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HOT new Australian aboriginal didgeridoo maker – Earl Clements

Posted: Friday, August 13, 2010 in New Products, News

Never in the history of Didge Breath have we come across such a talented, diverse, consistent, quality didgeridoo maker that continuously makes great playing didgeridoos at amazing prices!

Meet Earl Clements… an Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo crafter and artist from the Northern Territory.

He has been so busy crafting the most amazing selection of didgeridoos for us and we have loaded them all onto our website for you. Over 45 to choose from!

We have photographed every didgeridoo and also recorded a unique sound sample to make choosing your Earl Clements didgeridoo easy and fun.

> Click here to visit the collection

Earl Clements Aboriginal Didgeridoo Maker

Tynon Bradford from Heartland – Didgeridoos now online

Posted: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 in New Products

Tynon Bradford is a high-quality didgeridoo crafter from Australia

His style is unique, as is every one of his didgeridoos.

One thing they all have in common… they are made to play!

Boy do these didgeridoos crank out the sound. They all play so sweet, so effortlessly and make you sound instantly better. It takes a very skilled didgeridoo maker to get this right. Tynon has got it!

We have uploaded his beautiful didgeridoos for you to check out online.

Have a look, listen to the sound samples, watch the videos… and choose your Tynon Bradford didgeridoo today.

Click here to visit our Tynon Bradford Didgeridoo Store