DB Staff & Friends Didge Concert Warms off the Winter Warnings

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It was our absolute pleasure as always to host a relaxed and open plan gig right here in store this past Thursday 18th July.
The lineup was super juicy, and the turnout was even better!
Sanshi welcomed one and all and settled to space into a creative lounge room of colour and sound. The deep didges were released from their stands…. and away we go…. not to land again for some hours.
Joining Sanshi on stage was nine-year-old Coen from Kalamunda (Perth Hills). Seriously….. this young man, who has been playing (in this life) for only one year journeyed with the style, pace, and energy that only a well-seasoned player can understand. Jaws hit the floor as Coen revealed his innate understanding for this most ancient of instruments and excitement rose as we paid witness to the very future of the Didgeridoo world. Far out young master.

The DB Boys felt in fine form as their numerous sets transcended the sense of time – listeners all took their time in floating back down to breathe into their bodies again before the room was full of applause! A great sign ☺.
Is four didgeridoos in the key of D too much?? Nuzza! We spoke of Zac’s travel to Mongolia and the home of an entirely different drone – the Khoomei. The Dharma Darts gave a fine example of several different styles of Khoomei (Mongolian style overtone singing), beginning as individual tones, then in 4 part harmony accompanied by the Shruti Box & Udongo. A one-way ticket to Overtone City. Yezza!

Another stand out performance was made by UN – a collaboration by Japanese & Korean musicians Tak & Sam. These guys took contemporary technique and expanded upon it into a psychedelic organic electro trance fusion frenzy that left the crowd hungry for more! Amazing control from two diligent players that have only been playing for a year or so. Such a fine example of what can be achieved when your enjoy putting your energy into using a didgeridoo.

Other notable sets included a surprisingly South-West sounding didge/guitar combo by travelling muso Junando (Japan) with a flavor we could all relate to down here, an introduction to Capoeira, its amazing rhythms, and the Brazilian Berimbau by Lee “Ourico” Coumbe from Capoeria Cordao De Ouro Perth (www.capoeiracdoperth.com.au), Florian from France who has been here with us for his entire didge journey thusfar – practicing during shop hours to hone his skills after 5 months and now enjoying the stage, and Steve Andrews – the newest member of the DB Team performing an original composition in key of C (base chakra) aimed at sending down roots to ground ourselves (not hard in a room for of didge players) accompanied by friends.

We like to end these cozy sessions with a bit of a bang, so to wrap it all up it was “out with the drums” all sizes and shapes! Voice of the Goddess channeled by our good friend Skye, didge in high demand and high supply, sitting still? – no alibi! So come down next time and try ☺
We aim to host events like these once a month here at Didgeridoo Breath. So if you have the urge to visit our humble and funky port town of Fremantle, Western Australia – come make yourself known to us and share your sounds with the people. These nights leave us all feeling connected and close, relaxed and invigorated, and above all inspired.

Until next time brothers & sisters.
Warm Vibrations
The Didgeridoo Breath Team.