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Didgeridoo Breath – Take a look around the shop

Posted: Monday, January 20, 2014 in Videos

We’ve just put the finishing touches on our new video of the shop that gives you a sneak peek at some of the things that happen down at Didge HQ and a bit of a tour, click the play button below and check it out!

Watch directly on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNt5jaks5vg

Special thanks to the guys at Photography Project who produced this video for us.

William Barton visited Didgeridoo Breath

Posted: Thursday, November 29, 2012 in Articles, Didgeridoo Players, New Products, Videos

William slipped into old Fremantle town to play a couple of private concerts last week. He was without a didge and so he borrowed an ellswood didgeridoo for the shows. He even gave us a little video of his playing style, super strong and fast!!! We also had a good chat about some of his new music and a CD coming out soon and the possibility of a show/workshop early next year!! 🙂 We will let you all know closer to the date if we can sort this out, fingers crossed for that one!!. So here is the video and a link to Williams website. Enjoy and happy didgin’


Playing Didgeridoo with Eggshakers

Posted: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 in Info & Education, Videos

Check out this lesson from the premium members are at Didgeridoo Dojo – here Sanshi demonstrates how to work eggshakers into your didgeridoo playing.

Lesson goals

  • Get comfortable with shaking the egg shaker to keep an even rhythm
  • Be able to accent the main beat in the egg shaker sound
  • Play the didgeridoo rhythm “dida (B) dida (B)” while keeping the rhythm on your shaker

Training tips

  • This is a new co-ordination so it’s ok if it feels very difficult to begin with
  • Be sure to practice just with the shaker to get comfortable before adding your didgeridoo playing
  • Keep your arm really relaxed to make shaking easier and feel more comfortable
  • Experiment with the speed of the playing & shaking to find what speed feels to easiest to practice
  • Try and lock into the accented beat. Focus matching up your didgeridoo timing with the main beats

T-Shirt Photo Competition!! Win this Earl Clements Didgeridoo!!

Posted: Tuesday, August 2, 2011 in Articles, News, Videos


1.     If you haven’t already, click here to grab yourself a Didgeridoo Breath T-Shirt
(Free worldwide shipping during this competition)

2.     Take a photo of yourself or friend wearing the shirt in an iconic or special place

3.     Email your photo to us at [email protected]

4.     We will upload your photo to our Facebook “Photo Competition” gallery

5.     The photo that gets the most Facebook “likes” by 30th September 2011 wins (so tell your friends!)

What are you waiting for, click here to grab your Didge Breath T-Shirt, get the camera out and start clicking!

We will upload your photo as soon as we receive it so the sooner the better.

The winner will receive a brand new Earl Clements Didgeridoo!!

Go, Go, Go… and good luck!

Conditions: no offensive material, nudity or sexual content

Jeremy “Yongurra” Donovan concert videos!!

Posted: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 in Didgeridoo Concerts, Didgeridoo Players, Videos

New videos from Jeremy Donovans amazing concert right here at Didgeridoo Breath, March 10th 2011 It was a great night of story telling and of course didgeridoo playing. I f you are interested in Jeremy Donovan’s albums you can find them on our website or in our shop.

Didgeridoo cheek training at the beach! 2 new videos for you

Posted: Wednesday, April 6, 2011 in Info & Education, Videos

Today we take you down to our local beach to show you a great practice technique to build up your didgeridoo playing strength and stamina.

You can try this in the ocean, in a bucket of water or in your bathtub. Have fun!

Wild Marmalade didgeridoo concert videos and photos

Posted: Monday, November 22, 2010 in Didgeridoo Concerts, Videos

If you couldn’t make it to the recent Wild Marmalade concert at Didgeridoo Breath, worry not, we have some videos and photos here for you to see.

It was a brilliant concert with lots of fun, dancing and of course… rocking didgeridoo playing and drums.

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How-to video: the tooting technique on didgeridoo

Posted: Monday, November 15, 2010 in Videos
How to do the tooting/overtone/horns (whatever you want to call them) technique on didgeridoo.
Sanshi shows us how in this video. Good luck with the practice, see how comfortable you can get with this technique as we have 2 more follow up videos coming soon.

Crazy beatboxing didgeridoo video – Smily from Japan

Posted: Wednesday, November 3, 2010 in Videos

We were recently honored to have Japanese didgeridoo player, Smily, fly all the way to Oz just to visit us!

He is an incredible didge player and taugh us some great tricks.

He also picked up a couple of new didges for himself.

Enjoy this video of Smily playing didgeridoo beatbox style

How to mix up the timing with your didgeridoo playing

Posted: Thursday, September 23, 2010 in Videos

In this video, Sanshi shows you how changing the timing can spice up your didgeridoo playing.

It’s a challenge, a bit tricky, but good fun! Have a go!