fun. The way Mark is teaching how to play didgeridoo is really unique and will drive you in a new and exiting style to play the didgeridoo with his stunning “wobble” technic which Mark has definitely mastered.

Mark has been performing and running his didgeridoo workshop around the word many years. He is also internationally recognised  for his collaborative projects with some of the world’s leading composers and musicians, such as Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Hothouse Flowers, Philip Glass, London Philharmonic Orchestra and the among others.


In 2001 he collaborated with Wurundjeri elder Joy Murphy Wandin and composer Philip Glass in the concert work Voices, performed at the Melbourne Town Hall and New York’s Lincoln Centre. The composition was commissioned by the City of Melbourne to relaunch the Melbourne Town Hall Organ.A descendant of Western Australia’s Yamitji people, as well as of Irish/Australian heritage, Mark is known not only for his mastery playing, but also as a storyteller, composer, percussionist, visual artist and instrument maker.

Mark is also having amazing performance “Kimberly Reflections” on 21st of September, he is touring with “the Narli ensemble” and some of Indigenous artists such as Stephen Pigram, Ashley Oobagooma, Gabriel Nodea and Danny Marr. You can find more info at the www.tura.com.au



Workshop Information

mark 4

EVENT : Mark Atkins Intermediate Didgeridoo Workshop
WHERE: Didgeridoo Breath 6 Market Street, Fremantle
TIME:     6.00 to 8.00 pm
WHEN:   20th of September 2016

COST: $50 per person


+61-8-9430-6009,  [email protected]

2015 Didgeridoo Breath T-shirt Photo Competition! – win Arnhemland Yidaki!!!

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T-shirt photo comp 20152015 Didgeridoo Breath T-shirt Photo competition!

WIN Awesome Arnhemland Yidaki!!!

Send us a photo of yourself wearing a Didgeridoo Breath T-Shirt in an iconic or special place and you can win this Arnhemland Yidaki valued at $650!

1. If you haven’t already, grab yourself a Didgeridoo Breath T-Shirt
“Tree Lungs”
Didge Breath Tshirt tree lungs 2015 jason snook front Didge Breath Tshirt tree lungs 2015 amy cooke front
Didge Breath Tshirt animals 2015 amy cooke front Didge Breath Tshirt animals 2015 Jason snook front
2. Take a photo of yourself or friend wearing the shirt in an iconic or special place

3. Email your photo to us at [email protected]

4. We will upload your photo to our Facebook “Photo Competition” gallery

5. The photo that gets the most popular vote in the shop wins! cut off is end of November 2015

What are you waiting for, grab your Didge Breath T-Shirt, get the camera out and start clicking!
We will upload your photo as soon as we receive it so the sooner the better.

The winner will have their Arnhemland Yidaki in time for Christmas. What a cool present!
Go, Go, Go… and good luck!
Conditions: no offensive material, nudity or sexual content

more information about this Arnhemland Yidaki

Twitter: https://twitter.com/didgebreath
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/didgeridoobr
Instagram: http://instagram.com/didgeridoobreath
Tumblr: http://didgeridoobreath.tumblr.com/

Online Store: https://www.didgeridoobreath.com/
Online Didgeridoo Lessons: http://www.didgeridoodojo.com/


ONDREJ SMEYKAL – Didgeridoo Intensive Workshop

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ondrej 1

Here, from our little wooden cave, a lot of didgeridoo is taught.

Trees, techniques, shapes, breathing styles, postures, isolations, connections, visualizations and body awareness are all staple conversations in discussing how to approach the didgeridoo experience – and there is always plenty to explore!

The team here were blessed to have Ondrej Smeykal back with us again to perform and to host a weekend-long didge exploration workshop. Ondrej’s passion for sharing and his grounding presence is always incredibly helpful in peeling back the many layers of the craft.

We sat on the floorboards and experimented with our posture – how does the way we sit and hold ourselves affect our ability to maintain balance of air/power/energy? It is worth testing all options yourself to discover.
He then guided us through isolating the various playing variables, likening each body part’s influence to an instrument in its own right within the larger model of an orchestra of sound ultimately produced by such a rich instrument.

The powerful diaphragm acting as the driving force, the beat, the pulse. The first wave of energy rising up from our seated connection to the earth beneath, strong & balanced.

The energized addition of our chest, lungs & throat adds warmth, heart and interactive voice to the soundscape. Experiment with this.

The next isolation we explored up the path is the space formed within the mouth. The tongue, the jaw and the cheeks work in combination to radically affect the sound of the instrument. Fantastic insights shared by Ondrej’s personal didgeridoo journey included using jaw movements for both sound and breath opportunities, and the benefits of alternating vowels formed at the front and back of the tongue. Many rhythms and “instruments” were created in these isolations.

The final isolation was the lips of course, and techniques explored beyond the good old-fashioned droning was his personal tongueless approach to trumpeting/tooting and the subtle art of achieving the quietest drone possible – an impressive and refreshing dynamic.


Ondrej’s style of teaching is to discuss the point of interest in great detail from personal experience and then form an exercise to practice for 10-15mintues. This technique had the benefit of ensuring clear understanding and space to explore and recognize it within your own body. This was approached methodically, though it was always underlined that the need to FEEL the body was paramount to connection. All very inspiring and exciting!

Keep your ears to the wall to catch Ondrej as he travels the world or when he returns again to Didgeridoo Breath for amazing inspiration and a general good time. His professionalism and devotion to the true fundamentals of music are easily noticed and simply listening to him play for 50 minutes straight is proof enough of his mastery and exploration of an instrument that seems to know no bounds.

Keep on didg’n guys.

The Didgeridoo Breath Mob


Stephen Kent Didgeridoo Experience February 2015

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Stephen Kent

Multi Instrumentalist and composer Stephen Kent is one of the premier Didjeridu virtuosos in the contemporary world. Stephen will be joining us here at Didgeridoo Breath on Saturday the 21st of February for a special intimate didgeridoo performance, which will no doubt showcase his incredible skill on one of the world’s oldest instruments.In addition, Stephen will also be running an Advanced Didgeridoo Workshop on Sunday the 22nd of February:

In this workshop we will work on the following:

– Diaphragm rhythm and breathing techniques.

– Playing with the whole body.

– The different bodily ‘stations’ and how they affect the sound.

– Multiple layering of the sound.

– Playing smoothly and softly with feeling

– Toots and trumpet tones.

– Diaphragm and mouth strengthening exercises.

– Vocalizations.

– Compositional approaches to the Didjeridu.

– Advanced harmonic techniques/Focusing on overtones.

– Polyrhythmic playing and complex rhythm cycles.


Stephen Kent

Stephen Kent

Born in England he was raised in East Africa and in a career spanning well over 2 decades, based at various times in Australia, Spain, the UK and now the San Francisco Bay Area, he has pioneered the modern day use of the ancient Australian Aboriginal instrument from his position in 1981 as MD of Australia’s Circus Oz, award winning composer for Barcelona dance companies, 7 years touring the world in New Circus groups such as Ra Ra Zoo, to a catalog of over 20 CD releases, including 6 solo works, and multiple collaborations with group projects Trance Mission, Lights in a Fat City and, most recently, Australian Bebop Ragas, Baraka Moon & The Del Sol String Quartet. Collaboration across cultural boundaries is at the root of his interest and he has worked with extraordinary musicians around the planet including Airto Moreira (Brazil), Zakir Hussain (India), Habib Koite (Mali), Rahim Al Haj (Iraq), Zap Mama (Belgium,Congo), Chirgilchin (Tuva), Samulnori (Korea), Leonard Eto (Japan), Omar Sosa (Cuba), Paul Horn, Glen Velez, (USA), among countless others. He continues to perform all over the world. Stephen also works with radio and has hosted a weekly “Music of the World” show on Pacifica Radio’s KPFA.org for the past 20 years.