The Didge Breath Boys Hit Melbourne!

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photo credit - gary radler

photo credit – gary radler

April is upon us and it is time for the 5th annual DIDGERIDOO & CULTURAL FESTIVAL. Sanshi & Benni are off to represent the West-Coast sound, meet some amazing people, and absorb some amazing culture.

The festival is held on Wurundjeri land, and all begins of course with the traditional Welcome to Country. There will be heaps to explore there including workshops on didgeridoo, painting, traditional dance & boomerang throwing, tucker stalls all around, good cultural entertainment for the kiddies – and of course, world class musicians, with world class didgeridoos ☺

This year’s line up will include Ganga Giri, Bruce Rogers, Ondrej Smeykal, Tongue’N’Groove, Rael Birkett, Stax, One Fire Dance Troupe, Dr.Didge, Sanshi & co, Bunna Lawrie, Shamantara, the Didge Circle, Koji Matsumoto, Ann Norman, Lachie Phelps, Krazy Koala, James Daley, Brent Watkins, Rachel Shields, Heath James-Blade and the Tye Brothers.

Should you drone-lovers find yourself in and around ol’ Melbourne town this weekend you might want to cancel tea with Aunty Mavis and head over to get your dose of original culture experience, expand your breath with the confidence of 40,000+ year old traditions, immerse yourself in the company of good healthy people after a natural good time, have a good stomp or two, and most of all become inspired for more!

We are pumped, and are looking forward to sharing some improvised music, as well as pieces by BREATH. Look out for our Didgeridoo Breath Stall within the festival grounds – we will be giving away some great prizes to new DooNews signups such as the chance to win a FREE didgeridoo, and a LIFETIME DOJO MEMBERSHIP!!

Hope to see you all there ☺
Much love

The Didgeridoo Breath Mob.