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How to get a good didgeridoo sound?

Posted: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 in Articles, News by Posted by


Hey Didge Breath

I was wondering what is the best platform to play on? I know hard surfaces are the best to project the sound. Is there anything in particular that can be used so you can really hear the didge. The rug in my room really dulls things down haha.



Mike, you have to lose the rug!

Rugs, carpets, sand, grass and air all steal you Didgeridoo sound, you may as well be playing into a pillow or underwater!

I love playing in the bathroom, the room just fills up with the warmth of Didgeridoo, its awesome! I have found a couple of corners in my house between walls and tile floor, also a great spot inside the edge of a kitchen cupboard and even a bucket…. All giving me great ability to hear myself play.

For recording, use any piece of wood or a book or anything small, and play in the rug room. That way you will record the true essence of the Didgeridoo, but most of the time you are not recording so the more hard surfaces the better, I always picture in my head the sound coming out like a almost fluid gas sort of substance, it needs a good hard medium size surface to land on then splash around the room to the awaiting ears, the more soft absorbing surfaces it hits the more the immediate sound dies. The more harder surfaces (wood, tile, book, chopping board, plastic, metal squares or shapes) the more the sound will bounce. Careful, some rooms are so echofull that you end up not really hearing anything you are playing because of the reverb!

All in all Mike, rugs are out and a good minimum A4 or A3 size hard board to bounce the sound is highly recommended.


The Didge Breath Team