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Mark Atkins workshop

Posted: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 in Uncategorized by Posted by

We we’re very lucky and happy to one of the finest didgeridoo player , Mark Atkins come to our shop and give a workshop and chat about his playing and all things didgeridoo!! There was a chilled and cosy atmosphere about this workshop and with about 10 people in and ready to play we shut the doors, grabbed our favourite didge and started. We got into the lesson with some traditional sounds and tongue techniques but it wasn’t simple for long… When Mark played the first rhythm he was going to teach we all stopped and looked around at each other knowing this was not going to be an easy ride…

However about 10 minutes in we we’re all warming up and started playing the rhythm with a subtle confidence. It wasn’t long after that, that Mark set us a nice challenge of playing that rhythm with three of us playing different overtones at the end and then busting start back into the rhythm, it was starting to get serious and fun!! Mark was conducting us like an orchestra and it was great to hear the sound of many didgeridoos in different keys performing one rhythm. We went through many other rhythm and and broke down lots of techniques, such as the ‘wobble’ which Mark has definitely mastered.

Al up it was a great night and we all learned a lot from the chance to play with a professional!!

Here is some more information about Mark Atkins.

Mark Atkins is an Australian Aboriginal musician known for his skill on the didgeridoo, a traditional instrument.

Mark Atkins is also a storyteller, songwriter, composer and painter. He descends from the Yamatji people of Western Australia. He was the 1990 winner of the Golden Didjeridu competition. He has worked with Robert Plant and …
Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Hothouse Flowers, Philip Glass, and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, among others.

In 2001 he collaborated with Wurundjeri elder Joy Murphy Wandin and composer Philip Glass in the concert work Voices, performed at the Melbourne Town Hall and New York’s Lincoln Centre. The composition was commissioned by the City of Melbourne to relaunch the Melbourne Town Hall Organ.

Mark was profiled in the television documentary Yamatji Man in 2003