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Lies Beijerinck – Didgeridoo Player Profile

Posted: Tuesday, August 31, 2010 in Didgeridoo Players, Videos by Posted by

“Didge mother of Holland”, Lies Beijerinck has been playing didgeridoo since 1993.

Busking on the streets she developed her own style and soon was discovered by the Amsterdam dance scene. She has been playing at numerous parties and festivals ever since.

Nowadays she is known for her strong and articulated style throughout Europe.

How long have you been playing the Didgeridoo/Yidaki?
Since the summer of 1993.

How did you get introduced to this awesome instrument?
I was having diner outside and a guy was playing didgeridoo with a pvc pipe. I was fascinated by the sound and asked him if I could have a go on it. He had a couple of painted pvc pipes with bees wax to sell at a festival in Belgium, so it was no problem and I tried. For me it was magic (could make the sound straight away) and kept on playing around with it for 2 hours, I fell in love with it straight away, it was like coming home for me.

Did it take you long to achieve the Circular Breathing?
It took me 2 days.

What was your childhood dream job?

How did you know you were to become a traveling performing didgeridoo player, was there a defining moment?
I traveled Australia and was busking wherever I was after playing 1 year. So I was basically a traveling didge player from that moment. But years later I was working in the didge shop in Amsterdam and Rai de Horna from Barcelona came to the shop and asked me if I was interested in playing at his festival (the first Tribales). There was a great review in the didge & co magazine and from that moment I performed all over Europe, the last two years it became the world.

You’ve traveled a bit and seen many things and tasted lots of amazing food from around the world what would be your favorite dish?
I am crazy about Thai food with fish, yummy!

Biggest musical/didgeridoo influence?
In the beginning my dear friend Alan Dargin was my biggest influence. Later Mark Atkins, Si and Mike Jackson.

The best advice you ever received and from who?
Be, not act was the best advice, can’t remember his name. But I lived it when I was with Aboriginal people.

Proudest moment?
When a musician friend that I think is a great musician said “I really enjoyed playing with you”!

Most important question…If you were a chicken, why would you cross the road?
I would cross the road if all my chicken friends would be on the other side partying!

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Download her didgeridoo album – 3ple-D “Zumo” here

download 3ple-d zumo lies beijerinck