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Playing Didgeridoo with Eggshakers

Posted: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 in Info & Education, Videos

Check out this lesson from the premium members are at Didgeridoo Dojo – here Sanshi demonstrates how to work eggshakers into your didgeridoo playing.

Lesson goals

  • Get comfortable with shaking the egg shaker to keep an even rhythm
  • Be able to accent the main beat in the egg shaker sound
  • Play the didgeridoo rhythm “dida (B) dida (B)” while keeping the rhythm on your shaker

Training tips

  • This is a new co-ordination so it’s ok if it feels very difficult to begin with
  • Be sure to practice just with the shaker to get comfortable before adding your didgeridoo playing
  • Keep your arm really relaxed to make shaking easier and feel more comfortable
  • Experiment with the speed of the playing & shaking to find what speed feels to easiest to practice
  • Try and lock into the accented beat. Focus matching up your didgeridoo timing with the main beats

How to Play Didgeridoo with Eggshakers (percussion)

Posted: Wednesday, January 11, 2012 in External Videos

In this Didgeridoo Dojo lesson Sanshi demonstrates how to play the didgeridoo with eggshakers.

For more didgeridoo lessons and learn to play videos goto http://didgeridoodojo.com
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