Sacred Flutes with Didgeridoo Breath

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Hi Good-Vibers

Been playing your didge hardcore but still have breath to spare?? How about some downtime with some very special flutes! Let us tell you all about them…

We have in our collection a vast new spread of handmade, one-of-a-kind, wooden flutes made by the artist Blue Star. Each flute is fashioned with love from local (Australian) & exotic woods, and based on the  designs of the Plains Area Native American Flute & the Drone Flute. Some of the flutes are a perfectly balanced blend of two different woods that show contrasts in colour, and really look the part. Each flute is both robust and lightweight, making carrying one around with you at all times very satisfying. Some of the Didgeridoo Breath Tribe have bound theirs with a leather strap to carry them over the back. Yezza!

The Flutes are incredibly simple to play, and come in a HUGE variety of keys and tunings. If you ever played a recorder in primary school then you will have no problem with one of these. If only we got to play on these as kids, class would have sounded like a bird-filled forest or the wind over a rocky canyon instead of an onslaught of plastic canons!

To play the flute, simply spread your fingers along the flute and cover the holes with the fleshy part of your fingertips. Some flutes have 6 holes, some have a 7th hole underneath for your thumb. Next you just gently press your lips to the mouthpiece and blow softly as if you were warming your hands with your own breath on a cold day. The Totem block sits in the “nest” towards the mouthpiece, and is bound to the flute body with strips of soft braided leather. It is here the breath is transformed into a sweet woody & airy note that can instantly silence a room and melt a heart or two. Raising a finger starting from the bottom up, will work your way up the particular scale of the flute. There are also other combinations of finger placements to explore to find additional hidden notes. We have experimented a bit and have found that circular breathing can be used on the flutes carved with the smallest mouthpiece size. Bonus!!

Blue Star flutes are fine-tuned to very specific frequencies, and the ancient Solfeggio (the old healing frequencies common in tuning many years ago) is taken into account on many of them. There are also options for modern common tuning and the frequency for the tonic of each flute is listed on the website. Scales available (the way the flute moves between notes, beginning at the lowest note – the tonic) include minors, majors, arabic, and “Blue Star” – his own personal scale 🙂

So if you feel like a sacred flute is an instrument you would like to have in your collection, then feel free to browse through the types available, or contact us with your questions. For many a jam we have included a flute or two, stuffed easily into a didge bag or wrapped in a piece of felt. They compliment the didge sound amazingly well, and offer a drone or melody to “rest the ear” in between long didge sessions. Better bring a nice deep skin drum too for the perfect night in or out.

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