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“Oka” Didgeridoo Music MP3 Download

Posted: Thursday, January 28, 2010 in New Products, News by Posted by

It is with our greatest pleasure to have available the full Oka album collection now available to download at Didgeridoo Breath.

You can listen to and download the albums right here.

OKA’s music brings musical traditions and cultures together – ancient and modern – black and white.

The traditional rhythms and stories of DidgeriSTU’s Yadaki (didgeridoo) weave throughout pumping electronic beats, vocals, exotic woodwinds and world percussion – a unique fusion of organic world sounds and electronic music like no other.

OKA’s live shows are inspiring, uplifting and emotionally charged, subtle and spontaneous. Their onstage energy is thrilling audiences wherever they perform.

They rocked the walls of Didgeridoo Breath last year by performing an amazing, intimate, didgeridoo concert for us.

Having established themselves here in Australia, OKA have the world in their sights. Oka have completed their 4th Canadian tour including a main stage gig at The MONTREAL JAZZ FESTIVAL 2007 and numerous performances in Japan, Singapore and New Zealand.

Click Here to visit the Oka Didgeridoo Music Download page.