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Didgeridoo Breath T-Shirt Design Competition 2019!!!

Posted: Wednesday, November 6, 2019 in Articles
T-shirt Design competition 2019

It has been loooooong time since last T-shirt design Comp, now we are hungry for the new Didgeridoo Breath T-shirt designs! And here we are creating fun design competition event for everyone to join!
Send us your Didgeridoo T-shirt Design to WIN Didgeridoo!
We will collect designs until 15th DEC 2019 and Winner will be Announced later date! (Yes FB event only allow us to set 2weeks but we will be updating the finishing date for this event on 15 DEC 2019!)

Prize for the winner will be a fantastic Yidaki by Buwathay Munyarryun valued $780 AUD.

T-shirt Design competition prize

See more details of this Yidaki here

Here’s how to do it:

: must be original by the artist (your good self), but can be based on our logo if you wish (could be great!)

: should be well-suited to that good Ol’ Didgeridoo Breath vibe

: your design is for the front of a classic T-shirt, with a workable area of anywhere up to 30cm x 30cm

: please send initial entry to us in an average file size, and we will ask for it as big as we can get it if you are a lucky winner

: submission closing date for competition is 15th December 2019

: you may submit as many entries as you wish

: can be digitally designed or hand drawn so long as the lines are super clean and suitable for print

: send your design to [email protected] in .jpg or .pdf or any printable format complete with your name, and if you wish a bit about yourself & your design


By submitting an entry in the competition you grant permission for Didgeridoo Breath to display your artwork on our website, social media networks, and to be used on our new T-shirts commercially. You will be credited as designer on the product page for this T-shirt (including a link to your portfolio/website if applicable)