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Si’s Red Belly Black Fibreglass Didgeridoo….Now at Didgeridoo Breath

Posted: Friday, March 7, 2014 in New Products, News

SI Red Belly BlackSI Red Belly Black

All of us here at Didgeridoo Breath were didgn’ stoked when the box of Si‘s new fibreglass didgeridoos arrived at the shop last week. A few us were even lucky enough to test them out straight outta the packaging.

Here is our didge test drive of the new Si Red Belly Black fibreglass didgeridoo!

First impressions first, these didgeridoos are LOUD and very POWERFUL! It is easy to get carried away playing the Red Belly Black they have an awesome clear sound, with great back pressure, when playing you just want to play faster and faster and faster.

The Red Belly Black has a unique mouthpiece bowl, custom designed by Si himself. Although most of us in the shop have been playing for quite a while, we found it incredibly easy to achieve the toot on the Red Belly Black with the added bonus of the toot matching the tone of the didge (both in the musical key of F!). There were also mentions from some staff that they found the tone reflective of traditional yidaki style.

The Red Belly Black also incorporates a specialised rubber lining around the bell of the didge, which is a pretty cool addition for any busker or performer who likes to send out their didgeridoo musical medicine for all on a rough playing surface.

Come test them out in the shop for yourself if you are in the Fremantle area, or check out some of our sound samples on the product page to bear witness to the power of the Red Belly Black and have some FUN!
Si’s playing style has long been associated with speed and incredible versatility, now it’s your turn. Harness the ferocity of the red belly black and get didgn’ mate!

• Fibre-glass didgeridoo / plays smoothly with less effort
• Rubber Bell Protector
• 152cm / 5″2
• 2.2kg / 4.85lbs
• Key: F (1st Toot F)

Our new eBook has launched on iTunes!

Posted: Sunday, January 27, 2013 in Info & Education, New Products

Our new Didgeridoo Dojo Beginner Sessions ebook has launched on iTunes!

Featuring more than 20 beginner didgeridoo lessons with full videos and lesson descriptions as well as the full didgeridoo circular breathing lesson set, the Beginner Sessions is a fantastic way to get started on your didgeridoo journey.

We’ve included some screenshots of the book as well as the tablet of contents below.

Its live right now so head over to iTunes to download a copy. You can also download a sample of the book from iTunes for free too.

*Note that you’ll need an iPad, iPhone or iPod that supports Apple iBooks to access the book.

Didgeridoo Dojo Beginner Sessions Ebook screenshots

Didgeridoo Dojo Beginner Sessions Ebook screenshots

Didgeridoo Dojo Beginner Sessions Ebook screenshots

Didgeridoo Dojo Beginner Sessions Ebook screenshots

Didgeridoo Dojo Beginner Sessions Ebook screenshots

William Barton visited Didgeridoo Breath

Posted: Thursday, November 29, 2012 in Articles, Didgeridoo Players, New Products, Videos

William slipped into old Fremantle town to play a couple of private concerts last week. He was without a didge and so he borrowed an ellswood didgeridoo for the shows. He even gave us a little video of his playing style, super strong and fast!!! We also had a good chat about some of his new music and a CD coming out soon and the possibility of a show/workshop early next year!! 🙂 We will let you all know closer to the date if we can sort this out, fingers crossed for that one!!. So here is the video and a link to Williams website. Enjoy and happy didgin’


Sneak Peak!….New Earl Clements Didges now INSTOCK!!

Posted: Thursday, July 26, 2012 in New Products

Hey Didgeridoo Breath Crew!

We have received a special delivery into the shop all the way from Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory!

Earl Clements is one of our favourite didgeridoo makers and he has crafted some absolute beauties this time around, this selection of didgeridoos is INCREDIBLE!!!!! Check them out here

All these didges are great for both the beginner and experienced didgeridoo player with awesome playability, artwork, booming sound, back pressure and uniqueness!!!  We are always super stoked when we get a new delivery from Earl, his didgeridoos are always wicked to play and always have interesting new designs.

Check out some of the sound samples online or come visit us in the shop and have a play.

Good times and Keep Didgin!

New Hemp Didgeridoos are here!!

Posted: Thursday, July 21, 2011 in New Products

The new Hemp Didgeridoo breed has arrived.

If you are looking for a high-octane, twin-turbo, ultra-responsive didgeridoo to knock your socks off… here it is!

Bigger, louder, stronger, even more powerful… and even easier to play!

These high performance instruments will take your didgeridoo playing to a whole new level.

To check out our range of hemps click here!

If  you have any questions about these didgeridoos, don’t hesitate to email us or give us a call on +61 8 9430 6009.

Screwdown didgeridoos are back!!

Posted: Thursday, July 21, 2011 in New Products

Screwdown didges are back!!! We sold out of the first batch very quickly and have been waiting awhile for these didgeridoos, so if you want one, the time is now…They are in the key of ‘D’ (when fully constucted) but you can experiment with the different sizes and get other keys.. They are powerful and play well no matter what your level is, and they weigh under 1 kilo, making them the perfect travel didge. Click here to check them out!

New Arnhemland Yidaki’s have arrived!!

Posted: Saturday, May 28, 2011 in New Products

We have just received a new batch of great Yidaki’s from North East Arnhemland. Djalu, Burrngupurrngu and Napurrawuy have made some amazing instruments ranging in key’s from G – C#. They are selling fast so be sure to get in quick for your own traditional Yidaki.

Click here to see Sanshi demonstrating our range.

Bigfoot Stomp boxes – Little Monster!!

Posted: Thursday, May 26, 2011 in New Products

A stompbox is a simple percussion instrument consisting of a small wooden box placed under the foot, which is tapped or stamped on rhythmically to produce a sound similar to that of a bass drum.

A stomp box allows a performer to create a simple rhythmic self-accompaniment. Stomp boxes are ideal to use with didgeridoo!

Simple to use, immediate impact! Get your stompbox today!!

Exciting new didge project “Didgeridoo Dojo”

Posted: Friday, May 6, 2011 in New Products, News

Sanshi here… we’re working on an exciting new project and need your help.

It’s called Didgeridoo Dojo. It will change the way you learn how to play didgeridoo FOREVER!

We’re looking for a small team of didge beta testers to be our “test subjects” to evaluate our new project, give us some feedback and help us put the finishing touches on it.

  • We’re looking for about 25 people to beta test our new project – you can be a didgeridoo player of any skill level
  • You can be located anywhere in the world, you’ll just need a decent internet connection, a didgeridoo, an email address, be able to speak basic english and a sense of fun!
  • If you’re selected to be part of the beta testing team you’ll get 3 months unlimited access to the Dojo after we launch. Sweet!

To become a tester, click here to visit Didgeridoo Dojo and register online

UPDATE: We’ve had a huge response to our request for test subjects and have now closed off applications. More info here.

UPDATE 2: We’re still tweaking the final design of the logo and branding for Didgeridoo Dojo. We’d love your feedback on the logo at this page here.

New Jon Worsley Hemp Didgeridoo videos.

Posted: Thursday, April 14, 2011 in Articles, New Products

If you are looking for a didgeridoo that is very easy to play, incredibly loud, ultra responsive, super strong, lightweight & great for traveling with and takes your didgeridoo playing to a new level, you are in the right place! Here is some videos of  Simon demonstrating these amazing Didgeridoos..

Click here to see our full range of Hemp Didgeridoos

Click here to see our full range of Hemp Didgeridoos