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Didgeridoo Lessons, Classes, Workshops – Learn How To Play

Posted: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 in Articles, News by Posted by

Welcome to Australia’s largest didgeridoo school! Right here you will find, learn to play the didgeridoo courses, one-on-one lessons, group bookings, performances and more.

Learn to play the didgeridoo

Read about the extensive range of didgeridoo courses and lessons below.

1hr Learn to Play the Didgeridoo Class

Discover all you need to know, to start playing the didgeridoo.
We teach you the fundamental techniques on the didgeridoo and have you making fantastic sounds in no time!
No trip to Australia is complete without learning to play the didgeridoo.

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4 Week Learn to Play the Didgeridoo Course

So you want to learn how to play the didgeridoo? In 4 weeks we will have you making the drone, adding awesome animal sounds, and using your tongue, mouth and diaphragm to make some incredible sounds. That is not all! We will also teach you how to circular breathe which will allow you to play continuously!

This course is one of our most popular and for a good reason! Learning to play the didgeridoo with Didgeridoo Breath is fun, exciting and successful.
The course runs all year round. We provide a didgeridoo for you to use for the duration of the course.

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4 Week Didgeridoo Extended Techniques Workshop

So you can play the didgeridoo, circular breath and make some cool sounds but now what? In the Extended Techniques, didgeridoo playing course, we dive into a whole new world of technique and rhythm: Bounce breathing, overtones, triple tonguing, vocals, building rhythms and moreā€¦ this is where your didge playing really starts hotting up!

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One-on-one Didgeridoo Lessons

In these one-on-one lessons you will get the complete attention of one of our experienced didgeridoo players.
If you want to learn to play for the first time, advance your techniques, master specific techniques, or just learn some cool sounds and rhythms, one-on-one didgeridoo lessons are ideal.

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30 Minute Group Didgeridoo Experience

This program is very popular with school and college groups. One of our experienced team talks to you about this wonderful instrument, from its history, right through to where it is today. Demonstrations are given on the different types of didgeridoos and the different sounds that can be made. Then we teach you how to play!
This didgeridoo workshop is very informative, but most of all it’s a lot of fun for all ages.

Cost: $5 per person, minimum charge of $50

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Learning at Home

If you want to save yourself years of practice, patience and frustration as you learn the didgeridoo, then check out the Playing the Didgeridoo DVD and Playing the Didgeridoo series, 5 CD Box Set. These instructional tools have been recognized worldwide as the most comprehensive and up-to-date lessons available. They are simple to follow, a whole lot of fun and you will be sounding fantastic in a very short amount of time. Grab yourself the Playing the Didgeridoo series here!