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“Thank you very much for a bloody quick delivery order of my new didgeridoo wax mouthpiece,,,maybe i wont sound like a bee in a jam jar now,,,thanks again,and my partner is looking for a didg now so maybe you can help her"

Take care,,and keep on playingSteve
“G'Day folks

Thank you for my didgi stand. Brilliant service... arrived within 13 days.Robert
“Hi Didgeridoo Breath,

I just got the Didgeridoo (just in four days…WOW!!).  Yes, its great.  Now I just have to learn to play it!!

Until my next purchase,

Best regardsAlan
“Greetings !  Just got didg today........WOW ! Way cool  , the wood is really beautiful.

Thank you for a very good transaction and care in packing. It arrived in excellent shape. I appreciate the attention to detail you've shown , looking into the internet further, you have many good recommendations out there from many people.

Take care, be well and especially HAPPY !Brian
Hi there!

I came back home from France yesterday,and today, I had a great surprise when the deliver guy from DHL rang on my door, I AM SO HAPPY thank you for taking care of me as a guest.

I will send you more info to check the sounds that I’ll record with the didgeridoo, aboriginal spirit in Dublin city, Ireland where I’ll put your name on the web page stay in  touch.Frederic

My name is Sarah I bought a didge from you guys early this week via web.  Just an email to say Thanks and I’m so excited to get the dig.

It was so refreshing to get a friendly and helpful person on the other end of the phone. And going to the extra effort to play the dig over the phone for me which really did make me purchase the didge off you guys. I can’t wait to give the didge to my partner and learn to play myself, I’m looking forward to purchasing more instruments through you guys.

Thanks heaps.

Keep up the good vibes!!!!!Sarah
Hi Didgeridoo Breath!

Didgeridoo is arrived to me!!i already play a lot. that sound is beautiful and so easy to play.
thank you verry verry much.

I want to go to your place someday. maybe next year or maybe anther next..
anyway please play together one day.

Thank you.

Hey Crew,

You were right about this bag, man, it's definitely worth writing home about. Now I don't want to travel with it cause I'm scared it will get stolen...

Thanks for all your help, if you were an ebay seller I wouldn't be able to put enough +'s next to the "A" you deserve for this one.

Till next time, happy didg'n.Steven

The "thing" is here 😉  This is not an usual instrument, but a weapon, a sound weapon that colors the mind. It is explosive in the Air. Walls are afraid of it

I'm very happy for the quality of this instrument, it's like a Stradivarius for violins...
I hope I will learn the didgeridoo to come near to reality of the Didgeridoo Breath Crew, maybe in few years ;-( my master in Youtube 😉

Thank you so much for this really WoooooooooooooooooWWWWWWWWWWWWW musical instrument that is attaining perfection...

See you maybe next year in Australia,

Have good vibrations.Vivien
G'day fella's.

This is an awesome didge you have allowed me to obtain.  I went home wondering what Marie was going to say as I hadn't tilled the soil in preparation.  I was dreading the execution, the guillotining of my Visa card.  I could hear the snipping of plastic in the distance as I approached home.

Ah but ye of little faith - as soon as I played its beautiful tones it was like The Pied Piper.  She looked up and even smiled.  Mate I was home and hosed. YESSS!!!

The risk was worth it though because quality always shines through (the didge that is).

But in all sincerity thanks. There's no doubting that if you want a quality didge around Perth, Freo or wherever you gotta go to Didgebreath.

Hi Didgeridoo Breath,

the STIX 707 has duly arrived. This Didge is just about the limit, it looks and touch GREAT, what a beauty created by man and nature. I will cherish it.

Although I must practice for a long time until it sounds as great as you on the video, but ... it`s my pleasure ; )))

The Feral Snakeskin Bag is wonderful too. I think the 707 in this bag becomes older than I will ... maybe sometime they are for my grandchildren.

Once more many thanks for your help and friendliness, also to Matt and Sanshi.
Now, I can`t write anymore ... I must play it

All the best for you

Greetings from GermanyAndreas
Hallo, dear Didgeridoo Breath Crew,

while I write to you I am listening to that wonderful CD you have  chosen for me.

On Monday 28. July I placed my order. On Wednesday 30. July at 3.00 in the afternoon your parcel was in Munich!

I like the didge and I am very sure that one special person will be very ,very happy about it..

I feel very much like saying thank you  for your excellent recommendation and service.

I really appreciate that good work !

All the best to you, it was nice to deal with you.Herbert

I wanted to give you my compliments with your 5cd box - "playing the didgeridoo".  A very good medium for learning to play & improving playing skills.  I learned already several things of it which I use now frequently.  Wherefore many thanks!

All the very best.Piette
Big up to you, DidjBreath' team !

I just received the TC Didj yesterday.... and ... what can i say?


This didj is a Rythm Killer !

Thank you so so much!

Ill record you something as soon as possible !

Thank you so much !

6th Jan 2010

Hey everyone at Didgeridoo Breath!

My Didge arrived yesterday in the post. The delivery service was impeccable and the instrument is simply wonderful, I still can't believe the sound that it can make!

I just want to thank you for your excellent service and helpful tips on the free DVD.

Thanks!Olly, U.K.
6th Jan 2010


Just to let you know that my didgeridoo (order no 2391) arrived, safely and in perfect condition, today.

I was sitting at home, having been snowed off work, when a neighbour knocked on my door holding my parcel, he had met the nice man from DHL trudging through 7 inches of snow to get to me, WOW, some people are made of hardier stuff.

To say I am happy with the whole service provided by you would be an understatement because you have surpassed all my expectations.

I ordered from you on the 30th December and you and the people at DHL have managed to get the parcel to me in record time, taking into account that it was New Years Day and a weekend in between,and the snow!. To put it into context, I also ordered at the same time an item from the UK , only 300 miles away, compared to you being on the other side of the planet, and that only arrived yesterday.

This is my first didgeridoo,so how did I end up buying from you?
I have always loved the sound of didgeridoos ever since the first time I heard one sometime back in the 70's but have never had the chance to play one.
Anyway one day last week I was in a shop that had some,it was quiet,so I had a go and was surprised that I managed to get a sound out of it straight away.......I nearly bought one there and then,but they were cheap copies and never produced that unmistakable drone of the real thing.

I then did a search on google, came across your site, along with a few others, read all I could about didges that night,so by the next morning it was decided that to connect with the ancient sound the real thing was needed.....I liked your site with the sound samples,the clear pictures,the information provided etc......I even found it on Google Earth street view,and it kinda felt like a shopping trip, lol.

Anyway,I played it straight out of the box it sounded good.......but then 2 hours later with it being nice and warm it sounded bloody amazing,can get lots of subtle sounds with it and some not so subtle of course.....just gotta practice the circular breathing,or rather not think about it too much.....but yeah..HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.

Again many many thanks,and you never know,I might even get over sometime.......seeing the guys walking down the street on google earth wearing a christmas hat in the sun made me think "I want some of that".

All the best to all on the teamSteve, UK
21st Jan 2010

Hi folks,

I got my didge bag today (extremely fast) and boy am I happy that I spent a few extra dollars. This is BY FAR the best bag in regards to quality, looks and keeping the didge safe I have come across in my search for some decent bag. I can hardly imagine something better available for purchase out there. So I might likely be back sometime soon for another thingy I need ...  Keep it up!!Wolfgang, USA
22nd Jan 2010

Dear Didge Breath Crew,

I would like to thank you all for the superb and fast service after placing my order at your shop in the evening of friday 15th January as I already received your shipment yesterday. I 'm also very delighted with the quality of the delivered goods as well as with the fact that they weren't damaged after the transportation towards my address here in Belgium. If I have the opportunity to advise your shop to anybody in the future, I 'll definitely do it.

Keep up the good work and thanks to you all from a satisfied customer for the high quality goods and excellent service.Tim, Belgium
12th Nov 2009

Hello there Didgeridoo Breath Team, today I received the stix didgeridoo C# and the two DVD s - Playing the Didgeridoo with T. Colley. Everything is allright and the shipping was very quick without any problems. Im happy and say thank you.Sandra, Germany
16th Nov 2009

Hi everyone at DidgeridooBreath. I received my didg and CDs today at 1:00 pm, on Monday 11-16-09. I'm very pleased with everything. Dream Keeper is my favorite CD, but I like all three very much.. Thank you again for great shopping experience. I hope to purchase an even better quality didgeridoo in the future after I get good at playing this one. Warmest Regards Robert, USA
11th Dec 2009

Hi Matt, The Yidaki has arrived today safely.
What a great instrument, I like it very much, thanks.
Thanks again for you all your support.Manuel, China
27th Nov 2009

G´day amigos! This piece of wood is the coolest instrument i've ever had in my hands! the delivery was perfect and soo quick! all perfect! I only wish to be able to breath circularly someday ... in the meantime im happy listening to the amazing drone and letting my soul vibrate with it. Best regards from Gijon (Spain)Marcos, Spain
15th Dec 2009

Hi Matt,
didge received, mouthpiece remoulded to suit my playing, and the result is fantastic! great sound and easy to play for more than half an hour non stop. thanks so much for your exemplary service Janusz, New Zealand
15th Dec 2009

Hi just like to let you know i received my order today and as in the past, the items were received in excellent condition and got to me very quickly, so once again your quality and service was excellent, i hope you all have a great christmas and a fantastic new year and i look forward to getting some more of your unreal products again in the new year, happy didging.Tim, Australia
22nd Dec 2009

Hi Matt,
Thanks so much for your timely shipping, I saw the bag shipped out today, as well as your quick & helpful response. From what I can tell from your website, you have great products & I'm really looking forward to seeing the bag "face-to-face." Happy holidays 🙂Rebecca, USA
30th Dec 2009

Thanks for such a quick response and the helpful info! I have just placed an online order. I am sure that our guests will absolutely love the didgeridoos and have fun learning to play them. Thanks again for the great service!

 Dani, Australia