Dronin’ in Khao Binn, baby!

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April 10-13


It was just before ‘Songkran’ Thailand’s New Year festivities and celebrations, the air was warm and thick and we weren’t covered in water and powder just yet. We were in fact off to another kind of festival. A music, art and cultural festival to delight the ears and eyes they said and it sure was!! Set in Ratchaburi about a hundred clicks west of Bangkok, the land is thick with forest and hills and caves and it’s where monkeys roam the streets in packs, watch out cause they’ll take your fruit and they’ll take your loot..

It was in one of these caves the festival was to take place. She was as tall as she was wide, and I’ll tell ya, it was the one of the grandest caves these eyes have ever seen! There was a reclining Buddha about 30ft across at one end of the cave and another sitting in lotus and basking in the afternoon light through three holes in the roof of the cave that looked like a face to the outside world.

So anyways, the show must go on and it did. There were scientific sound experiments, animations and films projected on the walls, traditional puppet theatres and of course music. That’s where I came in. I was to play flute and didgeridoo during a puppet performance, the theme, good verses evil. The show started with the sound of a shakuhachi flute and Thai drums and xylophone. The puppeteers came out 3 per puppet and danced to the beat of the drum. The sounds were mystical and bounced all the way through the ancient cave, that coupled with the visuals of the puppets and puppeteers who were dressed in black and white and wore full face masks was amazing.

The show started to get fiery with monkeys fighting and even a crocodile getting evolved, so we thought this the best time to introduce the didgeridoo sounds, I tried to follow the battle and used many vocals and shouts that bounced through the cave and sounded as if there was more didges than one. The battle was over with the crocodile s arrival and I felt it right to wash away the fight with a long soft toot.

Most people there were amazed by the sound of the didgeridoo, and I was asked to do an interview for a local TV station, it felt nice to spread the good vibes that this instrument takes wherever it goes.

Well that just about does it. Good times, good people and a good festival. All good aye!!


Thanks for reading my rant, many good vibes to you and happy didgin’