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Australian Returning Boomerangs

Posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 in New Products by Posted by

The latest addition to the Didgeridoo Breath range… returning boomerangs!

Far out… these are a whole lot of fun! So tempting to hang the “back in 10 minutes” sign on the door and hit the park with these beauties! In fact we don’t even need to… there are indoor ones too!

Easy to use, returning boomerangs in a range of styles starting from $9.50 AUD. Bargain!

Click here to visit the Returning Boomerangs store to check them out >>

Buy Australian Returning Boomerang OnlineWhat’s so special about these returning boomerangs?

All Rangs boomerangs are designed for best return flight and ease of use. They feature state of the art aerodynamic design to make them easy and fun to throw, while still providing the challenge of true sports boomerang performance. The shaping, aerofoils, density and materials used in each model are carefully chosen to achieve this.

Rangs boomerangs come in many materials from high grade wood laminate to light and durable PVC foam. This gives them an extraordinary range of flight performances, from contest models to short range back yard. In each case the material chosen and the manufacturing workmanship is of the highest quality for durability, safety, ease of use and countless hours of enjoyment.

Here at Rangs we pride ourselves on the presentation of our products, including the fine surface finish of our hand made wooden models, the bright individual patterning and the superb packaging featured in all our products. All product and packaging graphics are generated in-house which gives our boomerangs the unique visual appeal for which they are famous.

Range of Models
Because people come in all shapes and sizes, so do Rangs boomerangs. The range of models offered by Rangs is completely unique, from toy and novelty products to challenging sports models, each which its own flight characteristics.

Value for Money
The long experience which Rangs has had in boomerang design and manufacture allows us to offer extremely high quality at unbeatable prices right across our product range.