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Si’s Red Belly Black Fibreglass Didgeridoo….Now at Didgeridoo Breath

Posted: Friday, March 7, 2014 in New Products, News by Posted by

SI Red Belly BlackSI Red Belly Black

All of us here at Didgeridoo Breath were didgn’ stoked when the box of Si‘s new fibreglass didgeridoos arrived at the shop last week. A few us were even lucky enough to test them out straight outta the packaging.

Here is our didge test drive of the new Si Red Belly Black fibreglass didgeridoo!

First impressions first, these didgeridoos are LOUD and very POWERFUL! It is easy to get carried away playing the Red Belly Black they have an awesome clear sound, with great back pressure, when playing you just want to play faster and faster and faster.

The Red Belly Black has a unique mouthpiece bowl, custom designed by Si himself. Although most of us in the shop have been playing for quite a while, we found it incredibly easy to achieve the toot on the Red Belly Black with the added bonus of the toot matching the tone of the didge (both in the musical key of F!). There were also mentions from some staff that they found the tone reflective of traditional yidaki style.

The Red Belly Black also incorporates a specialised rubber lining around the bell of the didge, which is a pretty cool addition for any busker or performer who likes to send out their didgeridoo musical medicine for all on a rough playing surface.

Come test them out in the shop for yourself if you are in the Fremantle area, or check out some of our sound samples on the product page to bear witness to the power of the Red Belly Black and have some FUN!
Si’s playing style has long been associated with speed and incredible versatility, now it’s your turn. Harness the ferocity of the red belly black and get didgn’ mate!

• Fibre-glass didgeridoo / plays smoothly with less effort
• Rubber Bell Protector
• 152cm / 5″2
• 2.2kg / 4.85lbs
• Key: F (1st Toot F)