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27th July 2021

I have purchased 2 different didgeridoo stands and both have been terrific quality that really enhance the look of my didgeridoo as an art piece. Delivery was super fast. Definitely recommend Sanshi and his team.
Stephen Quakers Hill, NSW Australia
21st July 2021

 The Didge arrived quickly and well packaged. A great, easy playing didge. I'll be definitely buying another bigger didge further along the road
John Beddoe Beechworth, VIC Australia
7th July 2021

 Just ordered a nice Norleen Williams painted didge for a friend, shipped in a very timely fashion and practically at the same time responded to an email question I had about the instrument itself. Thanks Sanshi and all the DBreath staff...

 J. L. Smith, Columbia, MS United States
5th July 2021

Easy to order and received very fast. The product works fantastic until some kid in the street lost it in a gum tree. 🙁 🙁 🙁

 Luke Gendle, Coutts Crossing, NSW Australia
30th June 2021

Got the didgeridoo, played it really hard and for some reason it cracked. Contacted Didgbreath, sent picture and since I'd had it less than 30 days they replaced it with no questions asked! Even allowed me to upgrade to a painted Norleen Williams for a few dollars more. This will make 4 didgeridoos I've bought from DidgeridooBreath, wouldn't deal with anyone else!

 Joseph L. Smith, Columbia, MS United States
29th June 2021

excellent mouthpiece kit. Arrived quickly, priced well and great communication

 John Beddoe, Beechworth, VIC Australia
18th June 2021

Website is easy to follow, great product selection, the product was wrapped well, and arrived in good shape. Love my didgeridoo!

 Gordon Sampson, Livingston, TX United States
5th June 2021

I'm using the stand with microphone is fantastic

 Franco Favaro, Norton summit , South Australia
7th July 2021

Just ordered a nice Norleen Williams painted didge for a friend, shipped in a very timely fashion and practically at the same time responded to an email question I had about the instrument itself. Thanks Sanshi and all the DBreath staff...

 J. L. Smith, Columbia, MS United States
28th May 2021

Great new instrument for me. I upgraded from a beginners pack didgeridoo and my new Darren Button is every thing I hoped it would be for both music and appearance. Sanshi San made a recording of a couple of instruments that I was interested in so that I could listen to them played in the hands of an expert before making my choice. Great result and thank you.

 Michael Crowe, Carseldine, QLD Australia
27th May 2021

Sanshi and the entire crew at DidgeridooBreath are absolutely the greatest. Without any question, the website is well put together and very streamlined. All of the didgeridoo's/Yidakis are very high quality, and some of the most amazing instruments that you will find. The large Earl Clemnts didge that I just received is phenomenal. The artwork and the sound resonance is just beautiful and I could tell it was packaged with alot of care. It came fairly quickly considering the distance it traveled. Whether you're looking to buy something just for fun or you're a serious player I highly recommend DidgeridooBreath. They will take good care of you and help you with anything you need.

 Kyle Kemper, Rancho Cordova, CA United States
24th May 2021


 Dorothy Cacciola, Katanning, WA Australia
22nd May 2021

Product matched online description, very well wrapped and protected, and delivered promptly. Big thanks to the DB team 🙂

 Valentin Finck, London, London United Kingdom
20th May 2021

The didgeridoo I ordered was of great quality and finish and sound great too. The sound files for each didge really helped me find what I was looking for. Shipping was fast and was packed well.

 William Morris, Slough, Berkshire United Kingdom
18th May 2021

If you want to get the experience of throwing and catching a boomerang, look no further! The funrang is light, easy to throw and most importantly - it returns! You'd be hard pressed to find a better outdoor activity to do with your kids. Made from a tough, light polymer and attractive to look at. Become a funranger. Now!!

 Mark Young, KOOLEWONG, NSW Australia
6th May 2021

 Thank you for the fast delivery and service. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have bought my didgeridoo from didgeridoobreath. You guys rock!Michael Macdougall, Chatuchak district, Bangkok Thailand
5th May 2021

Im a beginner Didge player and have found this easy to start on. Sounds fantastic too!

 John Beddoe, Beechworth, VIC Australia
1st May 2021

Save for some shipping difficulties (not much can be done about that), I got everything I could have asked for as a beginner out in the middle of nowhere. Seriously excellent quality-- they don't short you out. Very much worth the price if you're seriously interested in playing one as a hobby.

 Joshua Cragun, UT United States
27th April 2021

The didjbox is awesome. Convenient to take with me. It has a wonderful sound. The products from Didgeridoo Breath are great quality.

 Unknown, Westminster, CO United States
27th April 2021

The starter kit is great. The didgeridoo is beautiful.

 Unknown, Westminster, CO United States
20th April 2021

I ordered my Didgeridoo Starter Pack from you. Living in the Eastern States I hesitated in ordering from W.A. but my order arrived in under a week and all in good order. I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase and the service received. I have only just started on the lesson plan in my package and Sanshi just explains everything so well and always leaves me smiling and feeling very positive about my new adventure with my Dige. Thanks to all.

 Michael, Carseldine, QLD Australia
13th April 2021

The didge came in just a few days, and the service team was fantastic to work with. The didgeridoo itself is elegant and sounds awesome, the tuning is perfect.

 Evan McCloskey, Austin, TX United States
13th April 2021

One of the only places I could find this product, and even had a video showing how to use them. Arrived very quickly, definitely recommend.

 Paul Bingham, United Kingdom
10th Apri 2021

I am from the US and have been in Australia for the past year due to Covid restrictions on travel. I was very impressed with your website, as I wanted to purchase a Didgeridoo as a gift for a friend in the US. The ordering process was easy, and the shipping was excellent. I highly recommend your company! Thank You!

 Mary Harrington, Scobey, MT United States
9th April 2021

Exellent sound and amazing looking, the only thing the varnish finish could be better.

 Roberto Gonzalez Bilbao, Santander, Cantabria Spain
31st March 2021

Buying a didgeridoo was abit of a spur of the moment decision for me but what better company to have picked. The didgeridoo arrived within a few days of purchasing it (after i spent house listening to all the sound bites to oipck my favourite one). It arrived perfectly packaged and exactly what i ordered. All i need to do now is figure out how to play it! haha but they have 30 days of free lessons with each didgeridoo they sell so thats my next port of call. Evren though i have not met any of the team personally i can tell that the love for these instruments and their job shines through at all stages and as a result i love my Didge even more! 😀

 Debs, Denmark WA Australia
30th March 2021

I love the idea of being able to download the CD and get into listening to it right away. Content of the CD so far has been awesome. I am still in the early stages of listening to the CD, I wish I could say it has helped with me learning to how to play this amazing instrument but unfortunately this is not the case.

 Allace, Woonona, New South Wales Australia
30th March 2021

I watched the instruction video that was done by Sanshi and this definitely helped with getting a good result.

 Allace, Woonona, New South Wales Australia
26th March 2021

Great place to purchase these amazing and professional instruments. The guys at Didgeridoo Breath are very helpful and real. My didgeridoo arrived in time. Great work guys I will certainly be purchasing another one from you soon Keep up the great work

 Steve, Melbourne, Vic Australia
23rd March 2021

 I’ve purchased a few things from didgeridoo breath and every time the guys there have been super helpful friendly to the point I refer to you guys as friends when talking about your business with other players or friends. I wouldn’t go anywhere else

 Lee Fowler, Embleton , WA Australia
23rd March 2021

Great service . Fast delivery. Thanks!

 Eugene Ramsay, Gilroy, CA United States
17th March 2021

My item arrived, just as pictured. Very pleased with it. However fair warning to anyone ordering from NZ, MPI won't like it and seized mine and held it in customs. It was eventually cleared with no issue but that did delay its delivery. So if you're ordering as a gift, allow a couple weeks just in case.

 Sam, New Zealand
16th March 2021

I'm very pleased with the sound and appearance of the Norleen Williams Didgeridoo I recently received. It's both fun and easy to play and will, I'm sure, provide many hours of enjoyment. I should note, however, that delivery was a bit of a problem. I don't know what happened, but the estimated delivery date was missed by about a week, and the tracking information provided didn't shed much light on the cause. Nevertheless, it arrived in excellent condition, probably due to the care taken to wrap it. Thank you for that. Overall, I'm a happy customer!

 Leo Vandenbrun, Calgary, AB Canada
11th March 2021

Thank you, Wandoo. This is the second didgeridoo I've gotten from you. I loved the first and ordered this for my 18 yr old grandson a week before his birthday. It arrived on time!! I let him be the first to play it. He is extremely pleased. I'm an amateur tubist, and learned to circular breathe and play with multiphonics with the didge. I appreciate the traditional art and support of indigenous people.

 Ron Small, Farmington, ME United States
8th March 2021

Bought this to start learning the didgeridoo and am enjoying it a lot. Great sound for the price, very comfortable to handle/play.

 Zach Wrigley, Sydney, New South Wales Australia
1st March 2021

The didgeridoo in this starter pack is solid, looks great, and is easy to play. The sound is great too. It’s definitely more capable than I am at this point. The lessons are very well done, easy to follow and effective. I would highly recommend this to anyone who’s thinking about playing the didgeridoo.

 HJL El Paso, TX United States
1st March 2021

These are excellent. The wood is an incredibly dense hardwood, they look great and the sound is crystalline. I’m very happy with these.

 HJL El Paso, TX United States
22nd Feb 2021

I ordered a large bloodwood didge recently. I live in canada and I never thought I could get an authentic didge being so far(in one piece I mean..). I love the fact that I could listen to it so I could get the sound I’m looking for and try to replicate it. I had never played before yet I’m improving everyday thanks to Sanshi and the dojo. The didge was in perfect condition when I got it, and I received quick replies to my emails. I just regret not getting a case fot it right away, very hard to find a decent one here in Canada!

 Jeff L., Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, QC Canada
21st Feb 2021

I had questions before I bought the product. Sanshi answered in a timely professional manner. The product came earlier than I expected and came in tact. What a beautiful instrument. Now I need to practice more...

 Jason B Albury, New South Whales Australia
18th Feb 2021

Great stuff, I recently received my new didgeridoo, I found my purchase experience simply and easy to use. The follow up from the guys is first rate and my order turn up in only a couple days. As this is my second purchase from didgeridoo breath, I highly recommend them. Cheers.

 Derek Brown, Canberra, ACT Australia
17th Feb 2021

The lessons are easy to follow and understand. Great way to start learning the Didj.

 Sanford Schmid, Vernon , BC Canada
15th Feb 2021

My natural finish wide body didgeridoo arrived safe and sound with with my brothers' .. Hey they were well packed and sound great .As for service outstanding .

 Alan Strong, Cardiff, South Glamorgan United Kingdom
15th Feb 2021

All good. Good service and good information if you're beginner

 David Tomas Rodellas, witchcliffe, Western Australia Australia
15th Feb 2021

This is my first didgeridoo so I am new to this beautiful sound art, but it is a very beautiful well made piece. Great quality! New to sounding it but I love it so far 🙂 And the shipping was super fast!

 Tanya Pettit, Woodbine, MD United States
15th Feb 2021

This is a fabulous didgeridoo for me as a beginner. I became quite disillusioned learning to play a eucalyptus didge that I simply do not (yet!) have the lung capacity to manage. It's been so rewarding seeing the changes over the three weeks I've been playing the Didjeribone.

 Jo, New Zealand
11th Feb 2021

Wonderful. Heavy duty and great design. Thankyou.

 Heather Menzies, Curl, New South Wales Australia
1st Feb 2021

Easy online ordering and arrived very quickly A big thumbs up!

 Robert Davies Byford, WA Australia
26th Jan 2021

I was looking for some fusion music between Didgeridoo and western pop music and found this site. Bought and downloaded the album easily and enjoy the music. Should i follow up on such music, this is my first stop.

 Hans Heide, Berlin, Germany
23rd Jan 2021

 Fast delivery, awesome communication and excellent product. Art work on didgeridoo is exceptional and would highly recommend if you want a quality product and friendly service. Thanks guys great work. Very happy.

 Simon Patton, BITTERN, VIC Australia
21st Jan 2021

Hello everyone My delivery arrived in a few days . I don't think it will be the last time I was wondering if was possible to have the deliveries done with less plastics. Although I don't throw away the bubble wrap and hope it will always be recycled . Do you think it will damage the didge if it was wrapped differently ? Otherwise , you are my favourite didge shop any where in the world Thank you

 Zarul Albakri, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
21st Jan 2021

Adjusting the clamp: I read where your happy customer suggested you change the allen key which is very problematic when performing. In UK a company called Copperman.co.uk sells the all black stands for when standing to play, and the adjustment is a ratchet and butterfly type tightener. Can DigeridooBreath make theirs like this? My son plays his from a wheelchair and to adjust the height by having to fumble around for an allen key, in the dark usually, and in the bush, is just a crazy system to have to navigate. Thank you and hope this is helpful. I have a pic of the UK model, you are out of stock of them, but it won't paste here.

 Heather Menzies, 2096 Australia
18th Jan 2021

Received my new fantastic didgeridoo in 9 days...AUS to CAN! The didge and the service exceeded my expectations. It has a great sounding rich tone, and following Sanshi’s online lessons helped me get there faster. (my music background also helped). I have looked at synthetic made didge’s in the past and was never impressed…really glad I held out for a real one! Somewhere in the very long (17,000km) journey the shipping box was opened and the extra mouthpieces were missing. FedEx didn’t seem to care, but when I asked Sanshi what brand to look for in Canada, he said "Don't worry, we will send you a replacement today"…!! Awesome people. Love the instrument and would purchase from them again in a heartbeat!

 Trevor Melanchuk, Winnipeg, MB Canada
9th Jan 2021

What I like: I like the online training available to purchasers of didgeridoos. You provide support for your products. What I didn't like: DHL does not ship to our area of Arizona. As a result I had to pay additional shipping charges to receive my didgeridoo through the U. S. Postal Service.

 Gene Martinez, Window Rock, AZ United States
7th Jan 2021

Quick and express service. Quite simple to have it here, even crossing half the planet.

 Antonio Assad, Rio de Janeiro Brazil
7th Jan 2021

Gorgeous piece, well packed and fast delivered.

 Antonio Assad, Rio de Janeiro Brazil
2nd Jan 2021

Very happy with the entire experience. This shipped from Australia to me in Chicago in a matter of days. Very prompt. The didge showed up in perfect condition. The only hitch was that the wax ring was cracked during transit and I had to replace it. Overall, I would/will order from here again.

 Vlaiko Manojlovski, Chicago, IL United States
30th Dec 2020

I can't believe how fast it arrived - from the other side of the world! One of the few Christmas gifts that actually arrived on time. The artwork is even more beautiful in person than in the pictures. And the C# was a great choice - beautiful sound and tone.

 Tally Casey, COLUMBIA, SC United States
30th Dec 2020

Everything about your website made purchasing a Didgeridoo for my husband so easy. You have by far the best and most informative website ; for history and photos and audio. The Courier service was outstanding (just 3 days to arrive). The Didge is something that my husband has wanted for some time and the bonus of online music lessons made it a most exceptional gift. Thank you so much.

 L B, Coogee, NSW Australia
30th Dec 2020

I love your website ( both dojo and breath). The didg arrived earlier than expected and is exactly what I was expecting from the pictures and soundclip on your website. Good job!

 John Roberts, Tacoma, WA United States
29th Dec 2020

Hay just got to say what an awesome didge from Darren Button is. it plays great and it got lots of natural unique character to its shape. Well packed delivery was a few days late that all's good and to be expected in this crazy year . Keep up the good work guys and stay safe.

 Alan Strong, Cardiff, South Glamorgan Wales
29th Dec 2020

Beautifully crafted, fascinating and very traditional iconic art work. Please pass my word of thanks along to the artist (Mr. Clements). I enjoyed (and still enjoy) looking through your web site. It comprehensive and clear. I appreciate the opportunity to sort the didg's by differnt categories. It helped me greatly in my difficult decision in selecting an instrument/ piece of art. I also appreciate your attention to the craftsmen (and women) who provide the didg's you sell. I support your dedication to 1. authenticity, 2. fair market value, and 3. the principles of conservationism

 PATRICK Robinson, Davidson, NC United States
28th Dec 2020

Absolutely love the service I received from this wonderful group of people. Absolutely top notch. They took the time to talk to me before I made my decision on which didgeridoo I eventually decided on. Being a former jazz trumpet player the transition to the didgeridoo went very smoothly only to be helped by the outstanding lessons. I would highly recommend didgeridoo breath to anyone and everyone!

 Tyron Bester, Granite shoals, TX United States
24th Dec 2020

Thank you so much for the great customer service. I love my Didgeridoo! It exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I will always be grateful for this experience. Now it’s time to practice. The Journey continues. Thanks again for all your support.

 Edward Russell, Sarasota, FL United States
23rd Dec 2020

Great website, easy to order, excellent service. Had my order from interstate in 3 days. Would thoroughly recommend.

 Anna, Adelaide, South Australia Australia
22nd Dec 2020

I appreciate the huge variety of didgeridoos available. I would never have considered buying a didgeridoo without first playing one. But having previewing the great videos convinced me to take a chance.

 Neal Ashmun, Lakewood, CO United States
22nd Dec 2020

This is an amazing instrument. The quality of workmanship is first rate. Having a didgeridoo that can play in multiple keys will allow me to eventually play with other musicians without having to bring a truck load of instruments.

 Neal Ashmun, Lakewood, CO United States
18th Dec 2020

Website excelent. Didge was delivered to Michigan in the US. Thank you

 Philip Jaroslow, Strathmore, Victoria Australia
11th Dec 2020

I purchased Starter Pack A with a medium sized Didge with the beginer course and i love it. the Didgeridoo is amazing, came with the mouthpiece all setup and fit my mouth perfectly, the online begginer course with Sanshi is fantastic, the information is excellent and with practice you can learn to play the Didgeridoo, took me about 40 minutes to find the Drone but once i did it was fantastic! i found sitting infront of the shower really helped me find it. keen as to keep following the online course and practice playing! I definitely recommend this if you want to learn the skill of the Didgeridoo!

 Phil Armstrong, Baranduda, Victoria Australia
4th Dec 2020

The bag is perfect! The team were so helpful. They were one call or email away to answer any of my questions. They helped me fine tune what I was looking for to purchase the perfect gift for my partner. The ordering process was quick and simple and deliver was amazingly fast! The ongoing help available and extra products to help my partner learn all he needs to know is just amazing. Extremely happy!

 Adele Durell, Busselton , Wa Australia
4th Dec 2020

The most beautiful instrument ! The team were so helpful. They were one call or email away to answer any of my questions. They helped me fine tune what I was looking for to purchase the perfect gift for my partner. The ordering process was quick and simple and deliver was amazingly fast! The ongoing help available and extra products to help my partner learn all he needs to know is just amazing. Extremely happy!

 Adele Durell, Busselton , Wa Australia
2nd Dec 2020

The stand has been great, it holds my heavy Yidaki when I’m playing at live shows. The only small issues with it I have are... The Allen key you need to use to adjust it. If it were a one off adjustment it would be fine but it often needs tightening before shows (one more little thing you could forget before a gig) I have had to replace a screw and add a washer and nut because it coiled (my didge is heavy and it needs to be done up tight in order to stay up) Like I said, these are just small issues... I’m only saying it to offer some input so you can keep creating the best product. I am happy with both my stands. P.S would be great to get one in black

 Luke Ligtenberg, FORSTER, NSW Australia
2nd Dec 2020

Easy web site to use fast delivery very happy would recommend

 Lesly Harrison, GLOUCESTER, NSW Australia
30th Nov 2020

The Funrang Returning Boomerangs are an excellent resources for our school. We used them at lunchtime activities and was a hit with the students. Cant wait to make it a regular sport in our remote school Thank you DidgeridooBreath

 Della Philp, Dareton, NSW Australia
30th Nov 2020

Like the didgeridoos, one is not enough. Excellent website to negotiate, after sales videos awesome. Me no longer uncultured

 Paul Williams, KANGARILLA, SA Australia
29th Nov 2020

awesome, thanks

 Mike Cardin, Grand Junction, CO United States
25th Nov 2020

Arrived in less than a week. Packaged very well. The didg was absolutely beautiful. Was not disappointed at all. DIdgeridooBreath has my business. I've purchased another since then.


 Jeffrey Greenlaw, Murphy, NC United States
23rd Nov 2020

great product, easy to choose and hear on the website. the free lessons are a great start. quick response to questions. i was playing a good drone day 2.

 Unknown, High Bridge, NJ United States
17th Nov 2020

A lovely instrument, shipped and delivered in under a week to the other side of the planet. Sanshi responded quickly with helpful answers to pre-sale questions and proactive in resolving a minor issue with the login (for the included lessons) after the instrument arrived. Very impressed.

 Chris from San Francisco area, Clayton, CA United States
14th Nov 2020

This is the second didgeridoo I've purchased from Didgeridoo Breath and it's been an equally positive experience. This second didge is a foot longer than the first, yet still arrived in perfect condition from across the globe & sounds amazing. Didgeridoo Breath has sparked a legitimate didge obsession in me, and I will be buying from them again!

 Jen, OH United States
12th Nov 2020

I purchased the didgeridoo for our Son . A birthday gift. I watched all 10 u-tube tutorials ..wonderful. Sanshi extremely helpful, knew all the answers to my questions even conversions to US dollars and shipping. He wrote several e-mails to help. Loved the fun website, quick easy to understand. Amazing that the sounds of didgeridoos were available to me. Didgeridoo arrived within a week, very well packaged and also a follow up e-mail. Our Son had recently visited Australia and this was a great reminder of a beautiful trip. This was my first purchase and have since made my second ....even more to follow ....such a unique gift! Great fun. Thanks Didgeridoobreath..Good Job

 Emilie S., North Aurora , Illinois US
9th Nov 2020

Thanks guys! A fantastic product, fast delivery. I have bought before and will buy again! Thanks 🙂

 Sarah Farr, Manilla, NSW Australia
29th Oct 2020

The whole experience, beginning with the website, wonderful customer service, perfect product and very helpful lessons on how to play it made me love my didgeridoo very much.

 Amelia, Bucharest, Romania
28th Oct 2020

I'm a beginner and found DidgeridooBreath online. Watched all the videos, purchased my awesome didge, and now I'm going through the 5 cd learner series to learn how to play. Love the customer support, fast delivery, and amazing product!

 Theresa Brooks, Tennessee, United States
22nd October 2020

Quality material and craftsmanship. Also looks good in an understated way, which is just the way I like it.

 Jude Ignacio, Vail, AZ United States
11th November 2020

It is my first dodge. Sanshi made the selection process over the phone so easy and the purchase via the website was a breeze. It only took 3 days to arrive- from the other side of the country! Awesome. The includes instruction video lessons are great. Very happy guys!

 Isaac Xavier, Elwood, Victoria Australia
7th October 2020

A nice different style of jaw harp. Still fun to play. Many thanks!

 Paul, Sydney
7th October 2020

Compact but has some decent volume to it. You can really get some good tone variations out of it. And it really invites you to keep playing it! Great product, great service. Thanks again.

 Paul, Sydney
6th October 2020

After traveling to Australia in 2019 and hearing the didgeridoo I knew I had to have one. I didn't want to carry it around with me, so when I got back to the states I ordered it from DidgeridooBreath. Their website had lots of info about each didgeridoo and you could hear it on the website before you order. I was absolutely stunned when it arrived 4 days later. Love the free online lessons as well. I'm making some great sounds, and getting closer to the circular breathing. My wife even pretends to like it.

 Jason, Oklahoma City, OK United States
28th September 2020

I recently purchased a full size didgeridoo from DidgeridooBreath and must say, I couldn't be happier with the whole on-line shopping experience or with the product. They had an excellent range of didgeridoos and you can listen to a soundtrack of each one being played which is great to compare. Once I had chosen one and ordered it, the communication continued to be excellent and I was advised when it had left and when it should be arriving. It actually turned up a couple of days early and was very well wrapped and packed to avoid any transport damage. The quality and sound of the didge is excellent. I also highly recommend their on-line lessons through Didgeridoo Dojo which are very thorough and easy to follow.

 John Michelmore, Coorparoo, Qld Australia
25th September 2020

This is on VERY High Quality stand and makes life SO MUCH easier when playing on stage in front of an audience. For storing the didge also in my practice area in my music studio, I can access it easily and it assembled in seconds.

 Maal G, NSW
24th September 2020

 For a few years now I have made various product purchases through "DidgeridooBreath" , the most recent was the "Marikuku Wirrpanda" Yidaki. Upon ordering, the delivery service was excellent and very quick. The Yidaki is of high quality all round, just love it. Sanshi always provides the best products, a highly recommended didg outlet.

 Dean Paulauskas, Salisbury North, South Australia
23rd September 2020

First of all, Didgeridoo Breath is a WONDERFUL company to work with! I spent quite a long time selecting an instrument. Hours after I placed my order, these wonderful guys reached out to me to let me know they’d found a crack in my chosen didgeridoo, and offered to choose another one for me. I figured they were the experts, and enthusiastically agreed. I so appreciated their due diligence and customer focus! They sent me the instrument they’d hand-picked for me, and it got here in a matter of days - Australia to the US - during a pandemic! I opened the box, pulled out this stunningly beautiful instrument, and began to play. I was floored by the sound and quality of this didgeridoo! I cannot thank the good people at Didgeridoo Breath enough!!

 Megan, United States
22nd September 2020

Really enjoyed this didgeridoo from the first time I got it. It's sound is "Crisp" and is easy to blow and as time goes by and I learn more it's sound just keeps surprising me from what I can get out of it. In short LOVE IT, thanks so much for all your help.

 Maal G, NSW
22nd September 2020

This is on VERY "High Quality" stand and makes life SO MUCH easier when playing on stage in front of an audience. For storing the didg also in my practice area in my music studio, I can access it easily and it assembled in seconds.

 Maal G, NSW
21st September 2020

Great service and communication from the team at Didgeridoo Breath. Website was clean and clear when it came to choosing the right didge. Detailed photos and the ability to listen to a particular didgeridoo is such a fantastic idea (listening to the samples of all the different didgeridoos gives me ideas about my own rhythms that I could also create!) Postage from the west to east coast of Australia was quick and the didge was packed nice and safe and had the ability to track the package. All in all a great experience and looking forward to my next purchase from Didgeridoo Breath. I can see your passion resonates in what you guys do! Keep up the good work!

 Matt Clarke, Woonona, NSW Australia
21st September 2020

Great replacement beeswax mouthpieces, good quality.

 Matt Clarke, Woonona, NSW Australia
16th September 2020

Excellent product and prompt delivery at a great price. A great Australian company selling a product for an Australian musical instrument.

 Gavan Skerritt, Alexandra , Victoria Australia
16th September 2020

I love my new didge. It is the same as the picture with the bell shape opening sounds great (though I'm still learning some of the basics). The order also came with a beginner's lesson which is greatly appreciated. Only one small thing which could be improved is the location of the currency exchange. Before ordering, it took 2 or 3 visits to the website before I found the USD price button. It seemed to be hiding in the middle of the sidebar and not obvious at first glance.

 Nathan Palmer, Dansville, NY United States
9th September 2020

Didgeridoo Breath is a first class company. They shipped the same day. My didge arrived as expected in perfect condition! Thank you, John Hadsell

 John Hadsell, Palm Coast, FL United States
7th September 2020

Ordering was so simple ordered this lunchtime on a Monday was received before lunchtime next day 350km away!! Present receiver is very happy!

 Kirsty Logan-Hynes, Dunsborough, WA Australia
31st August 2020

Ordered this bad little boy during the final years on Earth - 2020. It arrived promptly and after smacking my teeth a few times and using the instructions that were provided, I've been able to annoy my friends and family with exciting, bouncy glee. Highly recommending DidgeridooBreath to my friends and family, and will save for one of those premium looking didgeridoos next!

 Liam Fitzsimmons, Townsville, QLD Australia
31st August 2020

Recently ordered some replacement bees wax for my Didgeridoo and these guys are fantastic to deal with. Great products, great prices and due to the current Covid issues with post delays i were kept well informed. Thanks Sanshi for the quick replies and and follow ups. Now to book some lessons and maybe a new Didgeridoo..

 Warren Wilson, Mornington, VIC Australia
17th August 2020

I had been trying to learn the didg with a big wooden one given to me years ago and never got close to circular breathing but then with this didg and the Didgeridoo Dojo I'm circular breathing no worries (and some practice!). Great looking didg, perfect for when I move to live overseas and simply the best option for me as a casual didg player! 🙂

17th August 2020

My recent purchase was FAST, EASY and SEAMLESS, thanks! I can't wait to purchase my second Didgeridoo from you, I already have my eye on one.

 Brad Richter, Gleneagle, Qld Australia
10th August 2020

Easy to place on Didgeridoo , fast shipping , great customer service

 Jamie, PYMBLE, NSW Australia
5th August 2020

Hi guys, I was very very happy with your response, product arrived very quick all excellent. Your Website is also great. I will use your training later on when I feel I will most benefit from it. I need to get grip of circular breathing a bit more first. Installing the Beeswax was quite simple following instructions. Thanks for all your advice keep up the great work. Cheers Bill

 William Goetz, Chelsea Heights, Victoria Australia
4th August 2020

I love the beautiful didgeridoo that my husband ordered for me. She is amazing! Sanshi, I am enjoying the lessons. You are a talented teacher. Perfectly paced, full of enthusiasm and support. Still working on circular breathing, but I can drone well now. Thank you for helping me to send out healing vibrations into the world! Namaste & Rock On, Erin

 Erin Senack-Daum, Tarpon Springs, FL United States
28th July 2020

Good packaging, product arrived in perfect condition

 Martin Labrecque, Armidale, NSW Australia
28th July 2020

Cheers to all the Didgeridoobreath crew another awesome product , I love the lessons so helpful &  great service. Thanks for all your help. 

 Jason Banner, Melbourne, Victoria Australia
28th July 2020

Thanks to Sanshi & all the crew at Didgeridoobreath for all the help on getting me started on playing the Didgeridoo. Their service and help is excellent and the products I purchased are awesome which included the lessons , a definite must . Very quick on all levels such as postage , & all my questions. Cheers Crew! Awesome experience!


 Jason Banner, Melbourne, Victoria Australia
23rd July 2020

I ordered some replacement beeswax from DidgeridooBreath. My order arrived in perfect condition and in a very fast manner. The product itself was of excellent quality. Would thoroughly recommend this business. Thank you

 Michael Finos, MILE END, South Australia Australia
21st July 2020

These look good and sound even better. Got them as a gift for a friend who enjoys them.

 Unknown, NSW Australia
21st July 2020

I recently found Didgeridoo Breath whilst searching online for a jawharp. I bought their ‘Jew Harp - Murchunga - Nepal‘. Was very impressed with how quick it arrived even with Post-COVID postal services. It’s a great starter jawharp for a beginner like myself and at a good price. Plus their website has tutorial videos for their instruments to get you started. Highly recommend.

 B Williams, REDBANK PLAINS, QLD Australia
20th July 2020

Sturdy stand, folds up extremely small so its great for travel. Love it, very happy.

 Luke Tonkin
20th July 2020

I really appreciate the level of customer service from Sanshi and the team. Quality didges and I would recommend to anyone!

 Jaz Morton, Lutwyche, QLD Australia
11th July 2020

Sanchi, you mob are bloody awesome. Finding a didge online through you mob is easy as. Bloody rippa selection and the ability to hear your didge before you purchase makes Didgeridoo Breath the one and only mob to purchase through. I even got a buzz from the man himself Sanchi to check my order and delivery address. Bonza job you mob. Thanks heaps. Didge delivered in record time. Recommendation, sure thing....... Dont go anywhere else folks, this is the one stop didge shop for all your didge and more musical needs, rippa follow up and top notch care. Thank you didgeridoo breath, you mob are bloody legends. Cheers, Snakebite, Mike

 Michael Maidment, Yulara, Nt Australia
7th July 2020

I ordered just a rubber mouth piece about 3pm and you guys had it packed and sent within about 2 hours. For such a small purchase your service was just excellent.

 Neal Buckland, Maryborough, Qld Australia
5th July 2020

I came across DidgeridooBreath doing a web search and find the site well laid out and easy to use. I was undecided between two didgeridoos so Sanshi made a comparison video of them for me so I could decide easier. The Jesse Lethbridge didge arrived in good condition. The didge is a beautiful instrument and plays like a dream! Thanks so much to all.

 Roy, Scotland
30th June 2020

I ordered three didges from Didgeridoo Breath. I've stalked their site for years, ever since my Jack Reeder didge was stolen in Chile. Just dreamed, never had the money. Now I have the money, and it was totally worth my stalking, lol. My didges all arrived on the same day (yay! Christmas in June!). They were delivered in a timely manner, (and bubble-wrapped to H*ll and back which was good!). I was concerned at first, because TNT showed them out for delivery from Houston (1510 miles away!!), but they arrived safely. My shopping experience with Didgeridoo Breath was awesome. I've bought three didges and two bags from them, and they will be the only didge store I work with. Thanks, Didgeridoo Breath, for making this an easy and great way to buy the didges I bed and crave!

 Sean BARTON, Pahrump, NV United States
24th June 2020

Second purchase from these guys and again great service - all the way over here in Switzerland!

 David, Central Switzerland
23rd June 2020

This arrived in perfect condition, and looks beautiful the sound quality is superb and has a beautiful tone made playing so much easier than my previous didge I love playing this didgeridoo one word stunning

 Neil Bessant, Drybrook, Gloucestershire United Kingdom
23rd June 2020

I couldn't be happier with how pretty the instrument is. We bought a medium gloss finish starter pack f and it is perfect for us. We are beginners and we don't know what we don't know, but you guys have been more than thorough with what to expext when getting started. We just need practice now. I accidentally made a duplicate order and ordered two of what I needed. Within 24hours, I received a message and was refunded for the duplicate. Very impressive as we are half a world away. I would rate 10/10. Thank you for your service!

 Peyton Pogline, Colorado, United States
19th June 2020

The quality of the product flute is quite good, and I am satisfied with the response to the order, the packaging and everything else.

 Emi Arakawa, Redlynch, QLD Australia
16th June 2020

The item was exactly what I was looking for and the shipment was amazingly fast! It was for my husband’s birthday gift and Sanshi helped me choose the best one for him. I recommend this shop for sure!!

 Mihori, Yokohama, Kanagawa Japan
15th June 2020

My experience with didgeridoo Breath was great

 Kye Mackenzie, St Marys, New South Wales Australia
12th June 2020

Bought this along with a didgeridoo. Fits perfectly and is of well padded and very well made. (I also love the texture of it.) Keeps the didge protected and safe from the any damage. If your buying a quality instrument then you want a quality bag with it! And this does just that.

 Seamus Flanagan, Surrey, United Kingdom
12th June 2020

I live in the UK and I was a little hesitant buying a didgeridoo online from overseas. So I had been putting off buying one for a while. I had heard of Didgeridoo Breath over the years through their Youtube presence. They have such a wide variety of stock it can be a little daunting. However, the didgeridoo buying guide and easy to navigate website made it easier to choose a didge that suited me. The sound samples are accurate. Anything I was unsure about I contacted Sanshi through the messaging app on the website. He replied promptly, and helped me make a more accurate decision. The Didge arrived quickly (given the current situation with COVID-19). I've had the didge for about 2 weeks now, it sounds great and plays very well. I will be sure to buy from Didgeridoo Breath again for any future interments. For anyone looking to buy a didge, this is a perfect place, with excellent service!

 Seamus Flanagan, Surrey, United Kingdom
10th June 2020

I had difficulty finding a didgeridoo stand out there, much less finding one that truly appeared to be of good quality. We purchased our didge from Sanshi and was impressed with that experience, so we took Sanshi's recommendation on this didge stand. This particular stand is of such good quality that we immediately purchased a SECOND stand. If you ever make it to the big stage with your didge, this stand will be there with you.

 John Nejedlo, Livingston, TX United State
9th June 2020

I ordered this bag to protect and transport my new didge. It fits inside perfectly and the bag provides ample protection for my didge.

 Ben Nicholls, Essex, United Kingdom
9th June 2020

Purchased as my second didgeridoo, and I was not disappointed. I researched the didgeridoos on the website after watching the didge buyers guide video. I must say, the video did help me massively in narrowing down my choices for my second didgeridoo. Once I had a few instruments in mind, I then listened to the sounds they made on the sound cloud in the browser. This is what ultimately helped me to make my final decision on which of the shortlisted didgeridoos to buy. I had originally purchased my first didgeridoo in the Fremantle store a few years ago. However as I live in the UK, the website was my only realistic option to purchase my second didgeridoo.

 Ben Nicholls, Essex, United Kingdom
9th June 2020

I have not used the replacement mouthpieces yet, but they are in perfect condition and I am 100% positive they will perform as they should.

 Ben Nicholls, Harwich, Essex United Kingdom
5th June 2020

Our first two downloads for didge music were both Bansuri and Chikyu. These two albums are by far our favorite music. We constantly play the music softly in the background at gatherings and nearly everyone inquires about the music because they simply love it. Another funny comment is usually something like, “Wow. That sounds really nice. I didn’t know a didgeridoo could sound that good.”John Nejedlo, Livingston, TX United States
3rd June 2020

Great product just as described and very easy to use, super fast postage!! Look forward to shopping with you again

 Lana, ACT Australia
2nd June 2020

I can easily say that this album and anything created by Jesse and Sanshi are wonderful to listen to. I would challenge anyone to listen to 'One Time' or 'Journey Dreaming' and not be moved. This album is in our favorite song mix. It gathers the most compliments from anyone listening to it in the background at our get-togethers. Some didge music can get tiring pretty quickly. Not this album.

 John Nejedlo, Livingston, TX United States
2nd June 2020

We tried one or two other didges before making this particular purchase. We were specifically looking for a slide didge to cover the the pitches of C through G to be used in performances with other instruments. We liked that the artist was Australian and we appreciated the use of recycled Jarrah timber (a type of Eucalyptus tree). The craftsmanship and appearance is what I would expect from a didge at this price. We get great sound that matches what you will see in Sanshi’s video demonstration. The inside of it was clearly made from a boring instrument providing specific patterns or grooves allowing for great resonance and easy toots. Sanshi was available by email and phone to answer a number of questions before we settled on this purchase. The didge was shipped the USA within 1.5 weeks and was well encased in protected packaging. The follow up customer service was without flaw and the resources available through Didgeridoo Dojo will keep us going for years to come.

 John Nejedlo, Livingston, TX United States
29th May 2020

I purchased their lesson/membership thing to see if the didge was the right fit for me. The lessons are awesome and I decide to upgrade from my plastic amazon didge. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Incredible quality and service. Shipped from Australia to Colorado in less than a week.

 Shannon Solomon, Manitou Springs, Colorado United States
28th May 2020

Easy to fit and mould and fast delivery. Thumbs up

 Peter Grealy, Holland Park, QLD Australia
27th May 2020

I'm extremely happy with the program, no complaints from me

 Corey Mallyon, Melbourne , Victoria Australia
26th May 2020

Hi Sanshi Thank you for your review request. The boomerangs only arrived on Monday and while that was slow it was not your fault...Australia Post were soooo busy! I have not had a chance to use the boomerangs with my students but they look pretty good. I can not remember everything about the order process but it was on the 4th May...too long ago! So thanks lots for asking! Good work people! VW

 Vicki Ward, Tugrah, Tasmania Australia
24th May 2020

I was very pleased to receive my replacement beeswax mouthpieces in the mail. The service was quick and the instructions very easy to follow. I'm very happy with the results. I'm also looking forward to taking some of the online tutorial music lessons with Sanshi. Very good site and easy to use. Continued success to you and your business in this COVID19 time. Rather than groan - let's "drone". Cheers.

 Donald Dupasquier, Canberra, Australia
19th May 2020

I ordered the shirt along with the Starter Pack. Ordering process was simple. I was surprised at how quickly I received both.

 George Dunn, Lynbrook , NY United States
19th May 2020

As with the shirt, the process was simple and received quickly. I haven’t had the chance to take the lessons yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to start soon.

 George Dunn, Lynbrook , NY United States
15th May 2020

This didge is real nice good sound for the price and looks good. I payed for 3-5 day international air mail it took 10-11 days but with all the weird covid crap going on ill let the extra days slide got both didges in great shape

 Stephen Ferguson, FORT ST JOHN BC, BC Canada
15th May 2020

When the didgeridoo arrived I could not believe how beautiful it was decorated. And probably like most people I blew into it and just heard a rush of air passing through it. Later I viewed the instruction videos and can now get a good sound out of it albeit very short. But I will continue to work on it. I'm particularly excited about the circular breathing. I can do it now but after watching the video I understand how it works believe that I will be able to accomplish it.

 David Juarez, Corona, CA United States
15th May 2020

I purchased these only on looks alone. I don't even know how there are used with the didgeridoo playing. I played them like claves in latin music and they sound great.

 David Juarez, Corona, CA United States
14th May 2020


 Jesse Girdler, Mandurah, Wa Australia
13th May 2020

The bag is perfect for transporting and protecting my didge. Soft, padded and light.

 Ben Nicholls, Essex, United Kingdom
11th May 2020

I hadn't heard of you before and found you on google. Really glad I did. Great product, great service and speedy delivery. The flute is a great quality and easy to play. Really happy with the entire experience.

 Unknown, Melbourne, Victoria Australia
6th May 2020

It is my first didg. I cannot play it yet but I like it. Ordering was easy, shipping was fast. Thank you Sanshi.

 EagleDream, NSW Australia
6th May 2020

I love them. They have a very nice sound.

 EagleDream, NSW Australia
5th May 2020

Really like the harp, might have been cool to choose color.

 Adam Zaal, Murrumba Downs, Queensland Australia
5th May 2020

I ordered a didgeridoo a few weeks ago, and I really love it! I have been using a cheaper plastic one that I purchased on Amazon, and while it was nice, I like the new one better. It looks, feels, and sounds better. I have enjoyed watching the online tutorials with Sanshi. I find playing the didgeridoo very relaxing, and it always makes my day a little brighter. It also works well to get some alone time right now, as we are all stuck at home here. If I play didgeridoo, my family finds somewhere else in the house to go!

 Lynnette White, Yadkinville, NC United States
1st May 2020

The build quality is what I expected, perhaps the mounting bore could be improved, but hey, it's a simple.mount that gets the job done and makes your didge look cool Thanks!

 Pedro Lopez Velarde, Miguel Hidalgo, CDMX Mexico
30th April 2020

Prompt shipment and delivery as promised! I would/will make a purchase again. The included Dojo lessons are great!

 Unknown, Adelaide, SA, Australia
30th April 2020

Prompt shipment and delivery as promised!

 Unknown, Adelaide, SA, Australia
29th April 2020

Very user friendly download. The content is excellent and highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn the didgeridoo.

 Bruce Hoyle, Clifton Springs, Victoria Australia
29th April 2020

The beeswax is high quality and easy to use. I am very happy with the product.

 Bruce Hoyle, Clifton Springs, Victoria Australia
28th April 2020

THANKS ..Gr8..product..still getting hang of twang twang..lol.

 Louise Thornley, Marion, South Australia Australia
28th April 2020

THANKS..Gr8 product..

 Louise Thornley, Marion, South Australia Australia
25th April 2020

I did good shopping! I was surprised at quick delivery and kind support in Japanese. The sound quality is quite different from my low-cost didgeridoo that I had before. The feeling of blowing is also good. 

 Shin Miura, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Japan
25th April 2020

The lecture video is very easy to understand. I made it well in spite of I made mouthpiece for the first time.

 Shin Miura, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Japan
20th April 2020

Sanshi makes the buying process absolutely amazing! I got quick replies on my questions and the ordering process couldn't have been better. On top of 4 days from Perth to Sydney!! Great products and a great team

 Marc Krause, St Ives, New South Wales Australia
17th April 2020

Sanshi's didge are awesome

 Abhishek Malik, New York, NY United States
17th April 2020

As a music teacher I really valued being able to hear the instrument played. The information re didgeridoo selection , choices and care is excellent. Your lessons are well structured and achievable. Great service.

 Andrew Tapp, Woodford Island, New South Wales Australia
9th April 2020

Excellent everything I expected and more, thank you. Mark

 Mark Lovegrove, Goldcoast, QLD Australia
8th April 2020

Amazing service, amazing advice. First time didge buyer and am really happy with the didge I got. Awesome experience thanks heaps team!

 Danny Waugh, Belgrave, VIC Australia
27th March 2020

Thanks to the team at the breath. A fantastic piece of Australian culture you all are sharing with the world. Highly recommend anyone interested in learning to play, order from Didgeridoo Breath. Fast service, free lessons with purchase and follow up emails. So awesome!

 Andrew Ellis, Woods Hole, MA United States
27th March 2020

I found this didge to be pretty good once i moulded the mouth pc to fit me better this was 1 of two i bought out of the two i really like the larger key of d# wich has over all better sound

 Stephen Ferguson, FORT ST JOHN BC, BC Canada
27th March 2020

This didge is real nice good sound for the price and looks good. I payed for 3-5 day international air mail it took 10-11 days but with all the weird covid crap going on ill let the extra days slide got both didges in great shape

 Stephen Ferguson, FORT ST JOHN BC, BC Canada
25th March 2020

Hey guys, thanks for getting my new beeswax mouthpieces sent to me quick smart and in a hurry. I found your website easy as to shop through . Was saddened when I last visited Freo to not find the shop open 🙁 I used to regularly drop in when I worked and lived there! Always great service and friendly people who love that sound! 🙂 Keep it up! I'll always choose you guys

 Dylan Wilson, Lismore, NSW Australia
20th March 2020

Dear Sanshi, I want to start off by saying that I love the layout of your online store, it's very easy to read and navigate, and although I didn't use it, I found your online chat box reassuring. The only thing I feel could do with some work is the payment method (I'd have rather filled my details on site and received confirmation shortly after, as opposed to sending money to an unknown account and waiting several days for confirmation). Overall I was happy with the website, I'm very satisfied with the product, and my partner is really enjoying his online lessons. Thank you very much! Kind regards, Aimee

 Aimee Bates, Birmingham, West Midlands United Kingdom
18th March 2020

Thanks again the process was so easy and very happy with my purchase.

 Kerry Latzias, Brisbane, Qld Australia
18th March 2020

This piece of wood represents not only an overwhelming instrument and artwork, it is a reference to human history in a spiritual and culural way. It's an honor to get in touch with it ... and you, the DidgeBreathTeam, made it happen. Thank you very much!

 Thomas, Vienna, Austria
16th Mar 2020

I bought the slide didge and was pleased with the light weight but good construction. Surpisingly easy to play and nice tone too. Look forward to get some on-line didge lessons to make it really come to life!

 Joe Harding, Busselton, Western Australia
12th March 2020

As described on site..

 Christos, Nicosia, Cyprus
12th March 2020

Just like a great didgeridoo oilskin bag should be.

 Christos, Nicosia, Cyprus
12th March 2020

Great product and fast service .

 Irene Bowyer, Cooktown, Queensland Australia
3rd March 2020

Thank you - it's great to see and hear the Didgeridoo on your excellent website before purchase. Well packed for transport and arrived on the east coast from the west in very Good time!

 Jacqueline, Surfers Paradise, QLD Australia
27th February 2020

It's a gorgeous piece in its simplicity. A great pipe and definitely a great choice. Thanks Didgeridoo Breath for your attention and fast track delivery.

 Antônio Assad, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
26th February 2020

This Didge is awesome! VERY happy I found DidgeridooBreath. And Sanshi was fantastic at replying to my emails and questions. Much appreciate the Beginner lessons! A wealth of knowledge here for sure. Going to be an interesting Journey. ;p Thx again.

 G J, Edmonton, AB Canada
25th February 2020

The didge is beautiful, the artwork is gorgeous and just as was shown on your site, thank you Earl. It arrived in perfect condition and when promised, what more can I ask, except, perhaps, to be able to play it as well as the audio file eventually.

 Gordon Roberts, WATSONIA, VIC Australia
24th February 2020

Works well and have been able to get a sound out of it. ive never played the jew harp before

 Ben Morgans, Huntingwood, Nsw Australia
18th February 2020

Bought a Didg for my husband, sight unseen and sound unheard except via the web. The website was very accurate and I bought an amazing and beautiful instrument! They inspected my choice and found it to be damaged and contacted me right away so I could pick out another, and made suggestions for me. Response time was quick, and shipping was super quick. My husband LOVED IT and I loved the experience. Great shop!

 Rachel L, United States
14th February 2020

My order arrived quickly and in excellent condition. I have had great fun learning to play this didgeridoo. The lessons are fairly easy to follow. Thank you.

 Libby Thompson, San Remo, Vic Australia
13th February 2020

 Value for money, great sound and resonance.

 Rafil Mohamed, Male', Maldives
7th February 2020

Durable and comfortable

 Rafil Mohamed, Male', Maldives
7th February, 2020

Purchased this hoodie, love it, lightweight which is perfect

 Fiona Allen, Mitcham, Victoria Australia
5th February 2020

My son showed me a YouTube video of the jaw harp and asked for one for his birthday. I googled straight away and Didgeridoo Breath was the first to pop up. Very reasonably priced, quick postage and fantastic customer service. My son absolutely loves it and it sounds great.

 Kylie Newburn, Risdon Vale, Tasmania Australia
2nd February 2020

My didgeridoo was at my door (in Ohio) in just three days! It was packed securely, arrived in perfect condition, and looked even nicer in-person than in the photos. And it sounds AMAZING! I love that it's travelled half-way across the globe and has such a rich and unique story. A true work of art! I'm also glad to help support such a great business like Didgeridoo Breath, whose folk's knowledgeable, fun, and sincere personalities shine through this site and give it a warm and welcoming presence. Side-story: After receiving my didge and hearing the sound-quality, my housemate was inspired & purchased one for himself through Didgeridoo Breath. He's had the same positive shopping experience and loves his new didgeridoo too. We're now both officially addicted to didgeridoos and will be buying from here again!

 Jen, Pataskala, OH United States
31st January 2020

Its my first didgeridoo and I am very happy with the product. Nothing else to add. Thank you very much.

 Ira Lobos, Chippendale, New South Wales Australia
23rd January 2020

Surprised and amazed by the quality of the sound and resonance of this PVC Didgeridoo

 Rafil Mohamed, Male', Maldives
20th January 2020

Hi guys!:) Thank you all for kind service, well packing, fast shipping and Kamali for finding this extraordinary piece of Natures craftsmanship


 Anti, Tallinn, Harjumaa Estonia
14th January 2020

This didgeridoo is amazing for how much i paid. I had one at 17 years old and smashed it into a tree when being attacked by magpies trying to keep them away. I could play back then but couldn't breath circular . I am now 45 and spent 2 hours watching didgeridoo breath breathing Technics and got it done well . I play it all the time now and look forward to my next didge. Kind Regards Jaidev


1st January 2020

My husband collects interesting musical instruments and it was wonderful to find this little gem. He loves it.


 SDee, Queensland Australia
1st January 2020

My son is thrilled with the didgeridoo we purchased from you. It arrived speedily and in good condition. Arrived more quickly to the US than anticipated. We are so happy with the purchase and the ease of ordering from your website. Will let you know if I can think of anything you can improve.


 Cydney Sherman, Merrimack, NH United States
30th December 2019

I have ordered the Hoodie for my wife Ingrid, I thought Medium Size would be ok, but it was too big for her. It fits for me and therefore I wear it now. All people who have seen it like it.


 Horst Filzwieser, Bruck an der Mur, Steiermark Austria
30th December 2019

I had alredy 4 Didgeridoos, one expensive I had bought some years ago directly in your shop. I like the new one, it sounds deeper as the others and therefore it's a good alternative for me.


 Horst Filzwieser, Bruck an der Mur, Steiermark Austria
30th December 2019

The product was exactly how it was described. My son has been working hard to improve his skills. The didgeridoo came quickly and was well protected! I would recommend to anyone looking for a didgeridoo!


 Lisa Henderson, Ascot, Victoria Australia
26th December 2019

This didgeridoo has an incredible sound and is a joy to play. That said, it has taken some adjustment on my part, as the mouthpiece is smaller than that of my other didgeridoos. I found that adding a beeswax mouthpiece made a big difference. Regarding the didgeridoobreath website: it’s well designed and easy to navigate. I would like to see an additional sort order for the available dodges, however - I.e., by size and price. That would allow the buyer looking for a specific size didge (e.g., just large ones) to not have to scroll through all the others.


 Leo Vandenbrun, Calgary , AB Canada
24th December 2019

This stand is Awesome .. I can play harder Standing up .. it folds up for easy cartage to my gigs .. Top service .. fast delivery to NZ .. Overall great people at didgeridoo breath.. highly recommended .. cheers team . -Grant-


 Grant Wratt,Picton, Picton New Zealand
22nd December 2019

The bag is excellent!

 Ugis Piterans, Riga, Select Below Latvia
22nd December 2019

Have been using the didge for ~7 years - at first more extensive, then there was a bit pause, now again have returned to didge. Still sounds good!

 Ugis Piterans, Riga, Select Below Latvia
13th December 2019

Beautiful aqua colour and traditional design. Beautiful sound for a small yidaki.

 FREMANTLE, WA Australia
13th December 2019

Lovely depth of sound and stunning artwork

 FREMANTLE, WA Australia
13th December 2019

Can't believe how quickly the orders arrived. Sanshi delivers the best customer service.

 FREMANTLE, WA Australia
13th December 2019

Bright and colourfully painted designs on these tapping sticks. Thanks again Sanshi for the amazing service.

 FREMANTLE, WA Australia
10th December 2019

When my girlfriend mentioned she wanted to learn the Didgeridoo, I didn't even know where to start. I found the Didgeridoo Buyers Guide on DidgeridooBreath and watched all 10 videos. It gave me an understanding of the didgeridoo and comfort level with DidgeridooBreath. I found the selection good, and the pricing (including shipping) to be very reasonable. I'm still shocked that the didge arrived to my door within 3 days of my order. It was well packed and as much a work of art as it is an instrument. My girlfriend said it is the best gift she has ever received. I'm extremely happy.

 Tom Henell, Rumford, RI United States
9th December 2019

Bought as a present for my boyfriend who's been looking for a while and is really fussy. It came quickly, and in very good condition. My boyfriend couldn't be happier with the look and sound! Exactly as described on the site. Top quality product, 10/10 would recommend.

 Yamba, NSW Australia
5th December 2019

Very pleased with the Didgeridoo I received. Excellent service. I picked out 6 Didgeridoos that I was interested in. Sanshi sent me a personalized video, played each one and gave me his recommendations. I was amazed to receive my order in just 4 days in Arizona from Australia. Anyone in the US who is interested in a Didgeridoo should order from them now the exchange rate is great.

 RONALD BONINI, Scottsdale, AZ United States
5th December 2019

Didn't use it yet but I watched the video and it seems easy to use.

 RONALD BONINI, Scottsdale, AZ United States
3rd December 2019


Hi Sanshi, I am happy to write a quick review for you. Your service and your website is faultless. I can't thank you enough for your wonderful service, going out of your way to help me. Easy online order process and fantastic communication and fast delivery. The didgeridoo looks beautiful and I am so happy with it. I will let you know how my son reacts when he receives it at Christmas. Thank you again. Warm Regards, Shirley


 Shirley Watson, Scone, NSW Australia
25th November 2019

I am an Aussie living permanently in Switzerland. I bought a baby didg for our nine year old daughter to learn to play, but she broke the wax mouth piece trying! I ordered the triple pack and got them within a few days.

 Lost_In_Swizterland, Central Switzerland
18th November 2019

 I was very impressed with the whole process of buying through you. Your website, customer service is just brilliant. Loved how you could listen to the didgeridoo before you chose which one you wanted.

 Matthew, Mollymook, NSW Australia
18th November 2019

Loved this item. Thankyou for your great customer service.

 Matthew, Mollymook, NSW Australia
13th November 2019

Great service fast shipping and I would recommend this company for all your needs thanks so much

 Susan Hemsworth, Durren Durren , NSW Australia
11th November 2019

I ordered online and within 2 days my beeswax mouthpieces had arrived it was super service, I'm thrilled and will buy again and again.

 Adam P
7th November 2019

I ordered it via your website, although I was disappointed after a lot of searching to find your walk-in shop is closed as I'm a visual rather than an online shopper, and I chose a returning boomerang as I needed a lightweight gift to take overseas and was unsure from the pictures on your website if didgeridoos come in child sizes and also if I could take one in my luggage. It arrived well packaged and in surprisingly quick time given our remote location. Many thanks 🙂

 Unknown, Newman, WA Australia
4th November 2019

 Exactly as described through your webpage. Quick easy transaction and the expected delivery to the Northern Territory. Amusing I’m in the NT and I’m ordering two covers for my Yidaki from you.

 Adam Tilbrooke, Katherine East, Northern Territory Australia
26th October 2019

 These super nice and friendly people at Didgeridoo Breath are top of the line! There is no other place you need to look at. Just stop by their store and the vast amount of learning material there will surely make you feel confident in your first or second or even third purchase! Stop reading reviews and go buy their didgeridoo's!!!! Lastly, their lesson materials are fantastic! In just a few short lessons I am already a much better player, having never played before. I can't wait to learn the next few lessons and perform in front of lots of people!

 Michael Hutchison, Clayton, NC United States
24th October 2019

I’m stoked about how easy the purchase was and the quality of the didge. It arrived super quick. Best part of the online purchase is hearing the didge before you buy it.

 Brendan Van der Meer, Coldstream, Victoria Australia
14th Oct 2019

We were in the market for a didgeridoo in a particular key and it was a breeze to select and purchase one through DigeridooBreath. To be able to hear sound bites via the website of the actual instrument made the selection process very easy. We listened to them all and this one with its warm tones stood out as the one we had to have. It was dispatched quickly with tracking information and made it from WA to Vic in 4 days. It is every thing we expected it to be, a high quality instrument. Thankyou.

 Mark Coleman, Pakenham, vic Australia
8th Oct 2019

Recently, I went to see Internet sensation, Mike Masse, in concert in Maryland. In addition to being an excellent concert, I was really surprised at the quality of this bass foot pedal that he used. I emailed Mike and asked him what it was called and where he got it. He replied and said it was a Stompbox and bought it from DigeridooBreath.com. I found there were several models of the Stompbox. I chose to buy the Silverback. This amazing little foot pedal needs only a guitar cable to plug it into an amplifier. I have no idea how it works because it needs no batteries. Sanshi from Digeridoo says that it sounds best through a 14" (or greater) subwoofer. I use it through a small mixer with a 15" Rockville speaker and it sounds great. They don't sell these in the states, so I took a chance and bought it from this site in Australia. To my surprise, I received it in two days!! How great is that!!! I would recommend the Stompbox for anyone who performs regularly, especially solo performers.

 hmil3, Derwood, MD, MD United States
3rd Oct 2019

Thank you for a beautiful work of art. My grandson loves his birthday present and must be the only 5-year old boy in Germany with a didgeridoo

 Johann McDuling, Beaumaris, VIC Australia
2nd Oct 2019

Ordered this from Didgeridoo Breath to be delivered to the UK. It came surprisingly quickly and I was kept fully updated regarding dispatch etc I have used Didgeridoo Breath before and have never been disappointed. First class service and very friendly every time.

 Jeff Parkin, Newcastle upon Tyne , Tyne and Wear United Kingdom
30th Sept 2019

These guys here at didgeridoo breath are so awesome! high quality products and fast shipping. easy to contact as well if need to. i will be returning here and only here for anything didge related! 10/10!

 Shannon C, MO, United States
30th Sept 2019

 Easy website and good YouTube tutorial. Arrived in stipulated time.

 Chris, WA
30th Sept 2019

 Very good quality bag, good quilting to protect the Didgeridoo, highly recommended.

 Ocean Didge, Wolverhampton, West Midlands United Kingdom
30th Sept 2019

Having decided to buy another Didgeridoo, there was only one place I wanted to go back to and that was Didgeridoo Breath. Excellent choice, excellent prices, excellent advice and excellent customer service. Highly recommended. And they got it to my in 3 days despite it coming from the other side of the planet!

 Ocean Didge, Wolverhampton, West Midlands United Kingdom
30th Sept 2019

Very good, well sealed, well priced and easy to use.

 Ocean Didge, Wolverhampton, West Midlands United Kingdom
27th Sept 2019

Bought a starter didgeridoo and have learned alot from Sanshi's lessons would recommend to anyone thinking of buying one get it here easy to follow Instructions even my 5 year old can make a sound on it from listening to Sanshi thanks guys love my didgeridoo.

 James Walsh, Ingleburn, NSW Australia
27th Sept 2019

 Love this store & the help thats provided. 10/10 recommended & will be buying from here again

 Ceiron Kosterec, Brisbane, Qld Australia
24th Sept 2019

A very good quality didgeridoo (djembe) stand for a good price. All adjustable parts is made in metal which is a big advantage. The customized part for distal attachmet of the didgeridoo could have been a little longer (better balancing of long instruments). The part for fixing the didgeridoo would have been better with a concave shape.

 Thomas Alexander Skog, Oslo, Norway
September 17, 2019

We were easily able to select and purchase a didgeridoo that is not only an instrument but a representation of Australian culture. The site allows shipment to most International locations, enabling us to send it as a present for a friend. It arrived safely in 10 days. We have been customers of Didgeridoo Breath for some time and will continue to be with this delivery of quality and service.

 Colin Alleyne, Wanneroo, WA Australia
September 10, 2019

The t-shirt is beautiful quality, I love it. The postage was fast and the service I received was excellent. Will definitely shop here again. Thanks

 Laura, Hilton, WA Australia
September 7, 2019

I was hesitant to use the replacement beeswax for my didgeridoo as I had never done it before, however, the great video tutorial I was able to find online made it look very easy to do - and it was!!! My didge now has a new mouthpiece that I was able to shape in a bit to fit my mouth better (amazing how many years I put up with the pre-fitted mouthpiece, not realising I could/should replace it!). Plus, it just smells great too (my cat loooooves the smell as well!)!!!

 Garry Young, Manifold Heights, Victoria Australia
September 6, 2019

Excellent product and service. Thank you

 Roger Medway, Potts Point, NSW Australia
September 4, 2019

My most recent purchase from DB was my 5th and there are reasons for this. The quality of product is excellent, order processing and shipping is unsurpassed, I really enjoy the website live with Sanshi playing and commenting on the didgeridoo (I wouldn't buy one unless I was able to hear it), and DB has my total trust. Love my new Yidaki.

 Gordon White, Oceanside, CA United States
August 23, 2019

Purchased as a gift for my Dad for his Birthday and so glad I did! Listened to the CD before giving it to him and am now also a huge fan. The marriage of the 'shak' and the 'didg' is beautiful, two haunting and unique sounds blended seamlessly to create moving journey throughout the album. Definitely 5 stars from both Dad and I.

 Meisha, WINDSOR GARDENS, SA Australia
August 16, 2019

Excellent service and quick delivery.

 Scott Smith, Melbourne, VIC Australia
August 15, 2019

Thank you for your super quick response time to my questions and getting my didgeridoo sent out in record time. I'm pretty sure it took less time for you to get the didgeridoo to the states than my flight to get me home. The quality is beautiful and it made my dad's life to receive one. You're the best!

 Sierra Trudel, Unionville, CT United States
August 10, 2019

Service & delivery excellent, product excellent - they feel and sound great. Highly recommend

 Vitali Roberts, Sydney, New South Wales Australia
August 3, 2019

I purchased a didgeridoo and it arrived in a few short days. After playing it for about a week I noticed a large crack had developed. I sent Sanshi some photos and he promptly sent another didgeridoo to replace the one that cracked and told me I could repair the original and keep it. I fixed the original one with some repair advice I got from their website and it works perfectly now! I also joined the Didgeridoo Dojo on a yearly subscription and I’m working my way through these amazing lessons! These guys and gals rock!!

 Kevin Arbogast, Charleston , WV United States
July 30, 2019

It took only 3 days for my didgeridoo to arrive to Croatia. Amazing! Great sound, exactly as I wanted, free lessons.. I couldn't ask for more. It is easy to play,I practice every day, the vibrations are unique. Thanks 🙂

 Lejla Hejja, Matulji, Croatia Croatia
July 22, 2019

Absolutely loved the wax strips. Easy to use and the delivery was super quick!! YouTube videos were great and easy to follow on how to add the wax on the didges properly!! Will definitely be buying from you again!! Thank you!!

 Taylor Hampton, Thurgoona, NSW Australia
July 19, 2019

Didgeridoo Breath's site had a great selection of didgeridoos to choose from and it was very helpful to hear each didgeridoos sound before making my purchase. I was absolutely amazed at how quick it was delivered ... ordered Thursday night and delivered Monday morning!!! Thank you to all at Didgeridoo Breath.

 Dargaville, Northland New Zealand
July 6, 2019

Easy to order, sure I had to wait for the post to arrive but I’m wearing it now. And a quality t shirt it is too. Flying the flag in Spain, & throughout Europe in the coming weeks.

 JD, Kyneton , Victoria Australia
July 5, 2019

The instrument was even more beautiful than it appeared in the online photographs. It arrived in the States quickly and in excellent condition.

 Westport, CT United States
July 4, 2019

Excellent bag, nice heavy canvas type on the outside and nice and soft on the inside to protect my prize instrument. I'm a tradesman and the Didge now comes with me everywhere in the van for whenever the mood strikes.

 Clint, Gold Coast, Qld Australia
July 1, 2019

My purchase of this Jesse Lethbridge sale met all I expected from Didgeridoo Breath. Sanshi's debut of this instrument by video and sound share made the difference. Just as presented this, Didgeridoo is a collectors and player among the best. Thanks you all! Excellent.

 Chris Arnold, Carmel Valley, CA United States
June 27, 2019

I was unable to find this album elsewhere. I would have preferred the option to buy a non compressed digital version (wav or even flac) but not available.

 Jacob Mithen, Alexandra, Vic Australia
June 11, 2019

I ordered clapping sticks for my school. We are a special needs school where students have diverse and profound disabilities. The clapping sticks I ordered have raised paints and others have etched markings. They are beautiful, high quality and cater for our students. I would recommend this site to anyone who asks and would buy again. Thank you!!!

 Brieahn March, The Entrance North, NSW Australia
June 10, 2019

Aboriginal Flag T-shirt Well - made and vibrant print

 Wendy Morgan, Adelaide, South Australia
June 10, 2019

Boomerang-Pelican design - Beautifully designed.

 Wendy Morgan, Adelaide, South Australia
June 10, 2019

Fantastic sounds echoed through our reception area enhancing our Aboriginal display to get a holistic experience of this wonderful culture

 Wendy Morgan, Adelaide, South Australia
June 10, 2019

Beautifully designed and was the centre piece in our display at our Child care centre.

 Wendy Morgan, Adelaide, South Australia
June 10, 2019

Once again beautifully designed and a great tool for hands on experience for the children.

 Wendy Morgan, Adelaide, South Australia
June 6, 2019

Professional business and great product and delivery.

 Fraser Chapman, NINDERRY, QLD Australia
May 27, 2019

Bought a didgeridoo and was wondering if it was right - had trouble with the mouthpiece. I'm a beginner so I wouldn't have known. I found this sight and Sanshi was excellent help! After sending through some pics of my Didge, Sanshi knew exactly what I needed - a new mouthpiece kit (beeswax) and directed me to a sight with a video that showed me how to replace it. The delivery was fast (received it in a week). I totally recommend Didgeridoo Breath. Thanks, Sanshi!

 Didgeridoobreath Customer
May 17, 2019

DidgeridooBreath were excellent in not just sending the product quickly, but also ensuring it arrived well wrapped and having a choice of using the tracking service. I would not hesitate to order products from them at anytime. learning how to play the didgeridoo is going to be the hard part. I love the instrument.

 Maria Baade, Lara, Victoria Australia
May 2, 2019

Recently purchased Didjeribone from you and it could not have been a better experience all round. I had online questions which were answered immediately, the electronic transaction was efficient and the delivery was fast. Thank you for your professional approach.

 Robert Iurato, Airport West, VIC Australia
April 17, 2019

Absolutely love my Yidaki, what an amazing sound. So cool to be able to hear the Yidaki that you can purchase. The didgeridoo dojo - fun, full of energy, fantastic, its excellent and definitely worth getting a membership. The lessons are super easy to understand, and you get results very quickly. Thank you.

 Jase, Torquay, Australia
April 16, 2019

I love my Gary Dillon Slide Didge. Super good quality, meant to last a lifetime. The low note is a A# or Bb and my Paiste Sun gong is 63.11Hz, just above a B, so I tuned the didge to match the gong. And I bought a double-bass and tuned the low E down to a B, one octave lower than my gong and didge, and all 3 instruments together creates a awesome sound.

 Thomas Merrick, Atherton, CA United States
April 8, 2019

I received in a few days and easily a wonder and nice didgi from Australia for a god price for me, and I am leranind for free to play it in north of Spain, at the south of Europe. I'm happy!

 Fernando Celaya, Santander, Cantabria Spain
April 3, 2019

Thank you so much for this beautiful didgeridoo! This is my second didge and it sounds exactly how I thought it would sound, easy to play, now I'm looking forward to painting it! I had some problems with customs,after a week they did it! Thank you

 Mattia Orilia, Italy
April 3, 2019

High quality product, efficient processing and delivered speedily.

 Andrew Kilpatrick, Bendigo, Victoria Australia
March 28, 2019

I bought this one for my son's 21st he was absolutely wrapped .Beautiful piece of wood ,he has indigenous heritage and this made him very proud....he has been blowing away ever since...lovely tones

 Adrienne Burge, Brisbane, Queensland Australia
March 21, 2019

This is the 5th or 6th Snakeskin bag I've purchased from Didgeridoo Breath and the quality is consistently outstanding. These heavy duty bags offer plush protection and with the large straps, they provide effortless transportation wherever you travel. The zippers are large and built to last a lifetime...even longer. If you desire the very best protection for your precious didge, these bags are for you. They can take a month or longer to receive and are worth the wait.

 Kevin Johnson, Scottsdale, AZ United States
March 20, 2019

I've played on a small fiberglass didgeridoo for a few years, I took the plunge and bought a large, natural didgeridoo. First off the look is just amazing, It has a very nice heft to it and it plays beautifully. Sanshi was great in making sure I got my order all the way in Michigan in the USA. I can't tell you how truly happy I am that I went with didgeridoo breath and i will always be grateful to these great guys for getting me what I really wanted. Thank You Ethan Like

 Ethan Like, St. Clair Shores, MI United States
March 19, 2019

I was very impressed with my customer service experience with DidgeridooBreath recently when I purchased a Didgeridoo which was delivered as pictured and described. Sanshi was very helpful and responsive answering my questions before finally completing the purchase. Delivery was prompt and packaged well with no damage on arrival. Very impressed. Thanks Sanshi!

 Andrew Male, Stanmore, NSW Australia
March 18, 2019

The replacement wax strips were perfect for my didgeridoo and the instructional video on the website was great.


 Susan, Tas Australia
March 15, 2019

I found the wide range of products available and ease of contact with and from Sanshi to be excellent. The education training videos and instructions are also easy to understand and follow.

 Norman Cook, Melbourne, Victoria Australia
March 12, 2019

Everything went smoothly, very helpful too.

 Sam Barnard, St. Helens, Tasmania Australia
March 7, 2019

I bought my yidaki without a beeswax mouthpiece and thought that this would be my lot and then I came upon DidgeridooBreath and was able to purchase the beeswax necessary. It came with instructions and was easy to put on. The whole process from purchase to delivery was easy and personal. I will be a continuing customer.

 Marty McKowen, Gymea Bay, Nsw Australia
March 4, 2019

First, let me get this out of the way. The shipping was ridiculously fast for coming from halfway around the world. I've forever wanted a didgeridoo, but I promised myself that I would only purchase one from Australia when the time came. Saying that, I never expected it to be sitting on my front porch three days after I placed the order! The didgeridoo that I purchased was absolutely beautiful. I've been practicing A LOT, while watching the dojo videos. I never expected such detailed videos that would be able to teach me how to play. Sanshi, you are the best! Your teaching methods & personality are a perfect combo. You make it fun to learn! If I'm ever near your part of Australia some day, I want to buy you dinner! 🙂 Overall, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Enough so, that I plan on buying another one real soon. You guys are great! Keep up the awesome work! -Patrick (from Kentucky, USA)

 Patrick Riley, Kentucky, United States
March 4, 2019

The kit arrived in perfect condition. I knew that I'd be playing my new didgeridoo on a daily basis, and wanted to have extra beeswax on hand, but this being my first didgeridoo, I had no idea how the beeswax was installed/replaced/etc. The video on your website showed me how easy it actually was. Easy, peasy! Thanks! 🙂

 Patrick Riley, Kentucky, United States
March 1, 2019

Good material, fair pricing and quick arrival! Thanks!

  Y.K., HOPPERS CROSSING, Vic Australia
March 1, 2019

Online ordered afternoon and it was posted by the end of the day! What a quick response! Good product with happy purchase.

 Y.K., HOPPERS CROSSING, Vic Australia
February 27, 2019

I liked how i could hear the yidaki played by Sanshi to see what it was capable of, very good to hear the sound- I also liked the added information on artist that was below yidaki description

 Edan Davies, Belmont, New South Wales Australia
February 27, 2019

Excellent bag, bought to protect the didgeridoo.

 Ed Purle, Lincoln , Lincolnshire England
February 27, 2019

After bringing my first didge back from Australia a couple of years ago I signed up to the digeridoodojo for some lessons. It’s a fantastic resource and you can play and learn at your own pace. I decided that I wanted a second, deeper didge, so went back to Didgeridoo Breath. Im glad I did. Sanshi was on hand to give me the advice I needed and I soon purchased the second didgeridoo. It arrived quickly, taking into account the distance it had to travel, and I could track its progress along the way. I’m so happy with my purchase and will definitely be returning again for my next Didgeridoo!

 Ed Purle, Lincoln , Lincolnshire England
February 22, 2019

Really happy I shopped for a didge online with Didgeridoo Breath. Sanshi and the staff were GREAT with answering every question I had. They went above and beyond what a normal didge shop would do as far as extra sound samples and taking the time to chat with me on the phone. My yidaki shipped incredibly fast and arrived really well packaged. It plays than I could’ve imagined. Overall...I am super pleased that I chose Didgeridoo Breath and would be happy to do so again in the future.

 Jason S., WA State, United States
February 19, 2019

I absolutely love my didgeridoo! I love the artwork on it and I love how it sounds. I'm having so much fun playing with it, even though I am still learning. I was amazed at how quickly I received it and how well it was packed. From Australia to Canada, it arrived in 3 days and it arrived in perfect condition! Thank you for an awesome product and awesome service! I will definitely be back for more!

 Rose Mattina, Hamilton, ON Canada
February 19, 2019

High quality product! exactly as described. the website was very easy to navigate and find what i wanted.

 Kons, lisle, IL United States
February 13, 2019

The order, payment and the download went smoothly without any issues. Thanks to the team of Didgeridoo Breath!

 Anna, Germany
February 13, 2019

Great product, super quick delivery. Thanks!

 Kat Sall
February 13, 2019

I can only give a review based on my limited time spent studying the CD. I am constantly trying to better understand the style as I find it to be easy to learn, comprehensive, and similar to the Mr. Munungurr hard tongue CD. I am really enjoying it as I want to further explore traditional based playing and although slightly expensive I think it was well worth it.

 Ralph Satterfield, Harrisburg, PA United States
February 11, 2019

Very prompt and professional service. Could not fault the order process and communication with didgeridoo breath. Would highly recommend to others. 5 stars!!!

 Luke Williams, Perth, Wa Australia
February 8, 2019

Very beautiful product

 Johnny M Johansen, Heggedal, Akershus Norway
February 7, 2019

I send rapidism to the other part of the world, clear and precise follow-up. Very happy with the didge, sound better than expected. didgeridoobreath gives off enthusiasm, I hope in a short time to buy them again. Thank you-

 Remi, San Sebastian, Guipuzcoa Spain
February 6, 2019

I love the bag such high quality for 55 bucks I loved it! and the difference design I like it alot very well made!

 Corey Bragan, GRAVENHURST, ON Canada
February 6, 2019

I love this didgeridoo!! sounds awesome has a good weight to it very high quality. very soild all I gotta learn now is playing it now lol I cant stop looking at it and picking it up I love it to death thank you www.didgeridoobreath.com you guys are awesome! very fast shipping specially all the way from Australia to Canada Ontario.

 Corey Bragan, GRAVENHURST, ON Canada
February 6, 2019

I love the smell and I love the orange polish smells so good.

 Corey Bragan, GRAVENHURST, ON Canada
February 6, 2019

very impressed with them didnt realized how big they are. they are worth 20 bucks a peice.Corey Bragan, GRAVENHURST, ON Canada
February 6, 2019

I love the wax peice very easy to install on my didgeridoo 5 mins in hot water and sticks perfectly.

 Corey Bragan, GRAVENHURST, ON Canada
February 6, 2019

Awesome website, great lessons! Huge range of didgeridoo s.

 Ben Llewelyn, Inverell, Nsw Australia
January 25, 2019

Very prompt delivery, clear instructions on how to use the product was very helpful. Will certainly deal with you again,thanks.

 John Vance, Sydney, Nsw Australia
Jan 24, 2019

After researching many other options, and chose the Ultimate Hands Free Didgeridoo Stand. It arrived quickly, especially given that it had to come to Canada. It works exactly as described. It is a solid stand and easy to adjust. Well worth the price. I would recommend it to other didgers.

 Jack Gray, Saskatoon, SK Canada
January 19, 2019

Good quality didgbone works good the slide, and makes good sound. Only the shipping cost was a bit more than expected, when it reached Europe, cause of the taxes and fees, I payed more 70€ than expected, it was a DHL/TNT fast shipping. In anyways it was fast, the quality of the product is very good and im happy to have the Didgbone and play on it!

 Simao Silva, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal
January 19, 2019

This didgeridoo is truly one of a kind and it arrived so safe and sound, wow! 🙂 The guys over at DidgeridooBreath helped me out in a pinch and even accomodated some last minute adjustments so my order could be here at the right time! Many thanks from Germany and definitely very happy with the purchase and the whole experience! Much love from Germany!

 Stephan Hofmann, Munich, Bavaria Germany
January 11, 2019

The materials and structural elements of the stand are strong but the adjustment nut for altering the angle of the flatbed on which the instrument sits is disappointing. I'm making changes to it with alternative bolt and nut as the existing one spins in the slot and isn't user friendly. The double hook which holds the bell of the didge is also too wide for a narrow instrument. A better design would be a longer, single hook. It will work satisfactorily with adjustments but I feel it's overpriced for that to be necessary.

 David Kelly, Upper Sturt, SA Australia
January 4, 2019

This is my first didg, as I wanted to start learning. It arrived in Sydney very fast (2-3- days) and was exactly what I was after. I am making progress with my didg and I have a sneaky suspicion that I'll buy another in a different key... The online lessons were great too. I have no hesitation in recommending didgeridoo breath.

 Alex Gale, St Leonards, NSW Australia
December 24, 2018

I purchased a returning Boomerang & I am very happy with the quality of the Boomerang. Communication & Postage AAA+++ Thank you DidgeridooBreath.

 David Marks, Sydney, NSW Australia
December 21, 2018

I wanted something special for a wonderful friend and he loved it totally amazing and awesome so quick and friendly to shop with it’s now In it’s new home of Broken Crow Studios Lexington Kentucky

 Deborah Broderick, Herne Hill, WA Australia
December 20, 2018

I live in America... the website is amazing! I loved the huge variety of didgeridoos and loved that I could listen to each one. My boyfriend found the perfect didgeridoo in E.. natural finish. It arrived within days and is in perfect condition with a gorgeous sound! The service here is incredible! The packaging is worth every penny. Thank you so much we love our new beauty!!

 Ananda & Hampton, Atlanta, GA United States
December 19, 2018

I loved the fact that you could check out the didge and how it sounds online before buying it which makes sense when you are living several oceans away. And it really sounded exactly like in the video. Magic. Plus free CDs and lessons, all in all things that make me feel this place simply is didgeridoo heaven.

 Oliver Goetz, Wien, Österreich Austria
December 12, 2018

Great, quick service. Good product.

 Melinda, Ryde, New South Wales Australia
December 11, 2018

Very satisfied with my purchase, my didge sounds amazing! Postage was great and packaged well. Haven't used up my subscription yet, but looking forward to it! Cheers I’ll be back for more

 Jaymen Morley, BLI, QLD Australia
December 8, 2018

The purchase experience was good. Some aspects of the website seem out of date, Example, video that details a CD sent with starter packs. Seems the CD is no more and replaced by online lessons. Suggestion for improvement would be include the name of the maker of each Didge purchased and any info that craftsman is willing to share. Although any musical instrument is capable of being strongly related to by the player, like a friendship, the Didgeridoo has very high potential in this regard; being so natural in materials and processes of manufacture / creation. I feel a desire to know as much as possible about my Didge before it came to live with me. Also is there a possibility to request a particular artwork be applied to any Didge that might be purchased? Maybe certain artists would like to receive requests for particular artwork to be applied. Regarding playing my Didge I sent a question on Circ Breathing with the unofficial review and look forward to receiving an answer. Cheers.

 Peter Marshall, Capalaba, Queensland Australia
December 8, 2018

Quality product and well worth buying


 Petri S, Tuusula, Tuusula Finland
December 4, 2018

received my slide didge in effect condition all the way in India within a week. Blown away by how fast it was delivered.

 Anant Raina, NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh India
December 12, 2018

Excellent site. Excellent service. Product arrived in two days...from WA to NSW. Excellent. Happy with the product.

 Wilhelmus Tys, Bermagui, NSW Australia
November 7, 2018

All Very Nice

 Mercedes Delfau, Grange L'Evêque Macey, Aube France
November 7, 2018

While the Rhythm bets are cool, I'd like to have a little more substance to play with.

 Dan Schwartz, BERKELEY, CA United States
November 7, 2018

The carry case was well made and the Didge is way nice

 Dan Schwartz, BERKELEY, CA United States
November 4, 2018

Sanshi really looked after me and catered for a deadline I had in receiving my didgeridoo bag. Not to mention that the bag is great quality! I'd thoroughly recommend Sanshi and Didgeridoo Breath to support your didgeridoo needs anywhere in the world.

 Troy Chapman, Pelican Waters, Queensland Australia
October 31, 2018

Excellent !!! Just store with care to avoid any oil transfer to ochre didge painting even inside the bag.

  Jean Francois Batt, SENE, Morbihan France
October 26, 2018

You get 3 sticks of what appears to be first-class beeswax. The kit is enough for 3 applications for my didgeridoo whose outside mouthpiece diameter is 50 mm. The MEINL mouthpiece kit is $11 for 1 application so this kit at $9.95 is a steal...

 Nick, Oakville, ON Canada
October 26, 2018

Great instrument. Prompt shipment and delivery. Thanks!

 Jean Francois Batt, SENE, Morbihan France
October 25, 2018

This is a very upbeat teaching DVD that is excellent for adults and children wishing to acquire an introduction to playing the didgeridoo. The instructor, Tony Colley has a funny extroverted personality whilst teaching various aspects of learning the instrument. There is also a useful introduction to learning circular breathing. I really like the fact that you can choose between a 30 minute and 45 minute lesson. Overall, this is an excellent introduction to learning the instrument and the DVD is very reasonably priced. Works for my DVD region in Canada (region 1).

 Nick, Oakville, ON Canada
October 21, 2018

I was very happy with the quality of my new t-shirt and it arrived faster than expected. Would definitely but from Didgeridoo Breath again.

 Erenie Hiras, Lenah Valley, Tas Australia
October 18, 2018

Heartland Didgeridoo and bag by Tynon - 4697. This didge arrived four days after placing the order, very impressive considering that I live in Jersey, Channel Islands. The package was well wrapped and showed no sign of damage. On opening the box the didgeridoo was better than expected-it definitely has the wow factor!!! Even my wife's jaw broke into a wide grin, and that doesn't happen easily. It was sold with a bag and the bag is stunning, much better than I thought it would be. It's always a bit of a gamble buying an expensive item from a website so far away, but Didgeridoobreath is everything it says it is- honest, reliable, trustworthy and value for money, some of these didges are expensive but the hours of work and skill put into them are what makes them unique. I could only give my new didge a quick blast as its a Christmas present from my wife, so it's standing in my didge rack, but it sounded amazing, roll on the 25th Dec.

 Richard Hodge, Jersey Channel Islands, Channel Islands
September 29, 2018

I love the Jaw Harp! Learned to play it within an hour. Provides hours of fun. Highly recommend it to anyone! The only downside is the blue paint peels off very quickly as it is pushed against your teeth, but other than that, great product!

 Justin Zorbas, Sydney, New South Wales Australia
September 20, 2018

Everything was perfect from the website which navigated beautifully along with being able to listen to the instrument. Delivery was so fast considering I live in the states. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

 Garret Petrov, Las Vegas, NV United States
September 16, 2018

Great quality, easy to learn, arrived in a week. Very happy with my purchase. 🙂

 Justin Jet Zorbas
September 14, 2018

Website was quick and easy and everything went smoothly. Product arrived quickly.

 Cliff Ferguson, Maylands, WA Australia
August 31, 2018

This beautiful t-shirt was sent and delivered promptly. I would recommend purchasing from didgeridoos

 Huri Tursan, Brussels Belgium
August 23, 2018

Delivery time and product quality is great to say the least. Absolutely love the beginner lessons by Sanshi as included in the Starter packs. Cheers man.

 Zakary Fry, THORNBURY, VIC Australia
August 23, 2018

You are amazing. The product came really fast. Thank you

 Orel Harfi Eilat, Eilat Israel
August 10, 2018

Not only was the yidaki I chose the perfect size and beautifully made and painted, but when Sanshi discovered I lived close by, he personally dropped it off and refunded the postage. That's great customer service!

 Naomi Christensen, MELVILLE, WA Australia
August 9, 2018

This was a great starter didge, along with the very concise tutorial with Sanshi, I was able to pick up circular breath in 3 days. I have purchased a couple more didges from them and they are amazing, best quality. delivered fast. Customer service is tops.... good responses and advice. I will be a customer for life.

 Chris Beckers, Shaker Heights, OH United States
August 8, 2018

Great product thanks!

 Kim Donaldson, Latrobe, TAS Australia
August 7, 2018

Thanks guys, online ordering was easy, product came in good time - no problems. I love the video showing how to replace the mouthpiece. Great purchase experience. I'll be back.

 Alan Brooks, Woy Woy, NSW Australia
August 6, 2018

The product was exactly as it was pictured. The quality was outstanding. Such beautiful wood and colorful design! A delightful addition to my shamanic tools. I loved how the staff was so personable, keeping in touch during the process & promptly answering my questions. Nice experience all the way around.

 Rita Faruki, Cornville, AZ United States
August 1, 2018

I really love this bag! It is simple, well made, and less expensive and bulky than some of the other models that are available on the market. I also got it in a reasonable time frame considering it came from Australia! My only detail that makes this experience a 4 -star instead of 5, is the lack of tracking information. I like to follow my orders, especially when they come from overseas to monitor the progress. Since there was no tracking, I couldn't anticipate arrival of the product . Other than that, a great shopping experience. Thanks Didgeridoobreath!

 Anthony Rackham, Pagosa Springs, CO United States
July 31, 2018

I am very satisfied with the shipment of the DVD. It is a very nice educational DVD. Very good explanation. Wonderful to watch and have. No improvement needed. Would like that there was also a DVD for advanced.

 Willy Bloem, Velsen Zuid, Noord-Holland Netherlands
July 28, 2018

Came quick with instuction. Thanks.

 Mark Young, Birmingham Gardens, NSW Australia
July 24, 2018

From the moment I ordered my Didgeridoo it took just over 48 hours to make its way all the way from Australia to Ireland. Sanshi was great in helping me make the choice of Didgeridoo to suit my needs and I am loving it. The instructional videos are excellent and very clear (still can't get circular breathing right but working on it).

 Dara Mulhern, Raheny, Co.Dublin Ireland
July 23, 2018

Everything is great part from the shipping time is too long it takes about a week to arrive i don't know if that's normal or not, your website is so good i get to listen to the sound of each didgeridoo with photos i really like it. I think the Beeswax needs to be a little bit wide just a little bit part from that its great to have them for replacement. Overall i like you guys heaps thanks to Sanshi for the training you put so much effort to this

 Richard Jim Bone, Brisbane, Qld Australia
July 18, 2018

This Didgeridoo is amazingly crafted and sounds awesome. Could not be happier with my purchase. Very quick delivery as well. It only took 3 days.

 Jason, Orchard Park, NY United States
July 12, 2018

I could not wait for my Didgeridoo to arrive! I was so excited when it finally came to Mass. all the way from across the world! It's perfect, quite heavy and study and it sounds like like I wanted it to. the lessons are the best. Sanshi is a wonderful Didgeridoo teacher. thank you.


 Barbara, Attleboro, MA United States
July 12, 2018

Amazing so happy with my new digeridoo, the sound insane (D#) , from the super smooth finish to the carved out bell end you can see the time put in to make it just right. This being at the lower end of the ladder, the higher end ones must leave you speak less.

 Shane Van Erp, Adeliade, South Australia
July 12, 2018

Great value product, 3 in pack for $10 others are charging $20 for 1. An item that needs to be stock pillied for the end of the world.


 Shane Van Erp, Adeliade, South Australia
July 9, 2018

Amazing a must have , if your on a budget or want a stand alone lesson kit this is it.

 Shane Van Erp, Adeliade, South Australia
July 7, 2018

The bag took longer than I thought it would, but I believe the maker was slow producing it. As soon as it was available at DidgeridooBreath, they shipped it. It was made very well and was what I had expected.

 Ed Lee, Carrollton, TX United States
July 3, 2018

I really enjoyed this CD and it really helped me with my journey playing the trumpet.

 Robert Gillian, Darwin, Northern Territory
July 2, 2018

Really helpful staff! Love the product.

 Chloe Mez, Melbourne, VIC Australia
June 26, 2018

Bought it as a gift, really liked the way you can listen to cd's online before buying

 Emmanuel de Selincourt, WEST HOBART, Tasmania Australia
June 21, 2018

What’s there to say? The product arrived perfectly fine. Thanks, enjoyed and looking forward to doing more business with you.

 Bobby L Crook, Saint Mary's, GA United States
June 19, 2018

Arrived promptly and safely, purchase was clear and simple (matters with online shopping). A very clear, loud sharp sound. Have been experimenting successfully with various other ways of playing (eg softly, after my son's complaints). Only issue was making sure my Dad didn't sneak them out of my house to his.

 Jen, Melbourne, Victoria Australia
June 17, 2018

Your website is very professional and up there with the best. Your customer service was exceptional and the goods were delivered ahead of time. I'm a very happy customer and will recommend you to all my friends.

 John Blyton, Tuross Head, New South Wales Australia
June 6, 2018

Very satisfied with the great service and super fast postage.

June 6, 2018

Good pre sales communication, smooth and simple order processing and above all great sounding didge

 Alex Mosio, Auckland, Auckland New Zealand
June 4, 2018

Sanshi and the nice folks at didgeridoobreath were super chill in helping find the right didge for me, absolutely would recommend these guys to anyone, crazy fast shipping to me in the U.S. I couldnt be more impressed with them, thanks again fellas!

 Sean, Boston, MA United States
May 30, 2018

Fantastic experience from first look on the website through to purchase. Great communications to ensure we purchased the right thing the first time. Good to see there are still businesses out there who value the customer experience. Great work.

 Matthew M, Sydney, nsw Australia
May 22, 2018

We recently wanted to send a gift of a didgeridoo to our nephew in Italy. Looked online and found DidgeridooBreath which was the best site online by far. We ordered online and had a phone call from Sanshi explaining what would happen We ordered on Tuesday and it arrived at our nephew's house on friday same week .Sahshi also threw in free online lessons and tickets to a music festival in Italy. This is the best company

 Diana Zanon
May 22, 2018

A pleasure to deal with. Item delivered to uk fast and safe. Will definitely be purchasing my next didge from these guys when time to upgrade. Massive thanks to the team.

 Matthew Long, Walsall, West Midlands United Kingdom
May 8, 2018

Beeswax, worked a treat thanks again

 Robert Grey, Brisbane, qld Australia
May 3, 2018

Order received one day after ordering and i'm in Africa, excellent service .... when i get my circular breathing worked out will definetly order my next Didge from you. Thanks again. Peace and Love from South Africa

 Roger Kassner, Jozi , South Africa
May 3, 2018

It was a pleasure working with the folks from DidgeridooBreath.com. Their service was great, the value exceptional, and the process easy from half away around the world. My 7 year old Grandson loves playing the Travel Didge and is extremely successful with it. Thanks for a great experience.

 Kenneth Simons, Bedminster, NJ United States
April 28, 2018

These guys have a great product range, excellent customer service and first-rate after sales communication Highly recommended!

 Paul T, Western Australia
April 25, 2018

Beautiful artifact. Great sound. Transformative. Helps one create a transcending experience!

 George Sidaoui, London, Greater London United Kingdom
April 24. 2018

I got the was. Great price. Fast delivery. Paid with PayPal so no worries. Thanks.

 Kurt, Southport, QLD Australia
April 20, 2018

INCREDIBLE the way Sanshi explains the first steps, his communication style is excellent, maintaining explanations simple and short, allowing to feel that playing this instrument is possible if I practice enough. His speed to talk is also awesome. I would love to have him in person to progress where I'm stuck now... He asked me to send a video, but I feel embarrassed with my level, so I've been trying to practice more.

 Alejandra Perdomo, Melbourne, Victoria Australia
April 17, 2018

You guys are the best and deserve my highest recommendation. This is my fourth didgeridoo I have purchased from Didgeridoo Breath and probably won't be my last. Shipping time is remarkable.

 Gordon White, Oceanside, CA United States
April 10, 2018

Ordering was straightforward. I had queries regarding the actual size and received prompt and informative and detailed emails such that when I came to order I had every confidence the medium was exactly my size (which it was!). The T shirt itself is fantastic. Really good quality material. Very good cut and looks fantastic. I am more than happy with DidgeridooBreath and would not hesitate to recommend them.

 Simon Threadgill, Townsville , Queensland Australia
April 6, 2018

Great product, great communication and prompt shipping. Thank you.

 Catherine McPhee, Western Australia
April 4, 2018

Thanks Guys. Great service from go to wo. I received the boomerang within a week and yes it did come back. A gift for my Pommie cousin who now knows how to throw it thanks to the instructions and YouTube clip.

 Rob M, Melbourne, Victoria Australia
March 21, 2018

You guys are the best and deserve my highest recommendation. This is my fourth didgeridoo I have purchased from Didgeridoo Breath and probably won't be my last. Shipping time is remarkable. I need your assistance regarding my current purchase. A small hairline crack has developed near the mouthpiece about 3 inches in length. I could probably repair it myself but I don't have the brown textured paint and dot colors to repaint. I could send it back to you to repair or you could send me the paints Jesse used. I will pay all shipping and material costs. Just let me know and we will proceed from there. Thanks again. Gordon White

 Gordon White, Oceanside, CA United States
March 16, 2018

A superb album with brilliant atmospheric didge playing merging with natural and electronic sounds. Soothing and energising at the same time.

 Andy Tebbit, Maidenhead, Berkshire United Kingdom
March 14, 2018

I've been blown away by this album since I purchased it and can't stop listening to it. Jeremy's rhythms and playing style is sharp, exciting and upbeat with tremendous energy. The album kicks off at a tremendous pace and slowly morphs into some beautiful ridge playing accompanied by beautiful natural Australian sounds such as Whipbird calls. By far my favourite Didgeridoo album!

 Andy Tebbit, Maidenhead, Berkshire United Kingdom
March 15, 2018

Sanshi & Jesse make beautiful music in Chikyu. The entire album is moving on its own and was a wonderful addition to my didgeridoo playlist.

 J Annal, Wilmington, DE United States
March 15, 2018

I love this album. The blend of flute, guitar, and didgeridoo is captivating. As an added bonus for me, this is the only didgeridoo album that my wife also enjoys. She isn't as much of a fan of didgeridoo music as I am but the flute and guitar bring her over for this one.

 J Annal, Wilmington, DE United States
March 14, 2018

Very nice CD. All good as expected. Thanks a lot.

 Christos Alexiou, Egira, Ahaia Greece
March 09, 2018

2 things stood out to me. Your passion and enthusiasm! Customer service was wonderful.

 John Jennings, Denver, CO United States
March 09, 2018

Very fast delivery to Switzerland, the didgeridoo arrived very well packaged. Excited about the online classes, they are really useful and fun. The neighbours don't agree! Would definitely order again!

 Jeannette Switzerland
March 06, 2018

I was quite impressed with my new purchase from DidgeridooBreath. It is the first Didge I have ever bought and was really pleased with the links on what to look for when purchasing a didgeridoo and the explanations of the different types etc. The postage of the Didge was quite fast through courier and the item was packaged well and was unscathed on arrival. Also pleased with the overall quality of my purchase. Love the lessons. Thanks DidgeridooBreath!

 Customer from Queanbeyan West, NSW Australia
February 27, 2018

Great product and instructions

 Rob Goodwill, Tetbury , Gloucestershire United Kingdom
February 23, 2018

I am new to the world of the Didgeridoo and I bought my first through DidgeridooBreath. The process was quick and easy and I found what I was looking for in a few short clicks. What I particularly enjoy is that I got a free Didgeridoo course with my purchase so I could start learning how to play as soon as my new instrument arrived. I will probably end up buying another couple of didgeridoos from DidgeridooBreath. I also really enjoy that their wood is harvested naturally and that it gives indigenous people the chance to make a living.

 Andy, Oakland, CA United States
February 22, 2018

I liked how the website had a video explaining in depth how to use the product. It was clear and made sense. Product with delivered within 2 days.

 Jason Lim, Perth , Wa Australia
February 21, 2018

Great product easy to use and the service first class wasn't expecting to receive so quickly thanks again

 Robert Kearns, Dapto, NSW Australia
February 21, 2018

It took me a little to answer but here it comes. I was flattened how quick something can hit my doorstep sent from the other side of the world. And I am already in love with this hollowed piece of wood. As well the instructions of Sanshi are very helpful. A drone and different other sounds i can play already. As i learned how to play the trumpet the breathing using the diaphragm is not new to me. The only problem I have is to get a drone like sound when pushing the air out the cheeks whilst breathing in through the nose. It keeps sounding not pleasant understanding the theory of losen the lips and so on. Will keep on it and i am sure it will work one day. All in all I am very happy with you and I will always recommend Didgeridoobreath. It is good to see people passionately creating a service like you do. Keep on it and all the best....

 Rico Puschmann, Dresden, Saxony Germany
February 20, 2018

I bought the didjeribone slide didgeridoo mk 111 it turned up in 4 days as I live in far south coast of NSW, it arrived packaged very well and is a great didg. The team at didgeridoo breath are brilliant players and give you there all when trying to workout which didg is for you, in all great experience, I have purchased another didg and same service as before, I highly recommend Didgeridoo Breath, thanks Sanchi, Benny and team

 Steve Riley, Turra beach, NSW Australia
February 14, 2018

Awesome service, amazing shipping speed! Perth to MN in 65 hours! The didge was exactly as shown and described. I would definitely recommend buying from Didgeridoo Breath for all your didge needs. Thank you, DB Team!

 Nicolai, Minnesota, United States
February 12, 2018

Excellent product, easy to follow instructions and very easy to use. Works great!!

 Andre Veron, Port Noarlunga South, South Australia Australia
February 12, 2018

Fast shipping....thank you! Great product. Although it was not a big order, please know that you will be where we go to get everything we need for our didgeridoo. And perhaps, down the road, another didgeridoo.

 Customer from Belvidere, NJ United States
January 29, 2018

I lodged and online order in South Australia for a didgeridoo stand, it was only two days later it was in my hands at home, I couldn't believe how quick it got to me, very impressed, and that was sent all the way from Western Australia.... well done! The Didgeridoo Breath Crew...thank you....Awesome...

 Dean Paulauskas, Salisbury North, South Australia Australia
January 25, 2018

Your website was easy and your email response was amazing! It was quite pleasant to work with you guys! If I ever need another, you will be the first to know! Thanks for all your help!

 Patricia Nagel, Girard, IL United States
January 23, 2018

I received my purchase in record time as far as online shopping goes. The product description and the product I received were identical. The site was easy to navigate and purchase from. Great service overall. Will gladly recommend.

 Terri Simpson, Tuart Hill, WA Australia
January 23, 2018

Great product easy to use and the service first class wasn't expecting to receive so quickly thanks again

 Robert Kearns, Dapto, NSW Australia
January 23, 2018

Quick delivery and loved the fit and style 🙂

 Lil Dostine, Coburg, Victoria Australia
January 15, 2018

I had a great experience choosing the right didge for my fiance. Hearing it before buying it was awesome. Got it in quick time and he absolutely loves it! Thanks guys.

 Michelle Evans, Brisbane, Qld Australia
January 9, 2018

Very happy with every thing never brought on line it was first time so thanks

 Kevin Harris, Auckland, New Zealand
January 9, 2018

Have had a didgeridoo for 4 years but was not making the great sounds it makes but feel now will master it was running out off breath when trying to do the breathing so I will get past this now thanks

 Kevin Harris, Auckland New Zealand
January 9, 2018

My son loves it! Finally an Australian doo! Will buy him more. Thank you

 John Cardea, midlothian, VA United States
January 8, 2018

Got my order no problem, faster than I expected. It was exactly what I ordered, no damage, no surprise in the price. I live in Canada and did not have a single issue. Don't be hesitant to place your order and support a great company.

 Customer from Canada
January 6, 2018

From start to finish, my didge purchase from Didgeridoo Breath was an excellent experience. The ordering and buying process were as smooth as possible, the shipping process was fast and efficient, and I am now happily practicing daily on my authentic Australian didgeridoo. And the helpful training videos have been a great bonus.

 Stephen Stahley, Westminster, MD United States
January 3, 2018

My didgeridoo has a lot of back pressure for easy playing. Sanshi answered everyone of my questions through emails and was very helpful. I'm saving up for a performance didgeridoo next.

 William Read, Mound City , KS United States
January 3, 2018

Hi Sanshi I loved the didge, it arrived safely and was well packed. There was a slight delay due to the didge bag being out of stock. Have been practising madly and driving my family mad! Need to conquer some of the animal noises and circular breathing so any further tops tips would be welcomed - am working through the introductory online course. Best wishes Andy

 Andrew Gill, Winchester, Hampshire United Kingdom
January 2, 2018

I know DBreath is all about quality but i was still surprised by how well this bag was constructed and fitted. Thank you.

 OT, McLean, VA United States
January 2, 2018

My Didgeridoo experience has been based on amazon and local music shops that sell Meinl digis. So i must say i was surprised when i received an actual Australian product. Its totally different and playing it required more technique - at least for me.

 OT, McLean, VA United States
December 18,2017

Browsing various options of purchase I've found your shop through the recommendation of a friend. First impression - you're the masters of your trade, superbly knowledgeable about the instruments you sell and, what's samples, not to mention the course included in the package, helped me to male the right choice. Plus highly expeditious delivery - three days later I picked it up. It's a xmas gift to myself so so far I've had dreams playing it 🙂

 Marcin, London, Greater London United Kingdom
December 18, 2017

Cheaper than big retail stores.. and from a friendly exited seller! Thanx!

 Bec S, Edgeworth , NSW Australia
December 18, 2017

Easy to use.. smells great and from and excellent excited seller! Will buy from him again! Thanx!

 Bec S, Edgeworth , NSW Australia
December 12, 2017

All sounds great. Quick and clear service. I recommend.

December 12, 2017

I did not order much, but it came in good time across a great distance, I feel from a bright, cheerful and committed company that enjoys working from a place of passion for unique aboriginal cultural recognition and appreciation.

 Martyn Farr, Lauzun, Aquitaine France
December 12, 2017

Extremely pleased with the ease to navigate your website and the content. My first and definitely not last association with your business. The prompt delivery, condition of goods on arrival was all completed well above expectations. At 61 years of age I am a total beginner and have been working through the online training package that I also purchased. I have found the beginner's training easy to follow without feeling overawed. Once confident with my progress I fully intend to continue with further lessons. Will definitely visit you all when in Perth next year.

 Ian Rock, Modbury Heights, SA Australia
December 11, 2017

Didgeridoo Breath is BY FAR, the best company I found online for purchasing my first Didgeridoo. Sanshi made an extra effort to choose one that was big and deep sounding, yet also good for a beginner still learning circular breathing. The price was excellent, and I was stunned by the fast process. Sanshi and I exchanged several emails and I felt that he really cared about me as a customer. I was unsure about buying something from another country as I had never done that before. It was a safe, fast and perfect shopping experience! The didgeridoo is awesome and I can't stop playing it. I will definitely shop here again, and will continue the excellent lessons that come with the starter pack because Sanshi is a talented teacher and I am really playing well.

 Amy Gaudia, Eugene, OR United States
December 1, 2017

These cards are beautifully illustrated using quality paper products. Our organisation purchased the cards for staff birthday's to support Aboriginal Communities and celebrate the uniqueness of Aboriginal Art. Purchasing online was easy and delivery quick!

 Rebecca Blight, Melbourne, Victoria Australia
November 27, 2017

I orded 2 boomerang and they came within the predict time good service and great products

 Paul Williams, Narrabri, NSW Australia
November 10, 2017

Great beginners kit, sounds awesome and has a good quality. I'm happy with the product and the service as well. Could't be better. Thank You guys!

 Chris, Seaford, Victoria Australia
October 2, 2017

I love this instrument. Service and delivery were flawless! Thank you very much

 Customer from Zurich
September 30, 2017

Our Daughter up to visit a while ago showed an interest in playing the Didgeridoo so we brought this didge for her. Delivery was as I have come to expect nice and quick. Now we can see the improvement already and the smiles that come with playing her didge .

 Gavin Reid, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire United Kingdom
September 14, 2017

Arrived as expected. Such a nice kit. Can only advice to anyone. Replaced my mouthpiece with the new immediately after receiving the kit.

September 6, 2017

An effortless online transaction. Prompt delivery with tracking and a quality product Thanks you

 Gustogristo, Naracoorte, SA Australia
August 30, 2017

Live actual sound of the available selection is brilliant. My choice was absolutely based on being able to listen to different tones and keys and come to a decision about what was most pleasing to me. Correspondingly, the only thing I can think of which would possibly have improved my experience would have been to be able to listen to more samples. Some were not available, though it's possible this was a problem with my computer. I wanted a termite hollowed instrument and it seemed important to me that it be from an Australian tree. Magical thinking, I know, but both those boxes ticked by you. The US Dollar to Australian conversion made your prices very competitive even when factoring in the shipping. Very simple to order and FAST shipping. Great customer relations and service! The Dojo lessons are awesome. I laugh at myself a lot but am learning. I LOVE my didgeridoo! Thanks a million & keep breathing!

 Cynthia Wolf, Sumner , WA United States
August 30, 2017

I absolutely love the didgeridoo! It is my go to during sound healing sessions now. I am very grateful for your skills and excellent customer service!

 Sean Richards, Oswego, IL United States
August 23, 2018

It's difficult to say how much I love this collection. You just cannot fell bad while listening to this music. The rythms are tight , but free flowing and the tunes are unique and intricate, just wonderful. Also importantly, the production values on the CD are so professional. The sound is clear and pure with no distortion.

 Eric Grant, Plattsburgh, NY United States
August 23, 2018

This is a great bag makes traveling around on pubic transport in Sydney so much easier because I can just sling it over my back and free up my hands without worrying about dropping it. Thanks guys can't wait to sit down and use my dojo membership when I have the time.

 Hugo, Rydalmere NSW, Nsw Australia
August 21, 2018

super fast delivery to scotland and well package and great quality

 BRIAN LAW, AYR , Scotland United Kingdom
August 21, 2017

Being here in the U.S.A., I was really surprised to have my new didgeridoo arrive so soon. It was packaged very well in bubble wrap with "Fragile" written on the box in big letters, and arrived in perfect condition. The online courses are very helpful (thank you, Sanchi), and I'm sure like many other new didgeridoo players, it will take a while to learn the circular breathing. Thank you, I love my new didgeridoo!

 From a Customer from Vero Beach, FL United States
August 15, 2017

Received my Didgeridoo in Ontario Canada and I absolutely love it! The folks at DidgeridooBreath were fantastic in tracking down a specific key I was after and getting it to me safe and sound. Couldn't be happier. Thank you!

 Justine Sanderson, Collingwood, ON Canada
August 6, 2017

The ordering experience from Didgeridoo Breath was fantastic! It is difficult to commit to investing in an instrument while living on the other side of the world, but the ability to view the instrument from multiple views and the staff's prompt responses to emails took any fear of getting ripped off out of the equation. There were no surprises when I received the Yidaki.


 Robert Flamenbaum, Escondido, CA, United States
July 11, 2017

I haven't had much experience with Jew harps but I'm very happy with the product. Lots of fun for few bucks. You can take it anywhere and amuse yourself and others. Traveling in a car is good as you have a captive audience. Thanks, Twangers Rule!!

 Greg, Ballarat
July 11, 2017

I'm happy with both the small and medium Jew harps that arrived promptly and well packaged. They work a lot better than my Dear Old Dad's one I inherited. Good to have the two for a muck around with visitors and friends. Many who have never seen one before but recognize the twang. Of course I'm better then they are. Thanks, The Twang Master.

 Greg, Ballarat
July 5, 2017

Wonderful Starter pack, exactly as advertised . I felt it was better to buy a didgeridoo from its indigenous roots of Australia , even though I live many continents away in the wilderness of British Columbia Canada, it was well worth it and I am totally stoked. The service and mailing is AAA and comes with much care and attention. I highly recommend Didgeridoo Breath and as an added bonus the love is awesome, wicked.

 Carroline Clarkson, The Great Bear Rain Forest , BC Canada.
June 26, 2017

top service great to deal with aaa plus

 Allan Woods, Ellis Lane, NSW Australia
June 15, 2017

I am so happy with my Jesse Lethbridge didge. It is beautifully crafted and artwork that looks great. The sound and vibration is fantastic. I really appreciate the advice on the phone when I was making the decision which didge to buy great customer service. Thank you all

 Peter Mc Keon, Scarborough, ON Canada
June 14, 2017

Excellent product I am enjoying the sound of this album

 Peter Mc Keon, Scarborough, ON Canada
May 29, 2017

I was very impressed with the fast delivery and quality of the tshirt. I then had to call didgeridoobreath as the tshirt was too big.... To be honest, I then received the most friendly and helpful customer service!!! Thanks heaps and keep up the good work

 Shanna Quarrell, Jan Juc, VIC Australia
May 16, 2017

I am 55 and only learnt how to circular breathe 8 weeks ago - I got the didge after learning the basics on line - the lesson pack was really good and I am now confident enough to play to a "small" crowd - I am keen to learn more and love how the didge enable you to play in a freestyle manner - your not tied into learning chords or reading music etc.  Keep spreading to word.  Thanks again.

 Colin Hall, Diamond Creek, Victoria Australia
May 12, 2017

Very happy with my new Wooden shaker thank you.
As a singer in a band it has improved our sound in a lovely soft way and tied our group together more.

love it! Annie

 Annie, Archerton, Victoria Australia
May 11, 2017

The didg fit Exactly in that bag. Lucky me !!!
Super fast delivery, I'm actually impress about that.

Thx ya !

 Aurelien Fournier, MELBOURNE, Victoria Australia
April 29, 2017

I bought this didge as a present for my husband after a chance comment "one day I want to learn to play a didgeridoo ". I wanted a genuine Australian didge but without paying the earth and I found it at DidgeridooBreath. Even with the shipping the price was acceptable and it came with an instructional DVD. It was ordered for Steve's birthday and it arrived 2 days before so was perfect. He has been practising but unfortunately it seems to send our Bavarian Mountain Hound into a frenzy so he has to be careful.

 Joanna Williams, Halstead, Essex United Kingdom
April 28, 2017

I ordered this as a gift for my sons birthday. I was amazed at how easy it was to order, and how quickly it was delivered to my door. Very impressed with the quality too !!! Thank you !!

 Robin Whitesell, Stockton, MO United States
April 20, 2017

Fiorino is an amazing teacher! On my first day course I arrived at the shop without even knowing how to produce a sound from a didgeridoo and now I can play it! I fell in love with this instrument and under the guide of Fiorino I bought my first Didgeridoo in the shop 🙂
I'm only sad that next week is the last lesson.
Hopefully you'll organize a beginner "plus", course in May with Fiorino to keep going on with what he was teaching us!!

 Giorgia Doglioni, Longarone, Belluno Italy
April 18, 2017

Whilst i'm happy with the product, it sounds good etc, i think it's very overpriced for two bit of plastic. I can't imagine a great deal of work goes into making one. Also didn't receive the carrybag with my order and hence the didj had several scratches on it. Will use you guys again just thought i should point out these few things. Thanks.

 Luke Hildred, Alice springs, Northern Ierritory Australia
April 4, 2017

on ordering another didgeridoo I decided it need a cosy home to sleep in. This is the bees knees I would recommend a didge bag for anyone wanting to keep their didge's safe

 Gavin Reid, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire United Kingdom
April 4, 2017

the wife is starting to not believe that didgeridoos are like tea towels , you can never have enough. this one is basic in look but plays well. a must have Didge.

 Gavin Reid, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire United Kingdom
March 29, 2017

Our instructor on the day was a skilled teacher and player. He created a relaxed and easy-going learning experience, allowing us to fully immerse in learning to play the beautiful didgeridoo. The two of us thoroughly enjoyed this experience and are inspired to keep learning! I even called the centre back a few days after our lesson to clarify a fact we were told, and the staff were friendly and knowledgeable to provide this.

 Andrea Jansen, Duncraig, WA Australia
March 26, 2017

I ordered a didgeridoo for my sons 27th birthday. He is a musician , he plays drums, base , acoustic guitar and sings. He always wanted to learn the Didgeridoo. It arrived at his door on his birthday, so bonus there. He loves it, the bees wax mouth piece is a hit as well as the natural finish. He is enjoying it immensely. The ordering process was easy i was very comfortable with the webb site . I love your site. I will be making additional purchases in the near future. Thank you.

 Tania Ditton, Cundletown 2430 Australia
March 24, 2017

The artigianal product is incredibly beautiful and sounds great! And there's also the mouthpiece on it, thing that I didn't expected. DidgeridooBreath is just an incredible shop (online for my experience because I never visited it) where the reliability is very high!

 Leonardo Furlan, Gaiarine, Veneto Italy
March 11, 2017

Fast shipping, perfect instruments ! i love my didgeridoo 🙂 hope to buy another one from you, one day in Australia !

 Annalisa Binda, Toscolano Maderno (BS), lombardia Italy
March 10, 2017

The item arrived in a timely manner and was exactly as described online. It sounds great and I am very pleased with the item and service.

 Terence Spurrier, Cairns, queensland Australia
March 9, 2017

When buying a big big Jesse Lethbridge didge it was obvious that there is no standard bag which fits this didge. The team of Didgeridoo Breath anticipated this problem and in great foresight measured the dimensions of this didge. After receiving this marvellous didge I had to order a custom oilskin didge. A few weeks later I received a nice and snug bag for my new didge ... Finally, I can travel with it ... Many thanx to the Didgeridoo Team!

 Thomas Bechteler, Aschheim, Bavaria Germany
March 3, 2017

Awesome looking didge, absolutely love my starter pack. Price was unbeatable @ $190 delivered to east coast. I would recommend didgebreath to everyone interested in buying a didge.

 Michael Spurr, Coomba bay, Nsw Australia
March 1, 2017

Patch seems to be exactly what I asked for, was easy to find on the site, & arrived quickly. None of this really offsets the discomfort of purchasing an Indigenous flag whereby as far as I'm aware, none of the proceeds benefit Australia's Indigenous peoples. That's what happens when you acquire your flag patches via capitalism I guess.

 Becky, Caboolture, QLD Australia
March 1, 2017

What sturdy well made bag just right for my Jesse Lethbridge Didgeridoo for which the bag was custom made. which took a little longer but the craftsmanship is second to none. I would recommend this bag to anyone who wishes to take their Didge walkies

 Gavin Reid, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire United Kingdom
March 1, 2017

Up until my Jesse Lethbridge Didge arriving (which was surprisingly quick considering the distance) I had been using plastic Didges which I thought at the time were ok. What an awake up call the Didge itself is a thing of beauty and the sound is phenomenal a joy on the ears more please.

 Gavin Reid,Wellingborough, Northamptonshire United Kingdom
February 28, 2017

Quick delivery time, good web site and great product

 Customer from Tamborine, QLD Australia
February 27, 2017

Very quick dispatch, packaged well and good quality harmonica. I just didn't take into account the kind of harmonica.. My teacher required us to use C, and didn't realise i purchased a D. Not sure if this was indicated on the page?? Still love it though!! It even has a cloth that came with it. Thank you

 M. Blossom, QLD Australia
February 24, 2017

Smooth, easy process. Was kept informed regarding the progress of the order. Good product.

February 15, 2017

The didge that was purchased is a gift and hasn't been unwrapped as yet. Selection of the item via the website was a pleasurable experience and the shipping to the east coast was fast and cheap. Good communication throughout the process. Thanks.


 Customer from Brisbane, Queensland Australia
February 14, 2017

Only wish for improvement of the didgebone would be to be able to play low A also. Works best for me. If you have any idea where to get one with low A would be more than happy. On a positive note the service and speed with you guys is awesome. Will definitely order again some day.

 Mika Johansson, Henley Beach South, SA Australia
February 8, 2017

With very little hesitation, I took the leap and purchased my first didge. I have never set lips on a didgeridoo in my life, but felt connected to this instrument and wanted to buy a proper one. The order was promptly shipped and delivered. The didge is beautiful - certainly a rare item in this part of the world. It's tickled my brain trying to learn this thing, and it's a great conversation piece. Also loving the lessons over at Didgeridoo Dojo. Thanks Sanshi and team!

 Kevin, Bethlehem, PA United States
February 1, 2017

Have had my jesse lethbridge snake ripper didge in the key of E for a couple weeks now, been playing about an hour everyday and this didge cranks! The dimensions are amazing, after every session i'm covered in sweat because of the high energy of this didge, the over tones are great and its oh so crispy, thanks jesse and thanks didge breath for the quickness and work in the shop! gracias!

 Aaron Knoll, Zorritos, Peru
February 1, 2017

I brought this for my wife as an anniversary present especially as she has vowed to take up the didge for her New Years resolution. As always the delivery was super quick in fact quicker than most UK deliveries. she loves the awesome look of the didge and is persevering with her practise so no broken resolution, and its great fun to duet together

 Gavin Reid, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire United Kingdom
January 31, 2017

I did not order much, but it came in good time across a great distance, I feel from a bright, cheerful and committed company that enjoys working from a place of passion for unique aboriginal cultural recognition and appreciation.

 Martyn Farr, Lauzun, Aquitaine France
January 31, 2017

I decided over Christmas to join my husband and learn to play the didgeridoo so he bought me this fantastic didge for our 24th wedding anniversary in January. I'm really enjoying playing and love the look of my didge but my goodness it's heavy so I get the benefit of a workout before I start playing!

 Glenys Reid, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
January 28, 2017

Sashi you are the best teacher I've seen or experienced, explaining in a simple way and so clear and detailed how to use specific techniques in playing the didgeridoo and the clear steps in guiding you and showing you how to become a professional player. Thank you very much, I struggled with the didgeridoo because I was lacking confident in what I was doing was probably wrong, so it confused me not knowing how to really rehearse. Thank you for showing me Roberto.

 Roberto Quintarelli, Bondi Junction, New South Wales Australia
January 27, 2017

great diary - everything you need and truly magnificent images

 Lenore Kulakauskas, Bondi Beach, NSW Australia
January 27, 2017


 Nathan Hendry, Aldershot, England United Kingdom
January 19, 2017

we brought this product not knowing what to expect only to be delighted at the sheen, the beautiful smell. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone looking to care for their precious didges.

 Gavin & Glenys Reid, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire United Kingdom
12th January 2017

Excellent communication! Always thorough in answering my questions! Fast shipping! Fantastic Didgeridoo with a great sound - I absolutely LOVE it!. Care was taken when selecting my didgeridoo to my specifications. The DVD is helpful and fun, and I started getting REALLY good sounds the first time I played my didgeridoo with the video. The website is helpful and all of the videos there are great too. I would totally buy from this company again!! 😀

 Lisette Costanzo, Canada
8th January 2017

Incredible. Incredible look, feel, sound, quality. Absolutely worth the price, my didgeridoo is beautiful and I love to play it. There is so much freedom and room for creativity when playing my didge, I love everything about it.

 Alex, New Jersey, USA
3rd January 2017

I did have a problem ordering but it was my fault I'd go to checkout I could have ordered x4 I got right in the end . I'm getting old takes longer to work it out Everything was great from you getting order mail and arrival was fast then Didgeridoo looks great love it thanks

 Bob Gregory, Failford , NSW Australia
30th Dec 2016

Extremely fast service, carefully packed and excellent product.

 Carolyn Marrone, Kangaroo Flat, Vic Australia
30th Dec 2016

Ordered an Irish Tin Whistle for my son a week out from Christmas. Simple ordering process and fast delivery! Great product! Thanks Team!

 Sue, Canberra, ACT Australia
28th Dec 2016

this a truly awesome tee shirt although to my chagrin I have only popped it on to test for size etc ! I am waiting for the right night out to wear it. unfortunately I am prone to seizures which has on occasion ruined decent clothing so am picky when I wear my favourite kit. it's a shame you cannot buy the staff tee shirts like Sanshi and the other often wear I'm so jealous.

 Gavin Reid, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire United Kingdom
26th Dec 2016

When the estamated arrival says 3-7 days shipping it's actually 3 ggwp Sincerely Harmonica


 Frankie, Perth, WA Australia
26th Dec 2016

Great product & my 10mth old son loves it! Looks great & No nasty plastic. Would recommend for all ages.

 J Rad, NSW Australia
22nd Dec 2016

Haven't given the book yet . . . it's a Xmas gift for Florence . . . Loved the website and I love the personal touch keep up the excellent work cheers Sue Thame . . . merry Xmas to you all

 Suzella Thame, Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty New Zealand
12th Dec 2016

Thank you for sending the boomerangs so promptly. They are great quality, and I know that our overseas friends will have hours of enjoyment mastering the art of throwing and returning them.

 East Albury, NSW Australia
December 7, 2016

received the didgeridoo well packed and presented,Viewed the first part of the DVD but have realised I will need to strengthen my breathing patterns.Taking singing lessons next Feb so that should help.Will look at the online lessons in the coming weeks.But i am excited about the future.

 Ian Chadderton, MORNINGTON, Victoria Australia
November 30, 216

Fast, reliable and a great value for money service.

 Peter Johnson, Hyde, Cheshire United Kingdom
November 30, 2016

Service was fantastic and super quick exactly what we ordered thankyou

 Ruby Edwards, Geelong, 3226 Australia
November 29, 2016

I was very impressed with your on line shop and very happy with the delivery of my order. Thank you

 Dawn Middlecoat, Maleny, Queensland Australia
24th November, 2016

I am impressed.

 Janet Meixner, Singapore, Singapore
17th November, 2016

All items were great. However, was a little surprised when some of the journals were lined and others were not. Maybe I didn't catch that in the descriptions of them.

Was very pleased that you guys upgraded my shipping option. Everything arrived way sooner than I had anticipated. Thanks very much.

 Marlene Buono, Corte Madera, CA United States
14th November, 2016

For more than one and a half years I was following the didges of Jesse Lethbridge. Finally, I decided for this Jesse top didge in the key of D#.

A real master piece - its finish is marvelous and the sound is earth shaking. The strength of this didge - its harmonics - is revealed when playing it in the traditional style!

Conclusion: "Kudos to Jesse!"

 Thomas Bechteler, Aschheim, Bavaria Germany
13th November, 2016

The didg is beautiful, it matches to the description.
What can I say more ? I can't say anything more, I need to learn more!

 Loic Thomas, Bourg-Saint-Andeol, Ardeche France
4th November, 2016

Great product sounded great, with attractive artwork.

 Peter Brown, Sembawang, Sembawang Singapore
2nd November, 2016

Hey Sanshi, Thank for a quick and smooth transaction! I was surprised how quick I received the package, not even a week!!! The didge you picked for me is great! Absolutely love it. Thanks so much!!!

 Tomas Talak, Wilton, CT United States
27th October, 2016

After a quick scan of the internet found these guys and glad we did. Friendly prompt service and fast delivery. Enjoyable experience.

 Scott Barnes, Exmouth , WA Australia
25th October, 2016

I found the web site easy to negotiate and the course has been informative and effective in the effort to play the didgeridoo.

 Stephen Hildebrandt, ARDROSS, Western Australia Australia
22nd October, 2016

It was very confusing trying to order a 'gift voucher'. I ended up phoning the store and doing it over the phone, but still didn't receive a 'gift voucher', just an invoice with the person's name on it, which I couldn't give her as it had the price. I assumed a 'gift voucher' would be posted to me, in her name. The person on the phone was very helpful, but I think he also assumed I would receive a gift voucher of sorts.

 Loisa Orchard, Ellenborok, wa Australia
20th October, 2016

I think this is the best on the market. Much thicker than others.

 Liz Batancs, Doncaster, Vic Australia
18th October, 2016

As a female working with a group of Aboriginal youth learning to play the didgeridoo, a resource such as this is invaluable. The boys will gain so many skills that I am unable to teach them myself. Thank you.

 Martine Turnbull, Renmark, SA Australia
14th October, 2016

Thank you guys for such amazing service. After a decade of practice I finally have two professional didgeridoo's, a stick and a Jesse Lethbridge. They are such a joy to play. I'm super impressed with delivery, the price, speed and care were all great. I definitely will be buying more from you guys.

 Steven Gertz, Calgary, AB Canada
5th October, 2016

Thunderous E yidaki by Djalu Gurruwiwi - very chunky with a smooth but sharp edged electric type sound like a synth, booming out of an unusually large and flared bell. Great harmonic range and Djalu artwork is superb - a yidaki masterpiece!

 Penny Hunt, Penarth,Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan United Kingdom
4th October, 2016

I had one didge and was playing guitar with it, however it was restricted to one key, so I got the didjeribone and it's perfect, has a large scale that lets me jam with my guitar and hang drum too.
It's perfect for anyone wanting a light, robust, easy to use alternative to carrying around 5 didges!

 Oliver Murphy-Kurth, Port Douglas, Queensland Australia
30th September, 2016

We could all do with a bottle of this magic oil - the difference to my old furniture is profound - scuff marks and scratches have either been removed and the colour enhanced.
I have raved to people about the results! Great service and website as an added bonus.
I will never use another oil on my furniture.
Thank you!

 Julie Cassidy, Wycheproof, Vic Australia
27th September, 2016

The bag is very nice indeed. Very well finished.Excellent quality of the material.

Excellent protection for the didgeridoo. great buy!!!

 Alessandro Allemani, Varazze, Liguria Italy
21st September, 2016

Within the first five minutes of playing this didge I knew that it was going to be my new favorite. It is incredibly easy to play. The drone sounds great the vocals sound great! The trumpet is fairly easy to hit. I'm not the best at tooting, a little behind the curve on that technique but it still seems very do able with more practice. It is beautifully crafted. The coolest thing about this didge is that it has a slight oblong shape right at the mouth piece. This feel perfect to me as I happen to play from the side of my mouth and not the front. The artwork is beautiful. The colors are vibrant the dots have a wonderful shape to them. What do you use to get them like that? I would love to be able to make my own someday. The value of this beautiful instrument is amazing. I was very happy with what I got. Shipping charges to the US were reasonable as well.

Thank you Sanshi and everyone else at Didgeridoo Breath.

 Joshua Lovato, Arvada, CO United States
21st September, 2016

I'm on the Didgeridoo Breath website at least once a week, looking around to see what's new. This my second didge purchase and third purchase overall from Didgeridoo Breath. I know that I can count on the guys in the shop to answer any and all of my questions regarding my purchase. This is helpful because sometimes it's difficult to spend the money on something that you'll, in theory, be playing for a lifetime when you can't actually see it from thousands of miles away. When I had a question about the didge I had in mind, Tim even reached out to the artist, Jesse Lethbridge, to get the answer.

From top to bottom, ordering, quality, customer service, honesty, speed and follow-up, this is, no doubt, the best didge shop in the world in my opinion. Thanks again guys!

 John Hyatt, Corona, CA United States
20th September, 2016

Fantastic music nice rhythms.
Awesome is not enough of a compliment to this great piece of musical art but AWESOME!

 Gavin Ried, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire United Kingdom
14th September, 2016

First of all the web site is great, easy to get around it and find what I was looking for. After I place my order it was was delivered to Melbourne within two days. Following the description of how to put the wax on the mouthpiece, I found it much easier than I have been doing in the past and am completely satisfied with the excellent service.

 Kevin Phelan, Melbourne, Victoria Australia
13th September, 2016

Really like the didge, and the professional way everything was done.
Could not believe I received it so quickly.
Your website is great, and the information nicely presented.
Thanks from Arizona!

 Glynn Dunbar, Phoenix, AZ United States
12th September, 2016

I'm from all the way in South Africa and couldn't believe how quickly my didge arrived and how seamless the ordering and delivery process was. I am so delighted with my didge and am so chuffed that I managed to get some pretty decent sounds out of it already. Thanks for the amazing product and service!

 Claire Keet, Cape Town, South Africa
12th September, 2016

Excellent, easy to order, and everything go perfectly!

 Couturaud Jean Luc, Castelnau Le Lez, Languedoc France
8th September, 2016

Fantastic, exactly what I wanted and sounds awesome. Never had a better online shopping experience.

 Matt, Nuriootpa , South Australia
8th September, 2016

Great item. Fun to play. Excellent service both on line and over the phone and excellent on line lessons. 5 days to deliver to Canada. I would recommend this site anytime.

 George Sellyeh, Edmonton, AB Canada
09 September, 2016

Great product, great service.

 David Morgan, Beechworth, VIC Australia
29th August, 2016

I love the didgeridoo!!! It's not painted or sanded to a fine finish, but it solid and sounds great. Great instrument for the money. Shipped super fast!

Andrew Stegmann, St. Louis, MO United States
29th August, 2016

First I love the service I have received from all at DidgeridooBreath its second to none. I love the versatility of this product. I love it when a drone goes well and it makes me laugh when it comes out all farty.

I must admit I struggle keeping the drone in the F range's on this didge but its early days and there has been improvement. I suspect its a matter of getting the mouth /lip shape right over all I am delighted with the product as for the first time 21years I am off strong pain killers which I can only put down to the didge.

I look forward to my next one from you re mister Seagull I was once told that my name in Catalan translated as Seagull I suspect it doesn't but prefer it to any thing involving indecent acts with animals

Mr Seagull, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire United Kingdom
26th August, 2016

My experience from start to finish was great, no hold ups, quick dispatch and excellent product. We are incredibly happy with the Didgeridoo we purchased and it is beautifully crafted and individual. I would highly recommend buying from this site. 10 out of 10!

Rachel Marchant, Cygnet, Tas Australia
23rd August, 2016

After shopping around and even trying to make a mouthpiece out of local beeswax, I ordered a couple mouthpiece kits (one yellow and one black). I followed the simple instructions on the video and very quickly had a perfect wax mouthpiece for my didg. The price was good and the ordering was easy. The shipping was relatively quick seeing as I live in Washington state, USA. The new mouthpiece has made playing my didgeridoo so much more fun and loud, which was a pleasant surprise.

Jedidiah Green, Blaine, WA United States
23rd August, 2016

As an international buyer it was hard to find this product in my country so I went online at Didgeridoo Breath and ordered my new mouthpiece lit . It was on my didgeridoo and I was playing again in no time.Thanks Didgeridoo Breath you guys rock!

Charlie Houtwipper, Auckland / NZ New Zealand

I ordered a Didgeridoo on Saturday & on Wednesday I received my order, a Great Playing and Sounding Didgeridoo. Using the online ability to listen to each instrument, I picked out what my ears liked. I think I did very well for a Rookie.

In my opinion, this Peter Sherwood didgeridoo was a great buy, a great value. I also like the staff's attitude. Tim did an excellent demo of another didge I like, a Yidaki. Sounds real nice. I will own a Yidaki, maybe a few!

And Sanshi has been helpful with instruction & info also. Both Tim & Sanshi have good/professional attitudes that is appreciated by this former Sgt. My second didgeridoo, from Didgeridoo Breath, also arrived in just a few days and again I did very well finding a didge my ears like. I'm practicing a few hours per day & using both instruments regularly, a D# & an F#.

Everyone Should Play A Didgeridoo!!! Good for many reasons! Thanks Gentlemen!

Daniel Barden, Evergreen, CO United States
18th August, 2016

Thank you to Tim & others who arranged the shipment of the Stompbox. The service was great, the speed of delivery excellent, and the product is high quality. A big THANK YOU!

Malcolm, Camas, WA United States
13th August, 2016

It was a beautiful instrument and artwork as described on your home page. It was professionally packed and was able to promptly received. Thank you.

Hiroyuki Suzuki, Sagamihara-city, Kanagawa Japan
9th August, 2016

Really fantastic, I am very happy, it will be a long friendship.

Alessandro Allemani, Varazze, Liguria Italy
2nd August, 2016

Top people and brilliant service, I stuffed up the order and they went out of their way to help sort it out. Really nice people.

Graham Jamieson, Newcastle, NSW Australia
1st August, 2016

The package arrived today. It was easy to apply and looks great even by my useless moulding skills.

Peter, Mawson, ACT Australia
29th July, 2016

Helpful Staff, great and fast service and good product. Thank you!

Daniel Abad, Toowoomba, QLD Australia
21st July, 2016

I`m all about traditional Northern Territory Yidaki`s and DidgeridooBreath delivered the best that I could expect. A beautiful instrument and artwork delivered as described. Shipping of it was professionally packed and promptly received. Highly recommended - all around top notch.
Thank you and keep up the good vibes guys!

Chris Arnold, Carmel Valley, CA United States
21st July, 2016

Happy to open a Didgeridoo chapter for my journey.
Vibration are very helpful for my well being!
Back to Human Roots!

Baptiste Sandere, Neuvic, Limousin France
18th July, 2016

Easy to use product, with the instructional video showing me exactly what to do. Pleased with the results. You guys rock!!

Karen Bryce, Tauranga, Tauranga New Zealand
8th July, 2016

Again great service and product for my 3rd didgeridoo. I think it arrived within 3 days which is better than some retailers in the UK! Fully recommend your products, service and assistance. Keep up the good work guys.

Derek Keiller, Dundee, Angus Scotland
6th July, 2016

Great sound, easy to use especially for a female.

Quick delivery, nice finish, im very happy with my purchase!

Bianca Moore, Stuarts point, New South Wales Australia
5th July, 2016

I was so excited about receiving my didgeridoo I played till my face was tingly.

This is a great product to start on the titillating adventure of rhythmic discovery. The videos and lessons are easy to follow and give a whole range of sound to get the music (or stories) started.

Amanda Mitchell, Kirkland, WA United States
28th June, 2016

Was very happy with the overall service, from communication, postage to Vic, and the product I received works a charm. Thank you again guys!

 Tony Penhale, Mount Eliza, VIC Australia
21st June, 2016

Awesome work, this didge is definately my new baby, and she plays so nice. I would highly recommend your didges to anyone. Thanks guys!

 Aaron Knoll, San Diego, CA United States
16th June, 2016

I received my didjeribone and i can't stop playing with it. It slide perfectly, it's so light, easy to use, i can use many tune with my band and the sound is great. I received it after 2 weeks so great service. Thanks for everything!

 Menard Yoann, Saint Julien de Concelles, Pays de la loire France
15th June, 2016

Loving that instrument. Thank you!

 Thomas Stecher, Singapore, Singapore
13th June, 2016

I thought the speed of mail was cool. The packing of my didgeridoo and mouthpiece kit was excellent.

 Mike Cote, Meriden, KS United States
8th June, 2016

Once the desired item was ordered and the ordering process was easy and clear to follow, the item arrived promptly in less than a week. I can only highly recommend this particular website for all ones didgeridoo requirements. These guys are not only friendly, but super efficient at what they do!

Iris, Margaret River, WA Australia
18th May, 2016

I worked in Australia for 3.5 months when Brisbane had that big hail storm . Basically my one goal for Australia was to learn to play the didgeridoo. I really got into it after hanging out with Cassy and some of his mates at didgeridoo festivals. We had a blast out there. We played a little and worked on circle breathing mostly, but I was basically hooked. I shortly after found out about didgeridoo breathe and the online lessons.

I did a year subscription and learned so much. It's definitely an instrument that the more knowledge you acquire the more fun you can have. Everyone back in the states thinks I'm a lil goofy but they all love it and it keeps the soul calm so keep doing what your doing ! Let me get another year subscription I'll spread the word around the United States the best I can I travel for work all the time and always have a didgeridoo in my truck ! It's great for Bon fires and beer drinking lol.

Zachary Marquardt, Appleton, WI United States
18th May, 2016

I love the natural finish!! It took 5 days to get from Australia to Kansas in the United States of America. I love it thanks!!!

William Read, Mound City , KS United States
14th May, 2016

It arrived well packaged and looked beautiful, unique and natural. I had tried a didgeridoo before with a little success but gave it up.

The inspirational dvd was lots of fun and helped get me blowing again much better. The help from Didgeridoo Breath staff and their youtube videos was perfect. Thank You so much.

Guy, Surrey, United Kingdom
12th May, 2016

The didge sounds and looks amazing, and I was surprised how quickly it got to me.
It took a little less than a week to cross the world, go through customs and wind up at my doorstep. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Christopher Miller, Annandale, VA United States
11th May, 2016

I'm now part of the Didgeridoo Breath Team and so can you. Informative step by step instructions on how to play Rhythms-vocals-tongue techniques, bounce breathing and loads more. These cd's will have you playing in no time.

Absolutely love the series and Im so glad to be part of the team. These guys here at Didgeridoo Breath make you feel welcome fast friendly service and if you encounter an issue get in touch as theyrespond in know time. I own a few didges but my next one will be From this amazing company you will not be disappointed.

Jonathan Bowler, Derbyshire United Kingdom
11th May, 2016

Lovely low overtones just as website sound bite played before I purchased. A great addition to my bullroarer when camping up in the Rocky Mountains.

As a semi pro musician I believe that protection of any instrument is critical. Great bag, good construction, love it!!!!

Patrick Moynahan, Calgary, AB Canada
8th May, 2016

The Didgeridoo arrived incredibly quickly, like in 5 days, coming from the other side of the globe, and it plays as great as advertised. It's super comfortable and easy to play, it's perfect for slow playing but especially for more complex and fast rhythms, percussive effects, beatboxing, etc.

Made all very easy to perform given how easy it is to circular breathe into it. I wish all my didges were hemp didges like this one!

Alessandro, Genova, Genova Italy
7th May, 2016

Actually being fond of didges of a lower key (C or D), this time I was searching for a didge in F. Again, the Didgeridoo Breath Team helped me with my decision. They evaluated a bunch of didges and explained the charactersitics of each in detail. Hence, I decided for a Stix in F and wow, a great piece of a didge sound, look and touch as I love it.

Thousand thanx to the DBT! I always get the right didge!
P.S.: Like all other shippings, the shipping was with the speed of light.

Thomas Bechteler, Aschheim, Bavaria Germany
5th May, 2016

Can show my support for our Indigenous brothers and sisters. Product arrived very quickly. Would purchase from again!

Matt, Brisbane, Queensland Australia
4th May, 2016

This was my first ever purchase of didgeridoo. I didnt know anything about them only that didge sounds amazing and I need to have it asap. I found all info on your website to make a decision to by it right at that moment. Im super happy with my didge, had it for about a month now and I play it almost everyday because the sound and vivration it creates is very meditative.

Thanks for the great job you guys do!

Tadas Simonis, Toms River, NJ United States
2nd May, 2016

Ive never really played instruments before and never had owned one for myself, until now i hadnt taken them time to really appreciate them for what they are and the rich history and culture before it.

And so appeared didgeridoo breath!

I enjoyed my whole experience from watching the buyers guides to browsing the amazing pieces of art up for grabs. I bought the Large Natural Finish Starter Pack G. I busted it out of the box with a massive grin on my face and admired my very first instrument i could call my own.

The dvd broke it down to its most basic aspect so i could pick up and play almost instantly, its been a couple weeks now and im playing it everyday, even starting to develop my circular breathing!

My confidence and self expression has been majorly boosted.
I thank you deeply for your service and appreciate your passion towards this instrument and the artists who create them. I look forward to my next purchase. wholeness and balanced vibrations to you all.

Jesse Turner, Melbourne, Victoria Australia
10th April, 2016

The staff at Didgeridoo Breath have been a pleasure to deal with. They were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

Bec Tate, McMahons Point, NSW Australia
2nd April, 2016

Very happy with this Jesse Lethbridge didg. Beautifully painted traditional design on polished wood with natural bell makes this didg quite a work of Art. Powerful, but with a creamy smooth sound and relaxing vibe. Both the look and the sound make this an epic instrument. Thanks guys.

Penny Hunt, Penarth,Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan United Kingdom
31st March, 2016

Thanks to everyone at Didgeridoo Breath. I recently purchased a didg online for my son's birthday but the package I originally chose was on back order. The guys contacted me and with some negotiation they did up a package for me at not extra cost. Delivery time was great also. Top service and product.

Leanne Reid, Sinnamon Park, Queensland Australia
23rd March, 2016

Perfect bag - perfect service - perfect processing & shipment - no hassles at all - what more could you want? A packet of TimTams that never runs out 😉

Joern, Horn, Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany
23rd March, 2016

In 2013 i visited Australia. I didn't found an original handmade didgeridoo. In 2016 I found didgeridoobreath during searching an original didge. I found the didgeridoo that I wanted for a good price including delivery. Three days after ordering, the didgeridoo arrived in Munich. It was in an excellent condition and looks very good. Thanks for the fast delivery and the beautiful hand painted didgeridoo. DidgeridooBreath is recommended for everyone who wants to buy an excellent didgeridoo. Greetings from Munich to the team of didgeridoobreath.

Horst Hader, Munich, Bavaria Germany
21st March, 2016

The product is exactly as intended. The didgeridoo is high quality and is made from authentic Australian resources which is definitely cool. And like stated above, the piece sounds awesome.

Matt, Powder Springs, GA United States
3rd March, 2016

This is a good quality stand that I highly recommend.

Malcolm, Camas, WA United States
7th March, 2016

Thrilled with the great service, quick delivery, & quality of this fine artisan didgeridoo! Overall wonderful experience.

Rocky Fire, Denton, NC United States
5th March, 2016

We recently traveled to Australia and were fortunate to hear didgeridoos played in person. As my son is very musically inclined, he wanted to get one for his own. DidgeridooBreath made the purchase decision easier by providing very useful information up front and then backed it up by excellent delivery service to the USA. Thanks!

Peter M. Piech, Jr., Allendale, NJ United States
4th March, 2016

I spent weeks trying to find my first didg and finally bought one from Sanshi's web site. It is a beautiful instrument and exceeded my expectations for craftsmanship and play-ability. It came from down under in 4 days, right to my door! No worries and no regrets.

Don LaVallee, NW United States
3rd March, 2016

Just the mouthpeice cover I was looking for!

Sean Maher, Ventura, CA United States
29th February, 2016

Great to shop with you guys!

Troy Lenord, Maryborough, QLD Australia
29th February, 2016

Excellent service. Easy to use site. Quick delivery, well packaged. All round very happy customer!

Trix Blanc, Brinkworth, SA Australia
20th February, 2015

Great product and two hours after placing the order I received a confirmation that it was sent. Amazing!!!!! Love the website too. User friendly.

Peter Shambrook, Orange, CA United States
18th February, 2016

Fast and professional service, quick purchase process. Got a new didge at Cyprus in 5 working days.

Christos Drakou, Nicosia Cyprus
12th February, 2016

I've been playing didgeridoo for over 20 years and i have never come across a bag as nice as this!! The material and fabric it's made from is of the highest possible quality, keeping your beloved stick super cozy and safe. The fabric keeps your instrument dry, but allows it to breath too. so it's much better than the cheaper nylon alternatives. The strap, although not adjustable, is positioned in exactly the right place for comfortable carrying. It would be good is there was one a little bit longer for sale too, as i have some didgeridoos that are bigger than the bags on sale on the website. Brilliant product, highly recommended!

Joe Caudwell, Shanklin, Isle of Wight United Kingdom
12th February, 2016

This is a really well made t-shirt, good quality and great style. It's so cool that Didgeridoo Breath have these available. This design was part of a recent art competition they ran. Lots of people got creative with their designs, and it was a fantastic way of encouraging people be artistic and to get involved. It's brilliant that there are these t-shirts out there for us to enjoy wearing. It creates a strong identity for us as players. Get one while you can!

Joe Caudwell, Shanklin, Isle of Wight United Kingdom
11th February, 2016

My experience with didgeridoo breath was nothing short of spectacular. I had complications on my end with international purchasing through PayPal, but they were super helpful, patient, and just plain thoughtful and understanding. I didn't have the privilege of walking into the shop to meet anyone but through emails I feel like I was talking to a friend! I'm in love with my didg,.. it's everything I hoped it would be and then some! I was a woodwind instrumentalist ages ago, but I just look forward to picking it up everyday to learn something new or improving. I wanted a didgeridoo from the time I first heard one as a kid, so big hugs, and thank you for making my dreams come true by offering a quality, "true to its roots" instrument!

April Russell, Le Mars, IA United States
9th February, 2016

Saw some didgs on a cruise that I was on and had to have one. Stumbled onto Didgeridoo Breath. Great service, picked one out on a Monday and had it (halfway around the world) on Thursday. Probably the best web site that I have ever seen. Even got to hear my Didg before I ordered it. Thanx, DB

Frank Norwitch, Loxahatchee, FL United States
8th February, 2016

I had bought this didgeridoo after shortly messing around with a friends. It was the best decision in a long time I love it.

Tyler Renaux, Coral Springs , FL United States
8th February, 2016

I found your website to be most informative and the products true to the description and design. My order was well packaged and delivered promptly. Great service!

Gordon Coates, Burraneer , NSW Australia
7th February, 2016

Thanks for sending my didgeridoo so promptly. It was extremely well packaged and protected and arrived in perfect order. It sounds wonderful, with a great tone. I am putting it through an amp and experimenting with some looping as well. I have had also received the DVD which has helped me immensely I have also received e mail replies from Sanshi just to guide me through a few matters. Once I master this didg I will be looking to purchasing my second, a larger one, perhaps painted.

Kevin, Auckland, Auckland New Zealand
4th February, 2016

A big thank you to the team at didgeridoo breath for sending our boomerangs so quickly. I spotted them online a few days before heading over to Borneo and thought they would be great to show the local kids in the interior. After a quick phone call and completing order online a few hours later our 3 boomerangs were on their way from Perth to Brisbane via express post. Arrived 2 days later. Thanks guys.

Karen Hales, Kenmore, QLD Australia
4th February, 2016

Very easy to purchase. Website nice and clear. The didgeridoo is brilliant. Looks great and is beautifully crafted in traditional plain style. Looking forward to learning to lay this with my daughter. Great service. Thanks

Steve Dover, Warwickshire United Kingdom
1st February, 2016

I found the instrument I wanted. The site was helpful and accurate. Ordering was easy. DidgeridooBreath kept me up to date every step of the way. The shipping was fast and the Didg was well packaged. I am very pleased with every aspect of this purchase. The Didgeridoo is high end and just what I wanted. Thank you very much!

Mark Porter, Grass Valley, CA United States
30th January, 2016

Thanks a lot, such a good customer communication & very good product.

Nir Peled, Nazareth Illit, North Israel
28th January, 2016

Just received my first Didge! First, the service was top shelf! The packaging was spot on & the freight was quick. Second, the Didge is amazing in both quality & sound. As I said this is my first Didge & after watching the dvd I quickly began to play. Thanks again. Highly recommend.

Richard Blake, Invergowrie, NSW Australia
28th January, 2016

I take my didge almost anywhere thanks to this bag. Its the perfect size for the huge bell. So now I can take my didge on hikes, or any other outing. Also the snake design is very beautiful. The strap is comfortable, and the zipper conveniant. So if you've got a large didge, and like to play everywhere, this is a must.

John Tipton, Eureka Springs, AR United States
27th January, 2016

We are so pleased with the Didgeridoo that we purchased through your website. Viewing & listening to the sound the Didge's make was a great selling point as well has the free Learn to Play DVD. Everything we wanted to know about your product was there. Great product, great website, cannot be much happier.

Tom Gibbs, Nambucca Heads, NSW Australia
25th January, 2016

Absolutely loving the didge I got sent with the starter pack, it looks and sounds unreal. The DVD was super easy to follow too, gets you doing the basics in no time.

Joel Nicholson, Roxby Downs, SA Australia
22nd January, 2016

I bought this did to help me learn the didgeridoo after purchasing a lovely instrument from your store last year. The guy in store was really helpful and assisted me in choosing my didgeridoo, but after I arrived back in the UK I found it difficult to practise anything other than the drone. And I wasn't 100% sure I was doing this right, so bought the dvd to help to teach me the basics, I wasn't disappointed. The dvd is great and my confidence is better as is my didgeridoo playing.

Ben Nicholls, Harwich, Essex United Kingdom
22nd January, 2016

Hello Sanshi, when I ordered the 'Large Gloss Finish Starter Pack H' from your store, half a world away, I wasn't sure what I would be receiving. I needn't have worried. The didgeridoo is absolutely beautiful and it sounds great. I also received your Instructional Video Series. It's great value for the money, highly educational, easy to follow, very entertaining and, yes, your enthusiasm is contagious. I also think very highly of the 'Playing the Didgeridoo Instructional CD Series'. I like the fact that the rhythms are printed on the inside of the covers accompanying the CD's. Makes it easy to follow. Your website, as well as your services, are clear and easy to follow. Incomparable, and easy going, professionalism at its best.

Finn Madsen, Wellington, Ontario Canada
21st January, 2016

I found your site easy to use, fast and accurate. Fantastic products!
A paypal option would possible make it easier, everyone hates retyping data and keeping track of passwords etc.

Nick Lackner, Mortdale, NSW Australia
19th January, 2016

Superb Didgeridoo, great quality, outstanding sound. I recommend this to any serious play!

Christopher Thorn, Wrexham United Kingdom
11th January, 2016

Wow, it's been 3 weeks already? Time flies when you're having fun. What can I say about this didgeridoo in apparently 1000 words or less? This instrument is a Gift. I've never played or heard such a powerful force. Even in the short time I've had this beauty I've already learned so much from it. And I can't wait to see what else it will teach me in the future. Vocals: outstanding Back pressure: perfectly fast or perfectly slow. Bounce breathing? No problem. Harmonics: crazy good. I didn't know I could make some of the noises I've made with this specimen. Volume: GIGANTIC. My downstairs neighbours can't wait until summer and I can bring this thing outside. Downside: The black beeswax is suuuuuper soft compared to the beeswax my friend gave me from her farm so I'm struggling to find a happy place. And it leaves a silly black ring around my mouth if I play for any more than 5 minutes. Not a deal breaker, I'll probably swap it out later but for now it's fine.

 Michael Fleury, Victoria, BC Canada
8th January, 2016

Haven't had so much fun since I was a kid. Box didge was well packed and shipping was fast and reliable all the way to Singapore. Will definitely visit the actual shop next time if I happen to pop by Fremantle.

 Daniel Chee, Singapore, Singapore
7th January, 2016

Nicely packaged, clean, value for money product. Fast service.

 Rohan Miller, Modanville, NSW Australia
4th January, 2016

Didjeridoo arrived promptly and was totally satisfied with the high quality workmanship. Great friendly service answering questions. Highly recommend!

 Jenny Langton, Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia
1st January, 2016

Hello Sanshi, when I ordered the 'Large Gloss Finish Starter Pack H' from your store, half a world away, I wasn't sure what I would be receiving. I needn't have worried. The didgeridoo is absolutely beautiful and it sounds great. I also received your Instructional Video Series. It's great value for the money, highly educational, easy to follow, very entertaining and, yes, your enthusiasm is contagious. I also think very highly of the 'Playing the Didgeridoo Instructional CD Series'. I like the fact that the rhythms are printed on the inside of the covers accompanying the CD's. Makes it easy to follow. Your website, as well as your services, are clear and easy to follow. Incomparable, and easy going, professionalism at its best. Cheers!

 Finn Madsen, Wellington, Ontario Canada
1st January, 2016

I found this website through Google Search and realised after purchase that the store is 30 minutes drive down the coast from where I live! The website is very shopper-friendly and easy to navigate, I especially like the "Beginners Didgeridoo Pack" which I purchased for my brother-in-law in the USA for Christmas. The service was exceptional. I received emails and a couple of phone calls to inform and update me on the status of my order, which was out of stock at the time. I received an explanation for the slight delay and the estimated time of dispatch. Despite the minor delay in getting to Fremantle from "up north", the parcel arrived in the USA about 5 days of being sent from the store. My brother-in-law is VERY happy with the Didgeridoo and the dvd. I have also ordered one for my husband. I would happily recommend this website and shop in an instant!

 Tanya, Marmion, WA Australia
1st January, 2016

We were amazed at the tone of this didgeridoo and how easy it was to play. Best birthday present I could give my partner - he is rapt 🙂 Thank you!

 Ruth Glover, Lower Hutt, Wellington New Zealand
28th December, 2105

Very good customer Service. I was very impressed with the call I received about the delay of my product, plus offering me a better quality boomerang at no extra cost.

 Krishnan K, Sydney, NSW Australia
25th December, 2015

Considering a didge of key C# the Didgeridoo Breath team told me to wait and save some money for a Bob Druett didge coming soon. Due to my previous experience with Didgeridoo Breath, I waited and saved some money and I was rewarded, a really great Bob Druett didge of key C#, a real monster which makes my flat vibrating. Thanx a lot to the Didgeridoo Breath team!!!

 Thomas Bechteler, Aschheim, Bavaria Germany
22nd December, 2015

Its sound is amazing, nice and crisp overtones, its easily played with lots of backpressure and very loud. You can create awesome sounds with it, far more fine harmonics you can imagine. Usually, I guess, its being played traditional style but it goes with all conteporary styles as well. I gave it a little coat of oil for better protection in our weather conditions. This instrument rocks! Yeah!

 Michael Irger, Linz, O Austria
22nd December, 2015

I bought this for my 23 year old son and it is awesome. He loves it. Delivery was very fast and it was exactly what I ordered. Thanks so much!

 Danielle Byrne, Braeside, Victoria Australia
20th December, 2015

Natural wood didg with great quirky shape and deep rich tone. Easy to play, with very good harmonics. Natural wood grain has a great aesthetic and feel.

 Penny Hunt, Penarth,Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan United Kingdom
19th December, 2015

My buying experience at didgeridoo breath was made a lot easier by the small videos leading to the purchase of my didgeridoo which I'm very pleased with. Thanks to the team at didgeridoo breath,much appreciated.

 Simon Smith,Leeds, West Yorkshire United Kingdom
11th December, 2015

I've just received my didgeridoo and I couldn't be happier. I was in Australia for a while and bougth a bambu didge, but unfortunately it was taken from me at an airport. Since then, I'd been looking for a place to get a didgeridoo and have it sent all the way to Mexico. I finally found this amazing website and decided to get an authentic didgeridoo made of real aussie eucalyptus. Everything was great: being able to choose a specific instrument, actually listen to it, the kind and warm service. The price was quite low, but I'm impressed by the quality of the product. The sound that my didge produces is just amazing, and the feel that you get is something else. I did have trouble with customs in my country, and it had to be inspected because it is a foreign wood instrument, but everything was resolved and I'm happily playing now. Thank you Didgeridoobreath.

 Robin Ivan Villa, Morelia, Michoacan Mexico
4th December, 2015

I bought this did to help me learn the didgeridoo after purchasing a lovely instrument from your store last year. The guy in store was really helpful and assisted me in choosing my didgeridoo, but after I arrived back in the uk I found it difficult to practise anything other than the drone. And I wasn't 100% sure I was doing this right, so bought the dvd to help to teach me the basics, I wasn't disappointed. The dvd is great and my confidence is better as is my didgeridoo playing.

 Ben Nicholls, Harwich, Essex United Kingdom
4th December, 2015

Fast delivery overseas! It's not the same sound as an eucalyptus Didgeridoo but it sounds also very good, it's easy to handle. Good for travelling and to play everyday. Not realy sensitive about coldness or heat.

 Thomas, Switzerland
1st December, 2015

Beautiful yidaki by Djalu Gurruwiwi painted with sacred tribal designs-great back pressure with a deep and twangy sound.State of the art instrument fantastic to play and look at.

 Penny Hunt, Penarth,Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan United Kingdom
1st December, 2015

I say simply perfect. Another excellent didj that I bought to you guys! Thanks for this special and unique piece of Australia. I send my good vibrations from Argentina 😉

 Fernando Birolo, Rosario, Santa Fe Argentina
20th November, 2015

My second and hopefully not last Stix didge. As expected by my experience with my first Stix, this Stix gives a clear sound and can be played using rapid rythms. The finish is classical: A natural, highly glossy style - a feast for the eyes! I hope that DidgeridooBreath gets more of them ;-))

 Thomas Bechteler, Aschheim, Bavaria Germany
13th November, 2015

Man love this thing!

If you want a top notch didge there's only one place to go didgeridoo breath. The staff are one of a kind all around awesome; the service has no equal and that my friends is the word of a Texan.

 Ruston Harrell,Hempstead, TX United States
10th November, 2015

Hi. Had a smooth and trouble free experience using your web site and ordering. No comment on what you could improve. Very positive experience. I like that you all look friendly and know your stuff. Thanks.

Can't wait for my husband to open my gift (the didgeridoo) for Christmas. He will be very surprised.

 Ros Gutwein, Pt Noarlunga, SA Australia
9th November, 2015

Superb Yidaki by Master maker Djalu Gurruwiwi. Quite a chunky instrument with beautiful tribal patterns and flower design. Plays easily with good back pressure-great dry drone, easy to play but has a complex sound.
Painted with sacred tribal designs-great back pressure with a deep and twangy sound. State of the art instrument fantastic to play and look at.

 Penny Hunt, Penarth,Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan United Kingdom
30th October, 2015

Hi! I simply LOVE my New didgeridoo. This is my second Jon Worsley hemp didg and i cant find the right words to explain my gratitude. Very fast delivery. Happy customer 🙂

 Geir Ove Strand, Mosjoen, Olderskog Norway
29th October, 2015

Sanshi your on line lessons are thoughtfully presented. Haven't looked at #7, my only concern is keeping up. Thanks!

 Lucien Montminy, Newport, RI United States
28th October, 2015

Before placing my order i sent out emails to didgeridoo breath & asked few questions. And their response was fast & friendly. The experience with didgeridoo breath deserved a 5 stars from me.

 Ryan Loz, Likas, Sabah Malaysia
26th October, 2015

Lightweight and resonant, it has a sound that seems to tear the air. Calls are loud with plenty of scope for new variations-sound has a great twang and edge. Artwork is beautiful, an all around amazing object.

 Penny Hunt, Penarth,Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan United Kingdom
23rd October, 2015

My experience with Tim was fantastic. He was knowledgeable, professional and cared enough to take the time to insure that I got a didge that was right for me. All correspondence was by e-mail, but he was always prompt with replies to my inquiries. My trust in Tim and the DidgeridooBreath crew was not misplaced. If you are a first time buyer or experienced with a didge, I wouldn't bother looking any further than DidgeridooBreath for all your didge needs. They are reliable and trustworthy.

 Edward Woods, Garden Valley, ID United States
16th October, 2015

My son absolutely loves his boomerang. He takes great delight in showing other kids the proper throwing technique!

 Mark S, Melbourne , Victoria Australia
9th October, 2015

Order came in faster than expected. Wonderful customer service from the DB crew for working out shipping rates. Fast, precise and perfect. That sums it up!

 Kyle Ravin, Singapore, Singapore
9th October, 2015

This didgeridoo is special, its sound comes from deep down and fills the room. And its sound is very clear. Also its look is great kind of big elephant tusk. I also appreciate your assistance whenever I asked anything you always replied in a short time, giving all information.

 Furio Tonet, Trieste, Europe Italy
6th October, 2015

Thanks Sanshi and the team at Didgeridoo Breath, I recently bought Playing the Didgeridoo 5 cd Box Set. I'm happy with the fast great service, my package turned up on time and was able to keep track of it on line. I'm also happy with the cd's and I'm enjoying learning some new rythums. I highly recommend the box set to anyone wanting to expand their skills on the didgeridoo.

 Jason Ralph, Noble Park, VIC Australia
5th October, 2015

Hi guys, thanks for your excellent service and informative website. I decided to get a didg after being diagnosed for sleep apnea. The treatment is a cpap breathing apparatus, surgery or special dentures. The doc also casually mentioned that its plausible though not tested that playing of the didg could exercise the area of the throat that collapses and causes constriction of the airway during sleep. I have had to go on a cpap machine at night but I figure the didg needed a go and being an active musician playing piano and running a recording studio in Melbourne it seemed like an enjoyable way out for me.

The video you supplied was simple short and clear. I still can,t really circulart breathe yet but it,s coming. I have found that counting slow for 3 beats with blowing on 1and 2 and nose breathing on 3 seems to be a good sort of auto timing method. Anyhow I am enjoying the practice and who knows? might play it on a gig. Many thanks!

 David Allardice, Melbourne, VIC Australia
1st October, 2015

Great Boomerangs from DidgeridooBreath, and mostly important very fast delivery. Very happy and recommended!

 Adolfo Nazario, Sydney, NSW Australia
1st October, 2015

I love this t-shirt. It looks great and feels great to wear. Real class. Living across The Ditch in New Zealand, where didgeridoo isn't all that well known, I'm finding my t-shirt to be a great discussion starter about our wonderful instrument, the culture from which it originated, the health benefits of didge playing, and of course, Didgeridoo Breath - best online shop in the Universe!

 Ray Watchman, Palmerston North, New Zealand
29th September, 2015

Arrived really promptly with interesting extra information. Searching for the beeswax was easy. I didn't know where to start and this was really helpful. It is great to have the pieces so conveniently sized with easy instructions. The link to lessons was an unexpected bonus!

 David Arblaster, North Rocks, New South Wales Australia
25th September, 2015

The site was user friendly and the staff were great, getting back to my enquiries in a timely manner. I would highly recommend DidgeridooBreath!

 Natalie, Sydney, NSW Australia
24th September, 2015

Took 19 days for a non-express shipment. The didge was packed in a carrying case, thoroughly in bubble wrap with extra at the ends in a box. Seemed adequate, didge was in perfect condition. Its light weight, robust, doesn't feel delicate. The slide extends well below the marked notes. There is no issue with performance within the marked note range and has the possibility of bonus range if you're lanky. Sound is good ,resonates well, pretty clean noise. Not taxing on the lungs. Not booming sounding can be played at moderate volume. Mouth peice is rubber dipped and reduced for convenience. Articulating is very easy in it. Black works for the look and the carrying case has a pretty humble look. I highly recommend the product and by extension the company.

 Jim Hawkins, Ottawa, ON Canada
23rd September, 2015

I wanted a light didgeridoo for use on hiking trips. The didgeribone gives me a whole range of instruments and new possibilities for creative didge playing. The sound quality is quite good, but of coarse a compromise compared to wooden instruments.

 Thomas Alexander Skog, Oslo, Oslo Norway
17th September, 2015

I've been wanting to get a smaller eucalyptus didge. The euc I have is much heavier and nor easy to carry around. My thoughts were since this was in the beginner's category that I would be compromising quality. NOT TRUE! It's got great sound and character. It's got a rougher finish than my big one, but that cost a lot more. I'm very happy!

 R L Lotz, Carmel Valley, CA United State
16th September, 2015

Excellent, service! excellent product! very happy with it.

 Christian Fakhoury, Beirut, Lebanon
16th September, 2015

Excellent, service! excellent product! very happy with it.

 Christian Fakhoury, Beirut, Lebanon
14th September, 2015

Got exactly what i wanted. Nothing more nothing less. Got a proper bag as well, i think it was mentioned on the web site . Delivery was easy to deal with. Nothing i haven't done before. Having fun with the didgibone. I was just getting the hang of the last one i had and lost it (had it for years). Now just been getting back in to my new one. Lucky i can always get a new one on line (i hope). Thanks so much Digi Dave.

 David Harvey, Cairns, QLD Australia
13th September, 2015

This is my second Pro-Didge. After buying a Stix-Didge, I bought a Didge made by Nathan Burton. A rock-solid and heavy piece of wood perfectly finished. The sound is deep and clear. Because of the larger air volume inside the Burton-Didge my voice effects are better audible than with a didge with a smaller air volume. All in all, this didge is a masterpiece and makes me addict to such pieces. Thousand thanx to the DidgeridooBreath Team!!!

 Thomas Bechteler, Aschheim, Bavaria Germany
8th September, 2015

I ordered a CD and had it sent to Canary Islands. It arrived in less than a week, I was so impressed as it's a bit isolated. Happy customer. Cheers!

 Carina, Canary Islands
3rd September, 2015

I am very happy with my order!

 Brad Phillips, Warwick, Queenslands Australia
25th August, 2015

I had been looking at a number of different bags to protect my didge whilst travelling. Nothing I researched seemed to have the thick padding with the carpet in the bottom and a zip that allows me to open the entire bag. The price was a stumbling block but when it arrived was well worth the extra dollars. Awesome bag, I'd like to see an adjustable strap as when carrying the bag it's very close to the ground.

The bag is rock solid protection. Sanshi noticed I'd placed an item in my shopping basket but hadn't hit the buy now button, he sent me an email, we talked and he said he had a bag on the shelf with an apology about the system saying none in stock and a few days later it arrived. Felt like I was talking to a movie star after watching all the videos. I also think I'd do express post to Qld where I am........I'm not good at waiting for cool stuff in the post. Thanks Sanshi you rock....or should that be drone.

 Justin C, Gold Coast Australia
20th August, 2015

Awesome service, from online ordering to arrival on the other side of the country in 3 days. I will definitely be back, Thank you!

 John Bosward, Jimboomba, Queensland Australia
17th August, 2015

Loving the Didjeribone.
Two days from Australia to the UK. Unbelievable service simply awesome.
Thanks Guys!

 Helston, Cornwall United Kingdom
15th August, 2015

I love this didgeridoo! The sound is fantastic. I've been learning on a PVC pipe and it's such a beautiful difference playing on a real didg. The guys from Didgeridoobreath provide excellent personalised service, making feel like one of their family. I'll have to stop by the store some time if I'm ever over in Perth.

 Brad Done,Chisholm, ACT Australia
25th July, 2015

I am beginning my didge journey late at 63, this is a great didge for me thanks didge breath.

Stewart Cathcart, Glenvale, Queensland Australia
24th July, 2015

Australian bee's wax seems hard to find here in the USA. The wax from DidgeridooBreath came fast and as advertised. I wish I could stand in front of that rack of didges and give each one a try. What a display. Here in New Mexico we are making them out of Yucca and Agave stalks. It just ain't quite the same as the original Eucalyptus models.

Richard Loose, Organ, NM United States
16th July, 2015

The first time I saw Stix Didges and their prices on the internet site at DidgeridooBreath I wondered whether it is worth paying this much of money. After receiving my Stix I have to say yes, it is worth its price.

The handcraft is marvelous, and most important the sound gorgeous! It plays really easy and I can feel the resonating response when playing percussive sounds. Even when extremely gently blowing the Stix its drone starts gently and immediately. Wow, I have to stop writing and have to go playing.

Many thanks to the Didgeridoo Breath Team!

Thomas Bechteler, Aschheim, Bavaria Germany
10th July, 2015

Third didgeridoo purchase from Didgeridoo Breath and the usual super fast delivery to Spain, latest didg is an absolute work of art and sounds fantastic! Cannot fault product or service - absolute pleasure shopping with you guys!

Mac, Granada, Spain
1st July, 2015

Thank you DidgeridooBreath for the fast, efficient service. The product arrived within the week and was exactly as described on the internet.

Catheryn O'Brien, Bunbury, WA Australia
30th June, 2015

Excellent Didgebag. In Germany there is nothing comparable to the Snakeskin bags (this is not my first). Fast shipping and not too expensive for this long distance.

Alexander, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
29th June, 2015

I love the small didge, its short size with large bell truly gives it an interesting sound that has made it a joy to experiment with. I worked with the staff member Tim through e-mail to pick out the didge and he provided excellent customer service and answered any questions I had.
Looking forward to future business with the Didgeridoo Breath team!

Timothy Raimy, Victor, NY United States
24th June, 2015

An astonishing didge, with a big sound and the harmonics are easy.
It's a real pleasure to play with it, and I spent hours a week and I take it with me everywhere. I had seen that didge some time ago and I thought this one was for me. It really is fun and bliss.

Some friends of mine tried it and they were amazed. Moreover, it took only 2 days from Perth to Belgium, never been so swift!

Eric Guillaume,Bertrix, Luxembourg Belgium
24th June, 2015

Hey guys, a top interactive website with all the information you need to pick out your special didge. As great as they look on your site it doesn't compare to the beauty when in your hands up close!!!

Vicky Harding has done a beautiful job with an amazing piece. Many thanks!

Regan Pye,Bunbury, WA Australia
20th June,2015

Great instrument, delivery and ordering process worked really well.

 Nicolas Huber, Oberurnen, Glarus Switzerland
16th June,2015

Ordered my Didge online then picked up in store during a recent trip to Freemantle. The whole process went smoothly and guys in store where great. Nice clean store, guys are very helpful. I loved playing all the other didges in the store and very happy with the one I bought. The other thing I love is the online training from didgeridoo dojo, great pointers and easy lessons to get you up to speed fast!

 Drew Smith, San Diego, CA United States
1st June, 2015

Having not been able to find a source of black didgeridoo wax anywhere in Europe I came across didgeridoo breath.

Great site full of information and had exactly what I wanted, communication was great and shipping time to the UK only took a week, highly recommended company.

 Neil Jewell, Plymouth, Devon United Kingdom
29th May, 2015

I like very much your CD's on learning to play the Didgeridoo.

For the time being I have ordered only the first two CD's but surely I will go through the the full set.

 Hansjoerg Ruedisuehli, Versoix, Geneva Switzerland
26th May, 2015

First of all, I love your zany website, it really rocks!!

It couldn't possibly be more informative or fun to shop! Its so nice I could not only see didgeridoos I liked, but could also listen to them. That ensured I would love didgeridoo I was purchasing. You guys did a great job taking care of my order! From placing the order to filling, shipping, and tracking it.

I was very pleased with Didgeridoo Breath!

 Dale Waag, Williston, VT United States
15th May, 2015

After stopping by your store and speaking with Tim, I decided to purchase a didgeridoo. I waited until I got home, to avoid the airline hassle, and purchased it online. Through e-mail conversations, Tim recommended several different didgeridoos and I settled on the Large Rodney king (1844). I had it in my hands 4 days after I ordered it, along with the instructional video. That's pretty impressive.

I've enjoyed every communication with"Digeridoo Breath" and have been very impressed with your knowledge and willingness to assist me. Your web site is second to none. It covers every aspect of a 'didge", from finding the right piece of wood, to learning to play it. I'm still trying to get the "circular breathing" down, but I'm sure I will, with practice. I would strongly recommend "Digeridoo Breath" as the place to shop when in Freemantle.

 Paul Browne, Westfield, MA United States
12th May, 2015

I cannot thank you enough for helping me take enormous steps in playing the Yadaki.

Thank you Sanshi, you are a champion!

 Luke Russell, Merewether, NSW Australia
12th May, 2015

Great didge! As someone with perfect pitch, my need for a didge that could be played in any key was pretty desperate. This thing does everything I need it to do: I can play on any song, with any band, and it always sounds great!

Plus, the sliding gives me an extra technique to use, should the music call for it. Arrived in one week from Australia, which was impressive as well!

Thanks a lot, you guys are great!

 Craig Abraham, Buffalo, NY United States
11th May, 2015

Awesome tutoring, it is like university for didge.
Carrying on with your further cd's would like to keep following and learning but also socially to, looks and sounds like you have a great environment.

 Neal Buckland, Maryborough, QLD Australia
8th May, 2015

My son was keen to learn to play the didge as he has Aboriginal heritage. From the moment of placing the order the process was easy, there was a brief delay on shipping whilst new stock was brought in from Katherine but we received an email advising us of a delay which turned out to be only 2 days.

The product itself is of good quality and my son is delighted with the sound as some didges don't sound good or are hard to play. The instructional DVD has helped a lot in mastering breathing techniques. We have been very happy with Didgeridoobreath and their products.

 Libby, Tallebudgera, QLD Australia
19th April, 2015

Thanks Didgeridoobreath!!!

Shipping fast and precise, perfect packaging and how nice the didge!

Congratulations on your site, well organized, easy to navigate and complete. It's been a pleasure to buy from you, next time I will not hesitate to order again and visit your site.

See you soon.

 Renato Alberti, Varallo Sesia, Piemonte Italy
18th April, 2015

Service was excellent, the website very informative. Loved being able to view the didgeridoos and hear them prior to purchase. Courier was expedient, arrived day earlier than expected and in great shape. Thank you, thank you. Very pleased with my purchase. If I could recommend anything to improve upon it might be to make more of the CD's available for immediate download, such as the instructional advanced rhythm building, etc. rather than having them sent by courier. All in, exceptional experience. Cheers!

 Nick Simon, Calgary, AB Canada
16th April, 2015

Great service and quick delivery. Thanks!

 Rob Cottam, Capel, Western Australia Australia
16th April, 2015

After stopping by your store and speaking with Tim, I decided to purchase a didgeridoo. I waited until I got home, to avoid the airline hassle, and purchased it online. Through e-mail conversations, Tim recommended several different didgeridoos and I settled on the Large Rodney king (1844). I had it in my hands 4 days after I ordered it, along with the instructional video. That's pretty impressive. I've enjoyed every communication with"Digeridoo Breath" and have been very impressed with your knowledge and willingness to assist me. Your web site is second to none. It covers every aspect of a 'didge", from finding the right piece of wood, to learning to play it. I'm still trying to get the "circular breathing" down, but I'm sure I will, with practice. I would strongly recommend "Digeridoo Breath" as the place to shop when in Freemantle.

 Paul Browne, Westfield, MA United States
14th April, 2015

This is perfect to work through at your own pace and go over and over again until you become familiar with each rhythm. I loaded it onto my ipod and practise in my lunch break at work. Nearly ready for #3.

 Michael Jedrzejczak, DAPTO, NSW Australia
14th April, 2015

I'm new to the Didgeridoo, so I am glad that I did it right and ordered from DidgeridooBreath. Shipping was fast and packaging was excellent. The didge is amazing, sounds great, plays great exactly as shown on the site. I am looking forward to playing and learning more. I'm hooked! Cheers.

 C. Argo, Virginia Beach, VA United States
13th April, 2015

With something as personal as a didgeridoo, it's difficult to feel confident ordering something from half way round the world. So I called the shop on Sunday and spoke to Elliot about this didge. He inspected, it measured the mouthpiece, and played it for me while we were on the phone -- even so far as to describe the bore and what sounds it could best make -- something only an experienced player could do. Superb customer service. I ordered it a few hours later and was holding it in my own hands within three days. It made it to me from the other side of the planet faster than I can post a letter to my dad in the next state. It was packed very securely, and arrived with no damage. It's beautiful and plays fantastic right out of the box - exactly as expected. I could not be happier.

 Thomas Lawrence, Blairsville, GA United States
10th April, 2015

Hi Guys,

Thank you for providing me with the slide didgeridoo which I recently purchased following browsing on the website, Ive not long returned to the UK from Australia where I was living and working for a number of years. Whilst I was in your country I took up learning the Didge from an old bushman up in Eumundi in QLD and bought 3 traditional instruments in different keys. He taught me how to play and circular breath and use my voice box for the different sounds etc. I soon got myself an amplifier, sound deck and mics and was playing to tracks by Oka who are one of my favourite bands. I cannot believe how fast the order took, I placed it on a Friday from the UK and it arrived the following Friday just one week from the other side of the world.Well done and thanks again guy's and rest assured that I will be using www.didgeridoobreath.com for my next order.

 Phil Hurley, England, Cheshire United Kingdom
8th April, 2015

I got my first didgeridoo from you. It's been great experience ever.

Your lessons is also very helpful.

Thanks a lots!

 Jinwoo Park, South port, Queensland Australia
8th April, 2015

I will do business again with these guys.

It was a very good experience.

 L.E., Ione, CA United States
26th March, 2015

I'm just grateful and happy! With the order everything worked just fine, and my personal progress is progressing.

Thank you very much;-)

 Joseph Princzes, Soleuvre, Luxembourg
20th March, 2015

Great service and speedy delivery, the online classes have been really helpful too.

Thank you!

 Mary O'Brien,Clunes, NSW Australia
20th March, 2015

When i bought the kit i watched youtube of Sanshi teaching a little of the training. His enthusiasm and personality really attracted me to go ahead and purchase your training videos. I feel the whole team are terrific and trying to help me personally play the didgeridoo.I am starting with the one i have, but later i would certainly buy another from you. You are all so passionate about helping, and i need it, i will be soon 69 years old and hope i can with practice be a competent player before i fall off the perch, however love your work, especially Sanshi, keep it going!

 Graeme Wills, Craigieburn, VIC Australia
20th March, 2015

If you're thinking about ordering from Didgeridoo Breath and have been worried about buying a didge online without seeing it in person, I felt the same way. When I just couldn't stand to see the Jesse Lethbridge didges come and go from the website anymore I decided to order. Just before I ordered I sent an email to the shop to ask for more information about the didge of my choice. Within 24 hours, Ben got back to me with more pictures, information on dimensions, recommendations and a video. I expected maybe one extra picture and the basic answers to my questions but I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of individual attention I got in the response. Didgeridoo Breath seems to know that it's sometimes difficult for people to buy a didge online and they are more than willing to take the extra effort to quell your fears. - 4 days to the U.S., even over the holidays. - Bomb-proof packaging - First-class didge - The best customer service around Thanks guys!

 John Hyatt, Corona, CA United States
17th March, 2015

The didj was even more than I expected and the service was so quick. The packaging was well done. I am very happy with the whole experience. Thank you so much!

 Dominic Santiago, San Francisco, CA United States
16th March, 2015

I purchased these items as a birthday gift for my son who lives in Alaska. Your website is wonderful, easy to access and to look for what you want/need. It was quick and easy to follow. I had even made a small error in my sons mailing address and was able to notify someone quickly and received a quick reply to indicate it was taken care of! Thank you so much!

 Alice Thibault, Hayden, ID United States
3rd March, 2015

Great product, good value, excellent customer support. Thanks!

 Chris Gil, Burleigh Waters, QLD Australia
3rd March, 2015

Just a quick thanks to Sanshi and the team at didgeridoobreath. Very happy with my new didge and such an easy and helpful web site to navigate. Thanks again!

 Chris Medlyn, Eaglehawk, Vic Australia
28th February, 2015

The delivery very fast and stuff very good!

 Wojciech Leszczynski, London, United Kingdom
27th February, 2015

I wasn't sure this hi-tech Digeridoo would actually sound like the "real thing", and I was really surprised. Yes, it doesn't look and feel like the real thing, but, it is easy to carry, light-weight, very affordable, very good sound quality, you can change the key while playing which is impossible with a real didgeridoo, and I don't mind my 4yo daughter playing with it, she can't break it and it won't hurt her even if it falls on her foot 🙂

 E.G., Vancouver, BC Canada
19th February, 2015

I chose your website because it was so friendly. It was good to hear and see the instruments being demonstrated and it gave me faith that I was choosing the right one. My husband was delighted with his birthday present.

 Dee White, Tamworth, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
27th March, 2015

Hi there I'm Grace from Singapore!
Spoken to Anthony over the phone, so very kind of him to guide me on buying which digiridoo and even demonstrated for me he's really cool. Finally I decided to buy one of the digiridoos he recommended. Oh can't wait to receive it.
Thank you crews! You guys really rock.

Grace Goh, Singapore
25th February, 2015

Hello,Thank you for the very prompt delivery!
My didgeridoo has arrived! It's all very exciting, it looks great and so does the bag, but clearly I am going to need some lessons and practice to get this going. Thanks again, wish me luck!

J Yap, Singapore
21st February, 2015

Didg arrived today!
Thanks so much for your help throughout this order! Packaging was outstanding in the outside and inside! And my first breath of air into the didg was incredible!
Thanks again for all you do!

Shane Cole, Rolla MO USA
21st February,2015

Hello and good day Sanshi and Didgeridoo Breath team.
Thank you for your request. It made me very happy when I was allowed after 4 days take the package from my order counter. It's all arrived fine with me.
You are a good and sympathetic team and I am happy that I got to know you (not personally).
I hope to continue to be allowed to stay in contact with you and Binn, I'm sure I will be ordering at a later date with you again.
In the meantime, I wish you all the best,and good luck!

Markus Hofer, Switzerland
20th February, 2015

Hi Digiridoo breath!
Hope all is well 🙂
I'm so stoked with the Rodney king didg I have and am really keen to take it the next level with another didge. I am looking at the Jesse didge.
Thanks so much 🙂 looking forward to talking soon Didge on brother 🙂

Craig Wilson, VIC Australia
20th February, 2015

Very happy with service and prompt delivery and love my purchase and will be ordering DVDs very shortly.

Leonard Evans, NSW Australia
10th February, 2015

My Travel Doo got here in an amazingly short time & packed SO well! Many thanks to those involved Down Under.

George W Clark, Berkeley, CA United States
10th February, 2015

Thank you for my Didgeridoo, it arrived promptly and safely and is of good quality. I would gladly recommend your product and service.

Susan McLachlan, Seelands, NSW Australia
7th February, 2015

We had a number of questions before purchasing as this didgeridoo was for our child. Every question was answered with patience, care and warmth, and the service was excellent in all areas. The didgeridoo reached us in Qld very promptly and we are very pleased with the quality of the instrument. Our son is busily droning away! Thankyou Sanshi and the rest of the team for such a positive shopping experience.

Deanna, Graceville, Qld Australia
5th February, 2015

Absolutely loved everything about Didgeridoo Breath. The site was easy to navigate, purchasing products was simple and straight forward with great shipping prices. The didgeridoo i purchased was just perfect. Would highly recommend this business to anyone interested in buying.

Heather Toogood, Langwarrin, Victoria Australia
28th January, 2015

It is beautiful from top to bottom, inside and out! I really like the natural look on the inside. it sounds amazing F# is a great key! I love it!

Avery Eberlein, Portland, OR United States
23rd January, 2015

Came to West Allis, WI in perfect condition. It is gorgeous and has a great sound. I asked to upgrade to an oilskin bag from the regular quilted one. With help from the DVD's and Sanshi's free beginner video's, after about 3 weeks of receiving my first didgeridoo I am now circular breathing. This is an awesome pack and great quality for someone very new to the world of the didge. I love it!

Kaylen C, Wauwatosa, WI United States
21st January, 2015

I dealt with some very nice people at your company who arrange the purchase and shipment of a didgeridoo from WA to Vic. The didgeridoo was received promptly and in good order and is loved by my grandson. I think indigenous music is well promoted within the school he attends and many of the children have developed and interest. Many thanks!

Kerrie Bartholomew, Sorrento, Victoria Australia
20th January, 2015

Very easy, very fast, and a great instrument;)

Jad Kanaan, Greifswald, Germany
15th January, 2015

Although I have yet to open and use the mouthpiece kit, the packaging and contents are exactly what I thought they would be. Shipping to U.S. took as long as I expected (7-15 days), and I couldn't be happier with the customer service I received when I inquired about my purchase. Thank you so much, DidgeridooBreath! This was my first purchase but most certainly not my last.

Ashley Hernandez, Bergenfield, NJ United States
13th January, 2015

I ordered a didgeridoo and a hands free stand all the way from Chicago and the process couldn't have been easier. Everything arrived perfectly and it's by far the best didgeridoo I have ever played on.

Jonas Moskowitz, Chicago, IL United States
17th January, 2015

Hello, Thank you so much for everything! I love it! I'm pleased and surprised at how nice it is for a didgeridoo in that price range and I'm amazed at how quickly it arrived! You've been super helpful during the whole process too and I wanted to thank you for that as well! I hope to get to Australia someday and if I do I fully plan to come to Fremantle and go nuts trying every instrument in the store!

Scott, West Virginia USA
11th January, 2014

Fantastic - can't fault the item at all - Delighted A+++

Rebecca Furlong, Chesterfield, England United Kingdom
6th January, 2014

If you're thinking about ordering from Didgeridoo Breath and have been worried about buying a didge online without seeing it in person, I felt the same way. When I just couldn't stand to see the Jesse Lethbridge didges come and go from the website anymore I decided to order. Just before I ordered I sent an email to the shop to ask for more information about the didge of my choice. Within 24 hours, Ben got back to me with more pictures, information on dimensions, recommendations and a video. I expected maybe one extra picture and the basic answers to my questions but I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of individual attention I got in the response. Didgeridoo Breath seems to know that it's sometimes difficult for people to buy a didge online and they are more than willing to take the extra effort to quell your fears. - 4 days to the U.S., even over the holidays. - Bomb-proof packaging - First-class didge - The best customer service around Thanks guys!

John Hyatt, Corona, CA United States
6th January, 2014

I ordered the didgeridoo and accessories as a gift for my boyfriend, he was thrilled with everything. The didgeridoo arrived on time in excellent packaging. It's beautiful. We will be ordering any other didgeridoo accessories from you as well. Thank you so much!

Heidi, New Orleans, LA United States
6th January, 2014

Great didgeridoo very quick shipment, Thanks!

Rino Tsror, Ein Eron, Haifa Israel
6th January, 2014

This was my first hard wood Didge. I was surprised how heavy it was. Very good quality of finishing. It sounds great and exactly as published on the website. I actually played the actual didge along with the it's sound track from the site. Fun. The drawing by Vicky Harding is very inspiring:). Ordering was easy, delivery across the world came fast... Both thumbs up.

Nikolai Rokhlin, Brooklyn, NY United States
6th January, 2014

It's not fancy, but it's sturdy and reliable. It's an excellent value.

Lori Dee, Oakland, CA United States
5th January, 2015

Have been learning Didj from Craig Atkins and plan on travelling a lot. This seemed to be a great solution product to get. Also intend to use in a concert band setting as well. Thankyou DigeridooBreath for fantastic and promt service. I find your store amazingly easy to view and navigate. I love the way you guys do business and hope to visit on our travels.

Michael Bampton, Tea Tree Gully, South Australia, Australia
5th January, 2015

Wonderful didge with a mellow sound, deep and warm. Reasonable price for a lot of hollow wood 😉 shipping from perth (australia) to my home in Germany within 5 days! Maybe shipped by a rocket? Love to play it (and even my neighbours love the sound).

Harald Wilfer, Moerfelden-Walldorf, Hessen Germany
4th January, 2015

Perfect size. Good quality materials and good details.

Thomas Alexander Skog, Oslo, Norway
1st January, 2015

Good service got my stand all the way to New York in good condition. Digeridoo is now on display in my living room.

Paul Dantzig, Scarsdale, NY United States
31st December, 2014

Great service, quick and easy to follow. Looking forward to picking up my second didge soon.

Cameron Knox, Kiama, NSW Australia
22nd December, 2014

Excellent product, quality, condicions and sent soooo quickly. In 3 days it was in Dubai already.

Veronica Algaba, Singapore/Dubai
22nd December, 2014

My 7yr old son came home from school asking for a Jew Harp. I had never heard of it nor did I know where to get one from. I did a quick google search and found your website. To be honest I did not take a good look around your site, but the information on the Jew Harp was good. I found your site easy to order from and I was really pleased with how quickly my order was received.

Karen Hogan, Bunbury, WA Australia
18th December, 2014

Needed a great souvenir/gift as birthday/Xmas/farewell present for 17yr old Brazillian international student. Needed it in a hurry and at a good price! Enter Google and consequently Didgeridoobreath! Got 15% discount code from their Facebook site, ordered using Paypal over net Wednesday night, rang Thursday morning asking to post by Friday if possible but it had already been shipped and arrived Saturday morning Perth to Adelaide and NOT by express post. I was SO impressed! But not as impressed as the kid who received a genuine didge with DVD, carry bag and extra mouth pieces; thanks Didgeridoobreath! You made all our days! Now I might buy one for myself! Want a didge? This is the ONLY place to go! Cheers guys - you should be truely proud!!

Madeline Anderson, Glenelg South, SA Australia
11th December, 2014

When i bought the kit i watched you tube of sanshi teaching a little of the training. His enthusiasm and personality really attracted me to go ahead and purchase your training videos. I feel the whole team are terrific and trying to help me personally play the didgeridoo.I am starting with the one i have, but later i would certainly buy another from you. You are all so passionate about helping, and i need it, i will be soon 69years old and hope i can with practice be a competent player before i fall off the perch, however love your work, especially Sanshi, keep it going!

Graeme Wills, Craigieburn, VIC Australia
10th December, 2014

The quality of the artwork and finish is very impressive and the didg is very versatile and fun to play (I I had only just got circular breathing going when I ordered her, so still a beginner really). Order process very straight forward and she arrived right on time. Great packing too.

Helen Seiler, Creswick, VIC Australia
7th December, 2014

Awesome bag cannot think of anything penetrating this thick padded oilskin bag fits perfectly very happy with it! Money very worthwhile to protect the value of my didge. Thanks guys!

David de Rijke, Bangkok, Thailand
5th December, 2014

Could not be any happier with the service, the product and the delivery time. Ordered on Monday received on Thursday! Massive thank you to the Didgeridoo Breath team, every business needs to be more like yours.

Alexander Barker, Kurmond, NSW Australia
5th December, 2014

Hey Guys what I love about Didgeridoo Breath is ; the Excellence Quality of your didgeridoos. Also I really enjoy your Passion you treat your customers like friends and family members which to be honest is very rare . I love your YouTube as I'm learning from you to play the didge. There is no Fault that I can find I hope that your bussiness will expand not just only in WA. But Also around our Great Island Home it is a true pleasure chatting with you as you all a Masters of your Workmanship.Peace Brothers.

William Crofts, Sydney, N.S.W. Australia
2nd December, 2014

For months i have been watching your videos learning how to play the didgeridoo on one of my rarely didgeridoo owner friend in Egypt. There might be only a couple didge existing here, and one or two who can actually play. I'm willing to be on that list with my "A" scale very long didgeridoo. I'm happy and honored.

Ahmed Magdy, Egypt
2nd December, 2014

The service is the absolute best I have ever experienced. Can't believe I can place a didgeridoo order and receive it just less than 2 days later; maximum of 3 days on my most recent order...all the way from Australia to SC, USA! Emailed questions are answered in a prompt and pleasant manner...makes me feel like one of the crew :0)

Bill Bannen, Greenville, SC United States
30th November, 2014

I have several of the Blue Star Love Flutes and they are beautifully tuned, easy breathe, rich tone, and so very magical to play. They are among my top 5 all time favourites!

Suzanne, Nashville, United States
29th November, 2014

Very nice didgeridoo. Very close to the customer even if he/she is at the other side of the planet.

Dimitrios Patilis, Athens, Attica Greece
27th November, 2014

Hey Guys, My recent didgeridoo purchase has arrived safely in the USA. Couldn't fault your service and professionalism. Special mention to Ben for his help in sorting out the issues with my original choice of didgeridoo.Keep up the good work.Thank you.

Anthony Daley, Blacktown, NSW Australia
26th November, 2014

Works great! Thanks!

Andre' Lang, Lakewood, CO United States
25th November, 2014

I bought this didgeridoo a couple of weeks ago and i could not be more happy with the purchase. The website is really easy to follow and the dvd that came with it is really helpful. I am looking forward to purchasing my next didgeridoo with you. Many thanks!

Matthew Whittington, Success, Western Australia, Australia
26th Nov 2014

Hey thanks a lot Didge Breath
So far, I’m very impressed with your organisation:
· Lots of information on the website (including the videos)
· Fantastic range of products
· Efficient delivery service
· And last, but certainly not least … very helpful, responsive and clearly caring staff.

Look forward to dealing with you again in the future.
Much appreciated.

Colin Field, South Turramurra, NSW Australia
21st November, 2014

I like your website. It is easy to navigate too find what you're looking for. The first mouthpiece was lost in transit but the business was happy to send me a replacement kit for nothing. I was and am impressed by the service I received. Thanks a lot. 🙂

Matt Sharrett, Perth, W.A Australia
20th November, 2014

The didgeridoo was well packed and despatched very quickly.

Paul Mullard, Tring, Hertfordshire United Kingdom
18th November, 2014

Could not be any happier with the service, the product and the delivery time. Ordered on Monday received on Thursday! Massive thank you to the Didgeridoo Breath team, every business needs to be more like yours.

Alexander Barker, Kurmond, NSW Australia
11th November, 2014

Had a few ?'s, and all were answered via e-mail. Ordered on a Monday, delivered on Thursday! Amazing. The didge is beautiful, the bag is really well-made and the video is easy to play along with and I'm having FUN. Your video's are informative and enjoyable. I'll be playing this for the rest of my life.

Bruce Loewenthal, Waukegan, IL United States
3rd November, 2014

Website ordering was easy and my order arrive quickly and well packaged.

Helen Seiler, Creswick, VIC Australia
7th November, 2014

Just to let you know that my Didgeridoo arrived here in Spain today safe
and sound and very well packaged ~ I am now a very happy didgeridoo owner!
As an ecommerce business manager I would like to say that your service and
attention to detail is by far the best I have discovered shopping online
myself and the pre sales attention is both genuine and relaxed (thanks to
Ben for the photos of the didge and Sanshi for advice), my only regret is
that I could not have visited your store in person! Overall the shopping
experience you provide is nothing short of excellent and I will have no
hesitation in buying from DidgeridooBreath again or recommending you to
others. Big 10/10 on all counts.

Iain Macdonald, Andalucia, Spain
3rd November, 2014

Loved the prompt and trackable delivery. Really enjoying the range, volume and sound of this instrument. A handy add to the info shipped with would be the pitch range in each configuration (slide in to out with 1,2,3 additional sections). It took me a few minutes with the piano to do, but it helps me know whether or not I can slide a key change or the 1st to the 5th in a key etc. Thanks!

Keith Horwood, Salt Lake City, UT United States
2nd November, 2014

The product was pleasantly better than I imagined it would be. My personal experience as a second time buyer was as wonderful as the first and still have more I plan on having with your business. Thank you!

Shelley Pennoyer, Grand Forks, BC Canada
28th October, 2014

Loved your product at affordable price and the delivery was under your estimated time the video was well delivered and helped me achieve good tones within a day still have not got the breathing yet but that should come with time. Great product and the fact your interested in feed back indicates your on the right track will certainly recommend your shop to friends.

Michael Wyzenbeek, New Haven, Victoria Australia
24th October, 2014

These mouthpiece kits are great - simple to use, with easy-to-follow instructions, without hassle of having to melt down blocks of beeswax and mess around trying to get the amounts and shape right.

Raymond Watchman, Palmerston North, Manawatu New Zealand
24th October, 2014

As always the order system was simple and fast. I received my order within a week. I have been recommending your website to all in my didgeridoo class.

Peter Eglinton, Seaford Rise, SA Australia
24th October, 2014

Great service via the internet. Prompt mail delivery. Fantastic and thank you.

Dean Paulauskas, Salisbury North, South Australia
24th October, 2014

Once again I recieved what I ordered in 3 days and once again I was more pleased with the product then I expected to be! You all are great at didgeridoobreath. I love you all! Spreading love here on Prince Edward Island. Thanks guys. Next up a Djalu yidaki, well at least I dream of it.

Colton Clarkin, Emyvale, PE Canada
10th October, 2014

I really like the didge stand it is very steady and can actually hold one large didge and a small one quite easily. You can sit or stand as it is fully adjustable. It is so good to be able to play drums and guitar at the same time as the didge. You can really get some amazing jams going on with this stand.

Byron Reynolds, Pottsville, New South Wales Australia
6th October, 2014

Hooray Dr Didge finally someone has made a didge that is portable, light weight, durable, plays in multiple keys and plays like a yidaki.I love the easy to play mouthpiece well suited to my front on playing style. Little breath and big sound with easy toots. Gets my vote - Excellent !!!

Fraser Island
5th October, 2014

I was very happy with the product I bought and was most pleased with the very fast delivery.

Owen Smith, Lithgow, NSW Australia
30th September, 2014

Excellent service and product simple to apply.

Terrigal, NSW Australia
27th September, 2014

I am now up to my third Didg from you guys and have been pleased with the speed at which it is sent, the quality of the product and the cheap prices.

Noel Prior, Goonellabah, NSW Australia
26th September, 2014

Good didgeridoo, nice deep sound. Beautiful painting.

Will, Melbourne, VIC Australia
20th September, 2014

Wow! What a fantastic shop! The products are beautiful, and the customer service will make you think you're dealing with one of your best friends! Great selection, fast service and wonderful after-care for the struggling musician. They even put surprises in the box that make their unique gift even better! I got mine in one week from Australia to Colorado, USA. My son's didgeridoo was the hit of his party! Half the fun was watching him open their amazing packing job! All his friends were amazed with the beautiful hand painted art on the didgeridoo and couldn't wait to try it!

Diane Weis, Mead, CO United States
15th September, 2014

Fabulous quality, fabulous communication and very fast delivery! Thank you! Is now my son's most cherished possession.

Catherine Hebblewhite, Port Hedland, Western Australia
18th September, 2014

Thankyou for my delivery - it arrived today. Very pleased with your swift service and delighted with the Jews Harps for my godsons.

Estelle, WA Australia
8th September, 2014

Great music really love the didgeridoo. Great service quick and efficient.

Linda Barnes, Wyberba, Queensland Australia
5th September, 2014

Thanks Team. I love the stand, makes it so much easier to practice (not having to hold the Didge with my hands). Allows me to sit more comfortably. Arrived very quickly and packaged save and sound. Very impressed with the great service and excellent product. Many thanks.

Ian Chappell, North Ringwood, Victoria Australia
30th August, 2014

I loved it, good sound easy to play.

William Nagy, Murrells Inlet United States
28th August, 2014

I was very impatient to receive my product but the sending was so quick that I did not had the time to be impatient! Thank you very for all your attention! That's a wonderful didge!

Emilien Gautier, Guidel, Bretagne France
22nd August, 2014

The package was fine and the item was matching the description. The sounds is quite good. Thanks!

Petar Stankov, Sofia, Sofia Bulgaria
22nd August, 2014

Fast delivery and very good communication for a most superb yidaki.
Thank you Djalu, Thank you didge breath.

Werner Preston, Luegde, NRW Germany
21st August, 2014

I just love this CD, primarily bringing together flamenco guitar and Ash Dargan's impeccable didgeridoo playing. The result is unique and exciting, particularly for a Kiwi, and is encouraging me to work towards using my didg for creating fusion music. Full-blooded, gutsy and guaranteed to set your feet dancing.

Raymond Watchman, Palmerston North, Manawatu New Zealand
20th August, 2014

At first I was a bit reluctant about the price of the pack (shipping and custom fees included), but I had a little conversation with the team to learn more about the instrument, which convinced me to actually buy it. As a result, the didge totally worth the price, it is a beautiful instrument, and it has a more profound and clear sound than any didgeridoo that I tried before.

Felix Girault, Angers, Pays de la Loire, France
18th August, 2014

When i opened the package i was impressed by the beauty and size of the didgeridoo, much more beautiful then expected, when i started playing i was even more impressed by the quality and loudness of the sound, no regrets at all. First time i played it, it was night, woke the whole family mwuhuhaha.

Mathias Eelen, Geel, Antwerpen Belgium
18th August, 2014

Very Good Service. I had heard the C.D. before and liked it very much. I enjoy your website and will look at it on a regular basis.

Raymond Barber, Maidstone, Victoria Australia
11th August, 2014

These mouthpiece kits are great - simple to use, with easy-to-follow instructions, without hassle of having to melt down blocks of beeswax and mess around trying to get the amounts and shape right.

Raymond Watchman, Palmerston North, Manawatu New Zealand
7th August, 2014

My natural finish didgeridoo sounds and looks amazing! It came with a beeswax mouthpiece on it but the natural wood mouthpiece was already such a good size that I took the beeswax off, sanded it down, and began playing. The drone it gives off is awesome and is very addicting to play!

Michael Moore, Winder, GA United States
5th August, 2014

Ordered this didgeridoo from didgeridoo breath through their excellent website. No hassles, easy transaction, good value piece of genuine aboriginal craft from NT artists. Great sound and easy to learn through free DVD. Impressed.

Matthew Jones, Coal Point, NSW Australia
4th August, 2014

Over the past 5 years, the folks at Didgeridoo breath have made custom sized bags for my instruments, one was over 6 feet long. These bags are incredibly constructed. They are well padded and extremely durable. i have had no issues with the snake embellishments coming off from the bags or with the heavy duty zippers. These are the finest bags that I have encountered period. Nothing else comes close. They charged slight additional fees for the custom sizing and they were happy to provide that service.

Kevin Johnson, Seattle, WA, USA
12th August 2014

Hi Sanshi and all staff at didge-breath,
in the meantime got my Djalu Yidaki!! And what a fantastic, fabulous instrument it is!!! Great sound, great pressure, great drone, great toots. Apart from that it also looks great. It just suits me as if custom made for me. Thanks Djalu - bless you.
So I am very happy with big smiles in my face.

Werner, Germany
4th August, 2014

Such a great quick arrival of the product..I would definitely highly recommend this company.

Suellen Linde, Murrumba Downs, Queensland Australia
1st August, 2014

Outstanding Instrument with nice paintings, it needs less air to play, the woble goes verry easy, lots of backpressure, i dont regret the purchase 😀

Joel Pignolo, Serrig, Rheinland-Pfalz Germany
31st July, 2014

All good, recently purchased a Didge in A sharp, all good. All staff were very helpful & the Didge is really great.

Jon Marks, Bulli, NSW Australia
30th July, 2014

The pack is great from a to z: beautiful natural didge that give great vibes, even played by the beginner that i am 🙂 ; the bag is very well made, i'm sure it will protect the instrument flawlessly and the dvd is an incredible help to start. That is for the product part. I'd like also to "review" the crew, very friendly , easy and smooth communication, you can feel the didgeridoo passion 🙂 So 5 stars to you guys and thank you very much!

Benoit, Belgium
28th July, 2014

I ordered a harmonica and it arrived super quick! Ordering online was so easy and was really impressed with the service.

 Cara Gough, Canberra, ACT Australia
26th July, 2014

Took a while to write my review as I've been busy and I wrote a review a while ago but it never saved, not that I mind writing another one. I was very very happy with the arrival time of the didgeridoo as I have been wanting to purchase a new one for months now. It took 3 days for the didgeridoo to arrive in Canada. I was leaving home for work when the didgeridoo arrived and I couldn't help but be a little late for work so I could play it. FANTASTIC!! Sounded better and felt better then the recording I heard. The didgeridoo is perfect for me, it is me and I love it. It is my second didgeridoo and since getting this one I am actually able to play better. Also the people at Didgeridoo Breath are extremely friendly, answered all my questions and were quick to reply. Thanks very much guys, you earned yourself a friend across seas and a customer.

 Colton Clarkin, Emyvale, PE Canada
23rd July, 2014

A nice set. I haven't watched all of the dvd as yet but the instructions are great! The dig is easy to use too-with the dvd. Delivery was fairly quick too. When I talked to person about delivery address- Sunni- he was very helpful and friendly too.

 Kristina Young, Jindera, NSW Australia
22nd July, 2014

Awesome didgeridoo, as this is my first I just need to learn how to play it now. The shipping was great and the follow up if I need it I am confident with 1 call will get. Thanks for a great experience!

 Martin Sinnott, Zilzie, Qld Australia
20th July, 2014

Just what i needed a lightweight didje in the key of A. A lovely growly drone with crystal clear vocals, and the didje can be played nice and fast too for a deep A. Very fast delivery, so all in all very happy indeed. A big thanks to all the Didgeridoobreath mob!

Paul, Dorking, Surrey United Kingdom